Robyn Chaplin AFF 2 Results

AFF #2 Results, Robyn Chaplin, Adelaide

    Womens Foil:  1 Lishan Sung NSW, 2 Claire Daniel QLD=3 Ania Kardas Vic, =3 Jade Sarah QLD. 

         Mens Epee:  1 Richard Lewith Vic 2 Nicolae Mihailescu Vic =3 Matteo Barchiesi SA, =3 Will Dolley Vic.

           Mens Foil: 1 Frank Bartolillo NSW (by abandon) , 2 Harry Huang Vic =3 Jo Slowiaczek NSW, =3 Feng Yeng ACT. 

 Womens Epee: 1  Evelyn Halls Vic2 Diana Sher Vic, =3 Sarah Osvath NSW =3 Kathryn Woodward Vic. 

Womens Sabre: 1 Alex Carroll Vic, 2 Sam Auty Vic, =3 Min Yi Du NSW, =3 Cheryl Chan NSW.

       Mens Sabre: 1 Simon Leitch Qld2 Michael Harcourt Qld=3 John Chow NSW, =3 Alex Telegin Qld.

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