Fencing 101

Nice little video articles from the FIE Magazine on all three weapons








Beginning Fencing

Nice video on the rules and basics of Fencing:


Classic Matches

Foil Bouts: Comparisons…


1988 Seoul Olympics    Romankov v Schreck  Bronze medal   Link:


Compared to Modern matches..  & Different styles..


Ota V Glonek 2008 Paris Teams Link


2015 Semi Finals Havana Link


World Championships 2015

Ota V Massialas Link 

Olympic Foil Team Video

With only a year to go until Rio 2016, here’s some inspiration from London’ Gold medal Mens Foil Team Match.

Youtube Link 

FIE “En Garde” video series

The International Fencing Federation recently released a 3 part Video series on Youtube

entitled “En Garde” celebrating the 2013 Centenary of the FIE.

Part 1 FIE 

Part 2 FIE

Part 3 FIE

Adidas Fencing

Video : Nice Composition of Fencing in South Korea..

Gives a nice view and a feel of the Sport and a small glimpse at why the South Koreans are where they are… one of the top ranked nations..

Good video to introduce new people into this great sport



Check this out for a Riposte..aptly named the “Chamley Watson” !

Sword Fighters Australia Advertising Campaign

The latest campaign to bring people to Fencing..

206 Bourke St Melbourne CBD..  Rolling Advertisment

Check it out!

sword-fighters-australia-rolling-image-ad-1.jpg    sword-fighters-australia-rolling-image-ad-2.jpg    sword-fighters-australia-rolling-image-ad-3.jpg

Hopefully lots of people notice it… !

Live Streaming of World Champs a Hit!

If you enjoyed the FIE live streaming on Youtube.. click ‘Like’ on the Facebook Page, and add it as a favourite, also comment to continue it so we can all watch future competitions…Live!

You can now find Youtube video of all the finals eg Mens Epee Teams Final

Check it out

Fencing is Chess

The US Fencing Association has posted an interesting video on Fencing as Chess from a psychological point of view..

Watch via the link

Sword Fighters Pirates @ Spice Market

Sword Fighters Australia was proud to be involved in the Spice Market Pirate Party

(Beaney Lane off Russell St in Melbournes CBD)…

Thanks to Jamie Boyd and Kenneth Yuen for their awesome routine..

Link toYoutube 

Comic Fun

Comics on Fencing…check this out… Sabre Cat..Link

Fencing Video

There are a number of videos on the web, and this Youtube one is well done:  Youtube Link.
This is a slow motion foil fencing clip of Ota JPN v Sanzo ITA Youtube Link.
There are many videos on parries, footwork etc and sometimes its not so easy to pick the technically correct ones from the not so good ones! 😉
I suggest you speak to your coach after watching a few.  Fencing.net has a nice collection.

And then there are the zany!! search Youtube for Painmen Fencing. ouch.

Adidas Fencing Ad in France

Check out this French deodorant ad….Zidane! Youtube Link 

2010 World Championships Video

Check out video of the World Championships in ParisLink : http://www.dailymotion.com/Escrime-2010

Fencing Victoria on Youtube

Yesterdays Hero’s…..

Foxtel Stars of Before the Game’s segment “Yesterdays Hero’s” suited up in a Fencing Challenge.

Youtube link Here

Channel 10 Weather – Fencing Centre

Prior to the Nationals in Melbourne Sarah Berger organised a spot on the Channel 10 Weather in Melbourne, at the Brand New State Training and Fencing Centre in North Melbourne.

Here is the link on youtube


ACTFA has released a video of the DH McKenzie tournament in Canberra on Youtube.

Check it out: Video 

Fencing with Chips

Fencing can be pretty artistic!


check it out

Japanese Advertising

Japanese TV always provides entertainment, and Youtube has program highlights of Yuki Ota

(Beijing Olympic Silver Foil Medalist) Fencing different celebrities!

Great advertising for our sport..

Watch Youtube

Ota has also announced he will live in France and join a French club in his ambitions for 2012 London Olympics.

Oldschool Fencing

Check this out…

A few old relics… and some footage that may stir up old memories and stories..


Paris CIP 2009

Dual World Foil Champion Peter Joppich (GER) continued building his collection of championship trophies by winning a closely fought match over Richard Kruse (GBR) 15-12.

British Fencing (britishfencing.com) reports of Kruse’ continued run after winning the Copenhagen Cup the week before Link

The Englishman was in great form beating the worlds elite in the D/E rounds up to the final.

A sure sign of how the infrastructure in British Fencing and the financial support put into athletes by the GB Olympic Federation reaps rewards…Congratulations Richard…

139 of the worlds best competed in the Paris Challenge International, annually one of the hardest Mens Foil Competitions.

Paris CIP Results : FIE.CH & Tableaux

FencingChannel.tv : Link to CIP footage

Footage of Joppich v Kruse Match courtesy of Youtube & : FencingChannel.tv 

[NB Kruse represented GBR in Beijing 2008]

Video – Fencing Athlete

French Video Magazine – “Escrime” has a nice little article on the Olympic Womens Sabre Team medallists from Beijing : Link.

Youtube has video links to a great many Olympic links.

eg one here on the Italian Foilist Margherita Granbassi Link

Olympic Video

You can watch replays of 2008 Olympic Competition Fencing on


European Mens Foil Team Final 2007

Eurosport Commentary on Russia versus Germany 2007 courtesy of Youtube

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

Video 8

Video 9

Fencing Videos

Check out some interesting fencing videos on Youtube. A few Legends

clip 1: Epee Grand Prix Womens Final St. Petersburg.


clips 2 & 3: Italian Team Coach Stefano Cerioni fencing a few years ago.



The legendary Vladimir Smirnov in a lesson.

part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKL0r9cJmgw&feature=related

part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9Z0ZbczDh4 


Italian Fencing – Mangiarotti Style

A bit of History and a nice visual on the recent history of Italian fencing courtesy

of a video on Youtube.

1st video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1F0IWoKxEg

2nd video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6gmM20ft7E&feature=related 

3rd video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gg1hI4nZeU&feature=related

4th video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqAqo-RECDU&feature=related

Check it out.

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