Asian Junior and Cadet Championships Australian Team

Congratulations to those Australians selected to represent Australia in Bali 30 September – 9 October 2012.

Cadet Womens Foil: Beatrice Hay, Leah Mangion

Cadet Mens Sabre: Jasper Rowley

Cadet Womens Epee: Alex Hughes

Cadet Mens Foil: Douglas Sholto, Matt Foster, Ned Fitzgerald, TC Reynolds, (Res Jesse Morris)

Cadet Womens Sabre: Hannah Biskupic, Tori Leonhard

Junior Mens Epee: James Hales, Daniel Locke

Junior Womens Epee: 3rd Amy Reynolds, 3rd Diana Sher, Alex Hughes

Junior Mens Foil: Simon Capon, Alasdair Dunham, Ned Fitzgerald, Sam Mooney Grand, (Res TC Reynolds)

Junior Womens Foil: Emily Marotta.

Junior Mens Sabre: Zak Leonhard, Jasper Rowley, Azzam Zubiary

Junior Womens Sabre: Natalie Molen Grigull

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