Fencing Sessions commence

Training commences for 2019!

Private introduction lessons can be organised at the State Fenicng Centre in North Melbourne too:

Contact Chris 0409 013 171 or chris@swordfightersaustralia.com for booking

updated 28/1/19

FV and AFF Calendar 2019

2019 FV Calendar:

Download Here Link

CDL Dates for 2019

Coeur de Lion dates for 2019:

#1 CDL cdl-results-2019.1 xcel

#2 CDL cdl-results-2019.2-xcel

#3 CDL cdl-results-2019.3

#4 CDL cdl-results-2019.4

#5 CDL cdl-results-2019.5

#6 CDL cdl-results-2019.6

#7 CDL cdl-results-2019.7

#8 CDL cdl-results-2019.8

#9 CDL  cdl-results-2019.9

#10 CDL cdl-results-2019.10


next 2020!

Sword Fighters Australia Club Memberships 2019

Membership renewal for 2019..


Link and sign up through the FV portal 


LINK Sword Fighters Australia


any questions please contact Chris 0409 013 171


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