Fun 4 Kids Festival 2012

Once again Sword Fighters Australia was proud to be associated with the Annual Warrnambool Childrens Festival.

The Festival is a huge undertaking for the Warrnambool City Council and all the staff involved plus all the performers and the fantastically involved South West Tafe Students.
Activity areas for 2012 included; The Scouts & Rock Climbing, Farm Yard Animals, Face Painting, Wooden Tool making, a huge Card-Board Box City, Beach Area for ball sports, Ten Pin Bowling, Animation & Video Area,  Workshop Stage for Dance, Drums, Circus Skills, Hip Hop, & the Main Stage for all the Performers Singers / Dancers /Performers etc.

For more information.  There’s even a downloadble app for smart phones..

Fun4Kids Link here


Sword Fighters Australia July Holiday Program

Sword Fighters Australia holiday program.
Brighton Grammar Gymnasium 12 July.

For more information contact Chris 0409 013 171 or email

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Fencing Session

AFF #3 Perth WA 2012

AFF Circuit #3 : Perth 17-20 August

Friday – August 17
9:00 Women’s Foil
9:30 Men’s Sabre
13:30 Veteran Womens Sabre
13:30 Veteran Men’s Sabre
3:00 Club Team Womens Foil (after Womens Foil Individual)
4:00 Club Team Mens Sabre (after Mens Sabre Individual)

Saturday – August 18

8:30 Men’s Foil
10:00 Women’s Sabre
13:30 Veteran Men’s Epee
13:30 Veteran Women’s Epee
3:30 Club Team Mens Foil (after Mens Foil Individual)
4:00 Club Team Womens Sabre (after Womens Sabre Individual)

Sunday – August 19

8.30 – 12.30 pm AFT Foil Camp

12.30 – 5.30 pm AFT Sabre Camp 

8:30 Men’s Epee
10:00 Women’s Epee
1:30 Veteran Men’s Foil
1:30 Veteran Women’s Foil
3:00 Club Team Mens Epee (after Mens Epee Individual)
3:30 Club Team Womens Epee (after Womens Epee Individual)

Monday – August 20

8:30 – 3:30 AFT  Epee Camp

More details on accommodation and location etc coming… Also on the AFF website.

Weapons check will be available at the venue (Kingsway Sports Centre, Kingsway, Madeley):
· Thursday 16 August 6pm – 8pm;
· Friday 17 August 8am – 10am, 4pm – 6pm;
· Saturday 17 August 8am – 10am, 4pm – 6pm
.·Sunday 18 August 8am – 10am.


Check this out for a Riposte..aptly named the “Chamley Watson” !

Robin Chaplin Veterans Results

AFF #2 Adelaide Veterans Tournament

Immanual College Glenelg.

Men’s Épée: 1st Kelly Durant NSW2nd Jose Goldman QLD (50+)=3rd Craig Staehr SA=3rd Andrey Tyschenko NSW, Richard Purdie NSW (60+)

Women’s Épée: 1st Julie Seggie NSW, 2nd Joyce Chua SIN, =3rd Jane Menary SA, =3rd Carol Sullivan Vic, Daisy Drew Vic (60+).

Men’s Foil1st Richard Purdie NSW2nd Andrey Tyschenko NSW=3rd Adam Reynolds Vic=3rd Peter Barry SA, Peter Mayer SA (70+).

Women’s Foil1st Jenny Bonney-Millet QLD2nd Julie Seggie NSW=3rd Suzanne Newton NSW=3rd Jane Allardice Vic (60+).

Men’s Sabre: 1st Kim Moir Vic2nd Janczewski Jaroslaw Vic=3rd Simon Auty Vic=3rd Francis Kwong SIN, Gary Sudran WA (60+).

Women’s Sabre: 1st Harriet Jordan NSW2nd Meredith Coleman SA (60+)=3rd Rebecca Ashcroft ACT=3rd Jane Menary SA.

Robin Chaplin results

AFF #2 Adelaide Open Competition

Mens Foil: 1st Saleh Safar Vic, 2nd Steven Glaister Vic, =3rd Jeremy Hart Qld, =3rd Chris Hart Qld.

Women’s Sabre: 1st Cheryl Chan NSW, 2nd Sam Auty Vic, =3rd Anna Crawford Qld, =3rd Harriet Jordan NSW.

Mens Épée1st Nick Davies NSW2nd James Lewis WA=3rd Victor Lewith Vic=3rd Alex Burgun SA.

Women’s Épée1st Joanna Halls Vic2nd Dianna Sher Vic, =3rd Evelyn Halls Vic=3rd Catherine Mackay Vic.

Womens Foil1st Claire Daniel Qld2nd Anna Kovacs NSW=3rd Lishan Sung NSW=3rd Anna Slowiaczek NSW.

Mens Sabre: 1st Simon Leitch Qld2nd Adam Wilcock NSW=3rd Mitch Fox NSW=3rd Jasper Rowley NSW.

State Veterans Squad – Melbourne Fencing Centre

Training Time: Thursday Nights 6:30-8:30

Any athlete wishing to participate, please contact  veterans@fencingvictoria 

Chris Jones 0409 013 171

Session : 7th June come along and join the squad:         Skill: Competition, Teams. 

Next Session:   Thursday 21/6/12         

@  6:30  Level 1, 204-206 Arden St North Melbourne.     

Public transport:* by train (closest station is North Melbourne -10 minute walk down Laurens Street)* by tram

Closest stop is No 15 on Abbotsford Street on route 57 -8 minute walk down Arden Street

Vic Vets

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