Fencing Club Member Retention

Main issue… how do we keep the max people in fencing..?
Having been to a number of Vic Sport meetings with other sports SDO’s (sports development officers) this seems to be the main issue with all sporting organisations.
One factor to think about is Environment Friendly Clubs – The Right Approach:
1. What do people see when entering a club?
2. What do they hear in your club?
3. What do they feel from your club?

If you answer these questions and feel there could be improvement….. this might be an easy way to encourage fencers and more importantly VOLUNTEERS to stay within the sport.!!

For more info go to Vic Sport for important information on sporting clubs or link to your location.


Psychological Skills Training Manual

Fencing.Net has a new downloadable Manual (for Purchase $20USD)

After interviewing numerous top fencers a Psychological Training Manual has been produced on the important mental game of Fencing

Check it out Link

New Leon Paul Foil Mask

Leon Paul has entered the market with its Foil Lame/Bib Mask called the X-Change

Click to Visit Leon Paul site Video

The Leon Paul Catalogue

Fencing Victoria “Give it a Go” Demonstration

The Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation.. 85th Anniversary…Saturday 25th October 2008.  Alexandra Gardens Melbourne.

What a great opportunity to showcase our sport and be involved in a wonderful charitable exhibition.

The Day was a massive success with hundreds – thousands of children and their families wandering the picturesque Gardens by the Yarra River and picking up a fencing mask and plastic foil and learning how to hit like a Fencer.

Thanks to Darcy and Josh from Monash Uni for spending the bulk of the day handing out flyers, masks and foils and putting on their whites and demonstrating all three weapons in overcast 30 degrees weather! 


Fencing was located just off Boathouse Drive on the Palm Lawn, 10:00 am til 4:30pm. We still had people lining up at 4:30 and other sports had already pulled their marquees down and left!

For more on the Lord Mayors Fund go to Link

Thanks to all the staff and volunteers of “Give It A Go”  & L.M.C.F. for their great work.


Fencing Website Updates

Couple of Website updates under Links:

Commonwealth Juniors.

Also Association Links:

Commonwealth Fencing Federation.

Fencing Victoria Online Survey

Fencing Victoria is undertaking a Survey on participation in competitions and experience and assesment of the Competitions Calendar as it stands and how it may be structured in the future.

Make sure you express your opinions….

Link         (When requested, enter the keyword – steplunge )

The online survey closes Nov 7, 2008

Australian Nationals Entries online

The National Championships entries are available from AFF via your state Association.

AFF National Entries link 

Active After School Communities

The Australian Government in association with the Australian Sports Commission runs sessions for children in After Care.

If you’d like to be involved in running a class for Fencing, please contact me:



World Veteran Championships

Some Australian Results from the World Veteran Championships in Limoges France:

Haluk Yeter 6th Mens Epee


Zoltan Vilagosh 12th Mens Foil



National Competitions 2009

AFF 1 ACT– looks like it’ll be at the AIS 17-19 April.  Schedule and website: www.dhm2009.actfa.org.au

AFF 2 Adelaide (Queens Birthday) tba June 6,7,8
AFF 3 Queensland tba August
AFF 4 – Nationals Melbourne? or Sydney tba November

Also Asian Championships in Doha.
And a new set of Oceania Competitions Junior and Senior, probably 1st 2 weeks of September in New Caledonia.

Fencing Olympic Video 2008

NBC America has Fencing footage of the recent Beijing Olympics.

Link NBCOlympics.com

You may need to download microsoft silverlight to watch.  Until the Media outlets release Olympic Coverage this is the best bet!  Then Again you may have to be in the USA to watch…

Links to Youtube Olympic Fencing

Foil: Link

Sabre: Link

Epee: Link

if you find more… post on forum.. if they’re notable..it’ll get posted.

Deakin University Sports

Fencing has ‘taken off’ at Deakin University Burwood Campus in 2008.

If you would like to be a part of it..

Download Flyer: Deakin Uni Flyer

School Holiday Program

Childrens Parties or School Holiday programs?

Take your pick!

Sword Fighters Australia Caters to it….

This Testimonial Provided by an External Link

2009 AFF Designated International Competitions

The AFF has Designated the FIE World Cup Competitions for 2009.

AFF Link

File :Designated Competitions

2008 World Veteran Championships

Congratulations to the Australian Team selected to Compete at the World Veteran Championships in Limoges France 1-5th October 2008.

Results on the Link & to Follow

50+ Mens Foil: Zoltan Vilagosh.

50+ Mens Sabre: Zoltan Vilagosh , Alex Sherbakoff.

50+ Womens Foil: Alison Blom, Anna Slowiazcek.

50+ Womens Epee: Anna Slowiaczek, Carol Oliver, Meredith Coleman.

50+ Womens Sabre: Meredith Coleman, Lindy Porter.

60+ Mens Foil: John Timmins.

60+ Mens Epee: Duncan Fairweather, Haluk Yeter.

Link to the World Veteran Championship Website

Australian University Games 2008

Monash University 2008: Host Fencing Factory Brunswick:

Timetable: Uni Games 2008

Results Link

Mens Foil: 1. Charles Hemery (Monash) 2. Jeremy Shelley (Monash) 3. Justin Bewsher (ANU)

Mens Foil Teams: 1. MONASH 2. MELBOURNE 3. AU

Womens Foil: 1. Jenny Bonney Millett (UQ) 2. Mita Hill (UWA) 3.Ursula Menz (AU)

Womens Foil Teams: 1. UWA 2. LATROBE 3. AU

Mens Epee: 1. William Dolley (SUT) 2. Cze Yang Goh (MELB) 3. Jacob Stone (UNDA)

Mens Epee Teams: 1. MELBOURNE, 2. MONASH

Womens Epee: 1. Catherine Mackay (MELB) 2. Margaret MCadam (ANU) 3. Seri Wilson (FU) 

Womens Epee Teams: 1. MELBOURNE, 2. ADELAIDE 3. LaTROBE 

Mens Sabre: 1. Sutherlan Scudds (MDU) 2. Jeremy Shelley (MON) 3. Simon Summerfield (MELB)

Mens Sabre Teams: 1. MDU, 2. MONASH 3. MELBOURNE

Womens Sabre: 1. Beng Hui Lim (MUR), 2. Melissa Yeung (UQ) 3. Angela Darby (MELB)

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