Austalian National Championships 2016

AFC #4 Australian National Championships – ACT 

A.I.S Indoor Sports Stadium, Canberra 


Mens Sabre: 1st Jasper Rowlev NSW2nd James Siu NSW, =3rd Alexandre Douglas NSW, =3rd Zak Leonard WA.

Womens Epee1st Evelyn Halls Vic2nd Victoria Lim SIN, =3rd Amy Reynolds Vic, =3rd Sarah Osvath NSW.  

Womens Epee Teams1st VIC, 2nd NSW A, =3rd Qld, =3rd NSW B. 

Womens Sabre1st Sam Auty Vic2nd Helen Phillips Vic, =3rd Grace White NSW, =3rd Alexandra Hely NSW. 

Womens Team Sabre1st VIC2nd NSW A, =3rd NSW B, =3rd WA. 

Mens Sabre Team1st NSW A 2nd WA, =3rd Qld, =3rd NSW B. 

Mens Epee:  1st Aleandre Burgun SA 2nd WIll Bishop NZ, =3rd Kristian Radford Vic, =3rd Scott Rawlins WA.   

Womens Foil 1st Emily Marotta Vic2nd Tatiana Wong SIN, =3rd Ysien Lau SIN, =3rd Maxine Wong SIN. 

Womens Foil Team 1st NSW2nd VIC, =3rd Qld, =3rd NSW B.    

Mens Foil1st Jesse Morris NSW2nd Sholto Douglas NSW, =3rd Kevin Chan SIN, =3rd Edourd Renneville NSW.   

Mens Epee Teams1st VIC A 2nd VIC B, =3rd WA, =3rd Qld.   

Mens Foil Teams1st NSW A2nd VIC A, =3rd VIC B, =3rd NSW B.   

More details on AFF website Link

Australian Champions History – Doc: Australian Fencing Champions 2016 and Past

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