Fencing Tip of the Week

May 2008 [7]

The Disengage  By definition; is an offensive action using a spiral or circular blade movement towards the target, evading the defence, with a continuously forward moving arm, and touching. 

Intent:  The purpose is to evade your opponents defence.  Also to make your opponent try to parry the attack, then evade the defence with a deft movement, continuing the attack and touching.

Practice:  One of the most important moves to master.  The smaller (and faster) your movements are the harder they are to see.  Draw the smallest circle you can with the tip clockwise and counter-clockwise.  The blade should continue forward towards the target during the disengage action. 

Tip:  practice, practice, practice.  Stop each disengage movement (completely still) before practicing the next one, control is the key to using the Disengage upon command. …

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