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Fencing Tip of the Week

July 2008 [17]

Counter Parry Riposte

Definition; An attack that follows the parry of an opponents’ riposte.

Intent: The intent is to parry the attack and hit with your riposte.  One of the most important facets of fencing is a planned or second intention response.  CPP is a classic example.

Practice: Lunge at target (board or training opponent), and remain in Lunge position, then practice a Parry and Riposte, vary the type of Parry.   The Lunge is purposefully performed to get a reaction so must be threatening in intent.

Tip: Its all timing and distance.  Judge the lunge and remain balanced to parry and riposte at the correct distance.

State Competition 2008

Results for the Fencing Victoria Open #3 19-20/7/2008 

M Epee : Alex Hunter VRI.

W Epee : Amy Reynolds VRI.

M Foil : Ian Metzke VRI.

W Foil : Emma Ryan VRI.

M Sabre : Daniel Nero VRI.

Results for the Fencing Victoria Open #2 17-18/5/2008

M Epee : Martin Camilleri VRI

W Epee : Catherine Mackay VRI.

M Foil : Nicolas Germinagni Brunswick

W Foil : Emma Ryan VRI

M Sabre : Chris Nagle VRI

W Sabre : Samantha Auty VRI 

Results for the VRI Open 8-9/4/2008.

M Epee : Will Dolley VRI

W Epee : Vickie Wilks MFC.

M Foil : Zoltan Vilagosh Blacklords

W Foil : Katie Boyles VRI

M Sabre : Anthony Snelling VRI

W Sabre : Alex Carroll VRI

Congratulations to the winners.  For full results go to the updated FV results Fencing Victoria

Asian Varsity Competition Singapore 2008

To enter the Asian Varsity Competition in Singapore 16 and 17th August.

Contact the AFF via your State Association.

Veteran Oceania Competition

New Zealand will hold the Oceania Veterans Championships on Wed October 22 and Thursday 23 at the Fencing Institute.

For more information contact your State Federation.

National Junior Camp 2008

Australian Fencing Federation is offering applications for the National Junior U20 Camp to be held in Brisbane from 28th – 30 September 2008.

The camp is being held prior to the 2008 Australian Secondary School Championships and Junior Championships follow. 

More Info AFF link.

Fencing Tip of the Week

July 2008 [16]

Coupe / Cut Over

Definition; A double movement – An attacking move, blade cuts back over/through opponents and then quickly forward to touch the target. 

Intent: A surprise attack, often catches the opponent off guard when cutting through their blade.  Intent can be a fast purposeful controlled movement which is performed, catching the opponent in a forward foot movement.

Practice: small cutting movements are faster and harder to stop, practice a quick cut and strong thumb movement towards the target without a blade first. Forearm strength is also very useful to quicken the forward movment.

Tip: When using a practice board, keep the point stationary on the target after hitting, helping to control “touch”.

Uni Games

Keep up to date on the upcoming Uni Games Melbourne, September 2008

Uni Games: 

link also on SFA ‘Links’   

Fencing Tip of the Week

July 2008 [15]


Definition; An Arrow, generally faster than a lunge, the bodyweight leans towards the target and both legs spring the torso towards the opponent, whilst the back leg crosses over and the body weight lands on it first.

Intent: Very fast attack striking at correct distance in an arrow like movement.

Practice: In matches try not to use too often, this keeps the surprise factor.  Often in Epee it can be a great alternative to lunging if repeatedly getting hit in a counter attack.  Practice in a lesson getting the point out before starting the fleche.

Tip: A straight line is faster than a curving one, keep the blade horizontal at eye height making it more difficult for opponent to judge the distance of the point moving forward.

Olympic Athlete Interviews

SFA met up with Australian Olympic Athlete, Amber Parkinson, prior to the Beijing Olympics.

Q: How did you qualify for the Beijing Olympics? What was the process? How many competitions, cities, best result?

For women’s epee, the qualification period began in May 07 and finished in March 08. We had to attend as many competitions as we could and earn as many points in them as we could. At the end of the cut-off period (mid–March 08) we knew whether we had qualified based on our world ranking. For the purposes of qualifying, the world is divided up into zones. So the top eight in the world in mid–March automatically qualified, then there were additional places for athletes in each zone, based on the world rankings. There were two spots outside the top eight for people in the Asia/Oceania zone and I got the second spot! 

For the full transcript go to Forumthread ‘Amber pre Olympic Interview’


Australian Fencing Competitions

The proposed list (host) for upcoming AFF competitions are as follows.


DATE AFF 1 (mar) AFF 2 (jun) AFF 3 (aug) NATS (nov)

for more details go to AFF

Fencing Tip of the Week

July 2008 [14]

Parry Octave (8)

Definition; A defensive action, blocking the blade in low outside plane, hand supinated, forearm (and thus) tip below the hand.

Intent: Block an attack into low line towards leading leg / hip. 

Practice: Start En Guard in position 6, sweep blade inside, down and out, stopping in alignment with outside of thigh (a ‘ C ‘ shape for right hander’s).  In front of  a mirror, draw a ‘ C ’ from top to bottom.

Tip: keep the elbow down and slightly ‘tucked’ in this will result in a stronger forearm block and reduce larger movements from occurring. 

FIE Rules for Fencing

The FIE updated Rules (In English) are now available from the BFA site.

British Fencing

FIE Competition Calendar 2008/2009

The Calendar for next season 08/09 is now online at FIE

Australian Under 17 Championships Sydney

Results of the Annual Under 17 Championships in Sydney 

Girls Sabre: 1, Sam Auty Vic. 2, Zoe Tranter NSW. 3, Mita Hill WA. 3, Isabelle Robertson Qld.

Girls Sabre Teams: 1, Victoria. 2, Queensland. 3, NSW.

Boys Foil: 1, Stephen Dooley NSW. 2, Maxim Peek NSW. 3, Jake Gipson Vic. 3, Nick Davison Qld.

Girls Foil:1, Lishan Sung NSW. 2, Catherine Tierney Vic. 3, Alison Lancaster Vic. 3, Mita Hill WA.

Boys Foil Teams: 1, NSW A. 2, NZL A. 3, Vic A. 3, WA A.

Girls Foil Teams: 1, NSW A. 2, Vic A. 3, Vic B. 3, WA.

Boys Epee: 1, Chris Nagle Vic. 2, Carter Beecher SA. 3, Stephen Shultz Vic. 3, Sam Ramsay NZL.

Girls Epee: 1, Diana Sher Vic. 2, Ioana Mihailescu Vic. 3, Alison Lancaster Vic. 3, Amy Reynolds Vic.

Boys Epee Teams: 1, NSW. 2, Vic. 3, ACT. 3, WA.

Girls Epee Teams: 1, Vic. 2, NSW A. 3, NSW B. 3, NZL.

Boys Sabre: 1, Chris Nagle Vic. 2, Andrew Scott. 3, Alex Chan. 3, Zac Leonhard WA.

Boys Sabre Teams: 1, Vic. 2, WA . 3, NZL. 3, Qld A.

The overall Janet Haswell Cup winner for 2008 is Victoria.

For more information Link

Australian Under 15 Championships Sydney

Results of the Annual Under 15 Championships in Sydney

Boys Foil: 1, Chris Nagle Vic. 2, Matthew Donald NSW. 3, Alasdair Dunham WA. 3, Jackson Michael SA.

Girls Foil: 1, Lishan Sung NSW. 2, Anna Kardas Vic. 3, Geneviece Bone Vic. 3, Catherine Tierney Vic.

Girls Epee: 1, Amy Reynolds Vic. 2, Ioana Mihailescu Vic. 3, Isabel Dayman SA. 3, Leah Tausan Vic.

Boys Epee: 1, Chris Nagle Vic. 2, Stephen Shultz Vic. 3, Michael Dzodzos. 3, Alex Chan NZL.


Boys Foil Teams: 1,WA, 2,NSW A, 3,Vic A, 3,NSW B,

Girls Foil Teams: 1, Vic A, 2v NSW A, 3, Vic B, 3,WA A,

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