U20 National Championships

The U20 National Championships held in Melbourne in October 6th-10th.   
State Fencing Centre 204 Arden St. North Melbourne.  

For more information   Link: FV  
Mens Foil: 1st Jeremy Hart Qld, 2nd Stephen Dooley NSW, =3 Saleh Safar Vic, =3 Simon Hannah Vic.  

Womens Sabre1st Samantha Auty Vic, 2nd Catherine Tierney Vic, =3 Roshenn Kaul Vic, =3 Lisa Blyth WA.  
Womens Foil1st Lishan Sung NSW, 2nd Ania Kardas Vic, =3 Claire Daniel Qld, =3 Catherine Tierney Vic.

Mens Sabre:  1st Sutherlan Scudds WA, 2nd Mitchell Fox NSW, =3 Zac Leonhard WA, =3 Michael Nelson Qld.

Womens Epee: 1st Dianna Sher Vic, 2nd Ionna Mihailescu Vic, =3 Leah Tausan Vic, =3 Malindi Haggett WA,

Mens Epee: 1st John Downes NSW, 2nd Cosmin Mihailescu Vic, =3 Michael Nelson QLD, =3 Max Peek NSW.


Womens Sabre: 1st WA, 2nd NSW A, =3 NSW B, =3 QLD

Mens Foil: 1st NSW A, 2nd VIC, =3 NZ, =3 NSW B.

Mens Sabre: 1st WA, 2nd NSW, =3 QLD, =3 NSW B.

Womens Foil: 1st NSW, 2nd VIC, =3 QLD A, =3 WA.

Womens Epee: 1st VIC, 2nd NSW, =3 QLD A, =3 WA.

Mens Epee: 1st NSW A, 2nd VIC, =3 NSW B, =3 QLD.

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