World Championships 2017 – Australian Results

World Championships Leipzig Germany 2017

Mens Foil: S.Douglas (21) Won 5poule matches direct into 64, (21 seed) Victory in 64 to make the 32!

N.Fitzgerald won first d/e unfortunately lost in 96 (93),

L.Webber won first d/e unfortunately lost in 96 (96),

J.Morris unfortunately didnt make it out of poules (148).

Womens Foil: F.Clarke through to 64, unfortunately lost her d/e (57th).

Mens Epee: K.Radford, R.Austen, S.Rawlings, unfortuantely didnt make it out of the poules.

Womens Epee: D.Gu unfortunately didnt win her first d/e (104) 

Womens Sabre: S.Auty through to d/e’s unfortunately lost (85th).


Mens Foil

Mens Epee:

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