The M.A.S.K



We have finally released The M.A.S.K  !


Australian Owned and Manufactured Fencing Specific Tester.

Aptly named The M.A.S.K. Multi-purpose Adjustable Scoring Kit” 


The M.A.S.K was designed as a simplified system to train with another person. 

#1 Plug your bodywire in, and attach to your Lame  

#2 Set your designed colour either Red or Green (different to your opponent).

#3 Test the Target and Fence! 


The referee can see the lights flash when you hit, everyone hears the buzzers. 


Set with 14 milliseconds as per Foil FIE Rules, creating a realistic bout.  


Handy simply as a weapons tester or training tool when you don’t have a piste!


Presented in a custom case with simple operating instructions for only $80    


Order your M.A.S.K today.. Download instructions the M.A.S.K download form

0409 013 171


Beginning Fencing

Nice video on the rules and basics of Fencing:


Membership 2016

Sword Fighters Australia                                                                                                            23/12/15

Fencing Membership and sessions….. 

Fencing for 2016, 

NB: Sessions not held at State Fencing Centre North Melbourne will be held at Brighton Fencing Club, or Monash Uni (Clayton Campus) or Melbourne Uni (Tin Alley East Basketball Crt).     

Training Sessions are open to Registered Members of a Fencing Victoria Club.

Session Times:   Mondays, and Saturday Afternoons (State Fencing Centre: Arden St). Wednesdays @ Brighton Grammar Junior School GBR Fencing Hall.

For more information contact  

Payment Links: – or contact Chris

                                                               Kids Membership: – or contact Chris 

please contact Chris for more details via email  

or from 25th January 2016 onwards also via mobile. 

Fencing @ Brighton

Fencing Sessions began at Brighton Grammar GBR Hall in 2013 and continue again in 2014.

If you’d like to be involved or would like to encourage new fencers to attend the sessions at a new location in Melbourne on a Wednesday afternoon from 5:30pm please contact Chris 0409 013 171 or

This is a new “club” and is catering to fencers in the “Brighton bayside area”

Fencing is also avaialble with Electric pistes, for senior fencers wishing to add another night to training from 6:30pm

Location Brighton Grammar – Junior School – GBR Hall, parking in Grosvenor St off New St Brighton. 

Welcome and see you on the piste!

Saturday Junior Classes

Fencing commences this Saturday 25th January for Juniors at the State Fencing Centre @ North Melbourne 12 noon.

The regular group of Electric Foil and lessons (continuing from 2013) for any interested students.

For more information contact Chris: 0409 013 171 

(Any Active After School Community Students (AASC) from Australian Primary Schools are welcome to attend) 

Sword Fighters Junior Squad

ATC – Advanced Training Concepts

#4       Friday 29th November 2013. Melbourne University Fencing Hall.




Advanced Training Concepts 

“Strength and Weakness Analysis 2.1.”  

Want to improve your Fencing bouting and make it to the next level? 

Come along to the next event of a series for 2013 of Advanced Bouting Courses, a collaboration between Australian Team representatives and Coaches Chris Jones & Olympian Scott Arnold, assisted by 2011 National Foil Champion and Coach Steve Glaister, and learn the secrets of timing and opponent manipulation.

Our next 2.5 hour class of Fencing drills, Theory and open discussion designed to broaden your mind and possibly change the way you see and bout for ever! 

For the fee of $20 per person, our 2.5 hour course will be held at Melbourne University

(Melbourne Uni FC Upstairs in East Basketball Court – on Tin Alley) 

This course – a combination of Theory, open discussion and Practical’s is targeted at all established competitive fencers.  [ Foil, Epee, Sabre ]

on Friday the 29th November @ 6pm. 

Please note you will need to bring your own equipment to fence the practical side of the session.


 (Please go to the events TAB above for future reference).

Fencing Fitness Sessions

Sword Fighters Australia Fencing Fitness Classes are becoming a popular alternative to a regular gym session.
With groups of people coming together for an hour of “fencing fun,” over a 4 week period.
Sessions can be tailored to suit, with add on options of massages from Professional Corporate Associates.

For your company to become involved : Sword Fighters Australia Card
Download Brochure: 
Sword Fighters Australia Fencing Fitness Sessions
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Fencing Session Brochure

Training Sessions

Sword Fighters Australia and Victorian Fencing Academy Fencing Sessions. Training Sessions are open to Registered Members of a Fencing Victoria Club.

Session Times:   Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturday Afternoons.

Download Document: Training Flyer

For more information contact


Payment Links:       Register Now


Keep up to date on Session times and new Information.


Equipment: Is also available for sale : VFA PRICE LIST 2010  Mail Order: Form
Email Chris or Pieter for details.

Victorian Weapons Squads 2010

Victorian State Weapons Squads:

Fencing Victoria has established State Weapon’s Squads, and information regarding these is now on the FV Website

          Epee SquadM. Vlad Sher, Wednesdays 7pm – 9pm, & Saturdays 10am onwards

             Foil Squad: M. Lionel Gaiero, Tuesdays 7pm – 9pm, & Saturdays 1pm onwards

         Sabre Squad: M. Lionel Gaiero, Mondays 7pm – 9pm, & Fridays 7pm – 9pm

    Veterans Squad: Chris Jones, Thursdays 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Epee Devl’t Squad: M. Nick Mihailescu, Wednesdays 5:30pm – 7:30pm

  Foil Devl’t Squad: Rob Di Pasquale, Tuesdays 5:30pm – 7:30pm (starting in May 2010)

Join the Squads and Fence with the best in the state…..

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