Australian National Veteran Tournament 2009

Results for Sydney AFF #4 Australian Veteran Nationals 2009

Sydney 26 November – 2 December 2009

Veterans Mens Foil:

40+ 1. Nigel Nutt ACT, 2 Zoltan Vilagosh VIC, =3 Adam Reynolds VIC, =3 Jim Hill QLD

50+ 1. Zoltan Vilagosh VIC

60+ 1. Volker Hrovat NSW

Veterans Womens Sabre

40+ 1. Harriet Jordan NSW, 2 Julie Seggie NSW, =3 Jane Menary SA, =3 Joshi Pitman ACT.

50+ 1. Julie Seggie NSW

70+ 1. Leonie Shevlin VIC

 Veterans Mens Sabre:

40+ 1. Ninel Borka QLD, 2 Zoltan Vilagosh VIC, =3 Richard Oldcorn NSW, =3 Shayne Pay SA. 

50+ 1. Zoltan Vilagosh.

60+ 1. Gary Sudran WA.

70+ 1. Richard Oldcorn NSW.

Veteran Womens Epee:

40+ 1. Sarah Osvath NSW, 2 Abby Nutt ACT, =3 Caryl Oliver VIC, =3 Julie Seggie NSW.

50+ 1. Julie Seggie NSW.

60+ 1. Alison Blom NSW.

Veteran Mens Epee: 

40+ 1. Georg Mittermair ACT, 2 Iain Davidson SA, =3 Duncan Fairweather NSW, =3 Paul Hentschel NZ.  

50+ 1. Paul Hentchel NZ.

60+ 1. Duncan Fairweather NSW.

Veteran Womens Foil:

40+ 1. Jenny Bonney-Millett QLD, 2 Abby Nutt NSW, =3 Fiona McDonald NZ, =3 Anna Slowiaczek NSW. 

50+ 1. Anna Slowiaczek NSW.

60+ 1. Alison Blom NSW.


Debbie & Abbey Borgia Community Recreation Centre (Steel Park Leisure Centre)
531 Illawarra Road

Australian Open National Tournament 2009

Results for Sydney AFF #4 Australian Nationals 2009

                          Mens Foil: 1 Harry Huang VIC, 2 Frank Bartollilo NSW, =3 Marek Jamrozy WA, =3 Feng Yeng NSW.

              Womens Sabre: 1 Alex Carroll  VIC, 2 Min Yi Du NSW, =3 Jess Brooks NSW, =3 Ann Lee SIN.

Womens Sabre Teams: 1 VIC, 2 NSW A,  3, NSW B.

                Womens Epee: 1 Evelyn Halls VIC, 2 Sarah Osvath NSW, =3 Diana Sher VIC, =3 Emma Ryan VIC.

          Mens Foil Teams: 1 VIC A, 2 NSW A, =3 WA =3 NSW B.

                      Mens Epee: 1 Alex Burgun SA, 2 Will Dolley VIC, =3 Nic Mihailescu VIC, =3 Victor Lewith VIC.

Womens Epee Teams: 1 VIC A, 2 VIC B, =3 NSW A,  =3 SA

       Mens Epee Teams1 SA A, 2 NSW A, =3 VIC A,  =3 WA.

                Womens Foil: 1 Yuan Ping NZ, 2 Evelyn Halls VIC, =3 Ania Kardas VIC,  =3 Jade Sarah QLD.

                   Mens Sabre: 1 James Walsh QLD, 2 Sutherlan Scudds WA, =3 Simon Leitch QLD, =3 Mike Harcourt QLD.

 Womens Foil Teams: 1 QLD, 2 NSW A, =3 NSW B, =3 VIC.

    Mens Sabre Teams: 1 QLD A, 2 NSW A, =3 QLD B, =3 WA.

For full results go to

Debbie & Abbey Borgia Community Recreation Centre (Steel Park Leisure Centre)
531 Illawarra Road


Asian Championships 2009

The Australian Team competed in Doha, Qatar in the Asian Championships 13.11-19.11.09


Link to Schedule : Link

For Aussies competing read the earlier article (16.10.09) on Sword Fighters Australia


 Womens Epee: Jo Halls 13th, Evelyn Halls 18th, Victoria Wilks 33rd, Kathryn Woodward 45th / 49 entries

        Mens Epee: Ross Austen 16th, Zac Casagrande 17th, Will Dolley 44th, Alistair Sutherland 54th / 64 entries

Womens Sabre: Jess Brooks 20th / 31 entries

       Mens Sabre: James Walsh 23rd, Mike Harcourt 24th, Sutherlan Scudds 29th, Marc Oakes 37th /45 entries

   Womens Foil: Emma Ryan 18th, Jade Sarah 35th, Jenny Bonney-Millett 37th / 42 entries

          Mens Foil: No Aussie entries, which was won by the World No 1. Yuki Ota JPN.

Mens Epee Teams: Australia came 6th/14 losing to China 45:32, China lost to Korea who went on to win the event. 

Mens Sabre Teams: Australia came 9th / 11 losing to Hong Kong 45:35.

Womens Foil Teams: Australia came 7th / 10.

For full results and medal standings go to link:

Sword Fighters & Pizzini Winery Event

Sword Fighters Australia was proudly involved in a Victorian Winery event in the King Valley located in North Eastern Victoria on the King Valley Road, Whitfield, this weekend.

Pizzini Winery []  held their annual Food and Wine Festival on the 14th & 15th November.

Sword Fighters Australia ran numerous Fencing sessions for the children (and parents!), who attended the event in huge numbers.

It was a great weekend and the hot weather helped the social nature of the region fantastically, the food and entertainment was great and the cellar door tastings proved a huge success.


Pizzini 1  pizzini 3  pizzini 4  pizzini 5  pizzini 2  pizzini 6


State Championships 2009

Queensland  21 November  Mens Epee: 1 Zac Casagrande, 2 Kristian Radford, =3 Michael Nelson, =3 Todd Renfree.

Womens Epee: 1 Aurilie Schaan, 2 Annie Devereaux, =3 Sarah Clarke, =3 Michelle Hawkins.

Mens Foil: 1 Sam Liao, 2 Ed Hyde-Page, =3 Nick Houghton, =3 Fraser Simpson.

Womens Foil: 1 Jenny Bonney-Millett, 2 Claire Daniel, =3 Michelle Hawkins, =3 Alicia Ragan.

Mens Sabre: 1 Mike Harcourt, 2 Simon Leitch, =3 Michael Nelson, =3 Alex Telegin.

Womens Sabre: 1 Isabelle Robertson, 2 Alicia Ragan, =3 Anna Crawford, =3 Kitty Simpson. 

Victoria 2009the last at Brunswick Fencing Factory” 14 and 15 November.

Mens Epee: 1. Simon Summerfield Melbourne Uni, 2. David Cook VRI 3. Alex Hunter VRI, 4. Stephen Schultz VRI

Womens Epee: 1. Diana Sher VRI, 2. Catherine Mckay VRI, 3. Tina Thorburn VRI, 4. Leah Tausan VRI. 

Mens Sabre: 1. Anthony Snelling VRI, 2.Mark Bianchin Monash Uni, 3. Char Leung Latrobe 4. Marko Mendieks Latrobe.

Womens Sabre: 1. Alex Carroll VRI, 2. Sam Auty VRI, 3. Christina Logan-Bell VRI.

Mens Foil: 1. Harry Zhuang VRI (CHN), 2. Lionel Gaiero Brunswick (FRA), 3. Zoltan Vilagosh Blacklords, 4. TC Reynolds Blacklords.

Womens Foil: 1. Ania Kardas VRI, 2. Sarah Berger VRI, 3 Emily Marotta VRI, 4. Catherine Tierney VRI.

New South Wales 25 October, 11 October,

Mens Foil: 1 Feng Yeng TSC, 2 Ben Talbot-Wright Mtns,  =3 Daniel Osvath Uni Sydney =3 Max Peek S/H.

Womens Foil: 1 Lishan Sung UTS, 2 Sian Hicks Uni Sydney, 3 Jackie Budniak TSC, =3 Margarita Sokolovskaja Uni Sydney.

Mens Epee: 1 Nils Lemee FRA, 2 Justin Bewsher ACT, =3 Nick Davies UTS, =3 Oscar Hargreaves Uni Sydney.

Womens Epee: 1 Sarah Osvath Uni Sydney, 2 Sian Hicks Uni Sydney, =3 Katrina Cornelly ACT, =3 Julie Seggie UTS.

Mens Sabre: 1 James Walsh QLD, 2 Joshua Fox Uni Sydney, =3 Jonathon Pullen PAF, =3 Adam Wilcock Uni Sydney 

Womens Sabre: 1 Jess Brooks Uni Sydney, 2 Harriet Jordan Uni Sydney, =3 Cheryl Chan MU, =3 Zoe Tranter UTS.

South Australia 11 October,

Mens Foil: 1 Claude Mocellin, 2 Jahan Penny-Dimri, =3 Jackson Michael, =3 Adrian Murphy.

Womens Foil: 1 Seri Wilson, 2 Uschi Menz, =3 Rebecca Lloyd, =3 Natalie Betts.

Mens Epee: 1 Matteo Barchiesi ASC, 2 Iain Davidson ASC, =3 Stuart Marshall ASC, =3 Adrian Murphy ASC.

Womens Epee: 1 Rowena Newcombe ASC, 2 Uschi Menz ASC, =3 Jane MenaryFUFC, =3 Seri Wilson ASC. 

Mens Sabre: 1 Nick Betts, 2 Mike Hoeller, =3 Shayne Pay, =3 Russell Hartup.  

Womens Sabre: 1 Natalie Betts AUFEC, 2 Joanne Wilkins AUFEC, =3 Uschi Menz, =3 Kit Poon AUFEC.

WAFA results still to come.

FIE Suspends Mandatory Clear Mask Use

The FIE has suspended the mandatory use of Clear Visors after an incident in Europe. 

View attached letter :FIE Letter Visors

It is now not compulsory to wear the visor masks in (Foil) Competition, until the FIE makes further decisions following the enquiry into the incident.

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