Australian National Open Championships 2014

AFC #4 Australian National Championships – ACT 5th-9th December

A.I.S Indoor Sports Stadium, Canberra 


Men’s Sabre
: 1st Donghwan Kim NSW, 2nd Sutherlan Scudds WA, =3rd Phillip Miller NSW, =3rd Alexandre Douglas NSW.

Women’s Epee: 1st Sarah Osvath NSW, 2nd Evelyn Halls Vic, =3rd Ursula Menz SA, =3rd Lisa Gemell WA. 

Women’s Sabre
: 1st Sam Auty Vic,  2nd Priscilla Del Castillo NSW=3rd Helen Phillips Vic, =3rd Kitty Simpson QLD.  

Women’s Sabre Teams: 1st NSW ‘A,  2nd Victoria, =3rd Qld, =3rd NSW ‘B.  

Men’s Sabre Teams
: 1st NSW ‘A,  2nd WA ‘A, =3rd Qld, =3rd NSW ‘B. 

Women’s Epee Teams
:  1st Victoria,  2nd NSW A, =3rd SA, =3rd NSW ‘B. 

Sun 7 December

Men’s Epee: 1st Seamus Robinson Vic, 2nd John Downes NSW, =3rd Kristian Radford Vic, =3rd James Lewis WA.

Women’s Foil:
 1st Claire Daniel Qld, 2nd Emily Marrotta Vic, =3rd Evelyn Halls Vic, =3rd Beatrice Hay NSW.

Men’s Foil
: 1st Ned Fitzgerald Vic, 2nd Lucas Webber Vic, =3rd Matt Foster Vic, =3rd Matthew Donald NSW.

Women’s Foil
 Teams: 1st NSW ‘A, 2nd Qld, =3rd NSW ‘B, =3rd Vic.

Men’s Epee Teams
: 1st Qld ‘A, 2nd NSW ‘A, =3rd Vic, =3rd SA.

1:30 Men’s Foil Team: 1st Vic ‘A, 2nd NSW ‘A, =3rd Vic ‘B, =3rd NSW ‘B.

More details on AFF website Link

Australian Champions History – Doc: Australian Fencing Champions 2014 and Past

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