AFC #1 Melbourne 2016

AFC #1 Melbourne April


Womens Foil: 1st Emily Marotta Vic, 2nd Katherine Kwa NSW, =3rd Freya Clarke NSW, =3rd Alicia Kwag NSW.   

Mens Foil : 1st Sholto Douglas NSW, 2nd Lucas Webber Vic, =3rd Ned Fitzgerald Vic, =3rd Edouard Renneville NSW.

Mens Sabre1st Alexandre Douglas NSW, 2nd Nicholas Pastore NSW, =3rd James Siu NSW, =3rd Boston Fawkes NSW. 

Womens Sabre1st Sam Auty Vic, 2nd Helen Phillips Vic, =3rd Grace White NSW, =3rd Thi H Y Nguyen NSW.

Mens Epee1st Kristian Radford Vic, 2nd Jeremy Shelley Vic, =3rd Lachlan Crook Qld , =3rd Victor Lewith Vic.  

Womens Epee : 1st Dianna Gu Vic, 2nd Evelyn Halls Vic, =3rd Ioana Mihailescu Vic, =3rd Bonita Rui Qld.


Veteran Mixed Sabre1st Davide Wheeler NSW, 2nd Radu Vintila NSW, =3rd Steve Johnson WA, =3rd Min Yi Du NSW (Womens & 50+)  

Veteran Mens Foil1st Nigel Nutt ACT, 2nd Adam Reynolds Vic, =3rd Andrey Tyschenko NSW, =3rd Colin Bosnic Vic

Veteran Womens Foil1st Jenny Bonney-Millet Qld, 2nd Abby Nutt NSW, =3rd Anna Ballard NSW, =3rd Fiona Budniak NSW. 

Veteran Mens Epee1st Adrian Paxman WA (40+), 2nd Simon Hamm Vic (50+), =3rd David Cook Vic, =3rd Peter Osvath Vic (60+).

Veteran Womens Epee : 1st Abby Nutt NSW (40+), 2nd Mary Black NZL, =3rd Julie Seggie NSW (60+), =3rd Catherine Syme NSW (50+).

U23 Mens Epee1st Lachlan Crook Qld, 2nd Roy Groncki Vic, =3rd Domenic Yates Vic, =3rd John Tian NSW 

U23 Womens Epee1st Amy Reynolds Vic, 2nd Iona mihailescu Vic, =3rd Leah Tausan Vic, =3rd Emily Patten Vic. 

Search Youtube for the first Australian streamed (commentated) Semi final matches in Australian Fencing.   

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