AFF Calendar update

The AFF has finally updated the remaining national comps for 2024.

July 6-10 Adelaide – Youth and Cadet Champs

July 20-21 Canberra – Schools champs

August 3-4 Melbourne – International Vet Challenge

September 7-8 Perth – AFC #1

October 25-27 Melbourne – AFC #2

November 29-1/December Adelaide – AFC #3


find on AFF link


National Championship Adelaide 2022


completed 2022… see you in Melbourne 2023!

AFC 4 Melbourne

AFC #4 Melbourne 2022


          Open Men’s Epee: L.Crook QLD, 2nd  SA, =3rd N.Zeitoun Vic, I.Hayes Vic.

     Open Women’s Foil: M.Muralidharan Vic, 2nd J.Shi Vic, =3rd G.Huber Vic, =3rd V.Hull NSW.

            Open Men’s Foil: M.Foster Vic, 2nd J.Leung Vic, =3rd J.Glasson NSW, =3rd R.Cicciaralli NSW.

 Open Women’s Sabre: G.Hardge NSW, 2nd Y.Zou NSW, =3rd K.Cheung Vic, =3rd M.Y.Du NSW.

    Open Women’s Epee: E. Halls Vic, 2nd S.Osvath NSW, =3rd E.Principe NSW, =3rd S.Scott NSW.

         Open Men’s Sabre: A.Brown WA, 2nd P. Palakwongse NSW, =3rd S.Andrews NSW, =3rd Z.Radnoti NSW.


   Veteran Men’s Sabre: G.Stehle Vic, 2nd G.Foster NSW, =3rd D.Chachs Vic, =3rd B.Simpson NZ.

Veteran Women’s Sabre: M.Y.Du NSW, 2nd M.Yeung NSW, =3rd H.Jordan NSW, =3rd C.Walker Vic.

Veteran Women’s Foil: S.Lidor Vic , J.Bonney-Millet Qld, =3rd N.Dunstan Vic, =3rd J.Lyaschenko NSW.

      Veteran Men’s Foil: A.Tyschenko NSW, 2nd C.Jones Vic, =3rd D.Chachs Vic, =3rd M.Prince NSW.

Veteran Women’s Epee: M.Yeung NSW, 2nd J.Seggie NSW, =3rd S.Osvath NSW, =3rd T.Ijas Vic.

      Veteran Men’s Epee: M.Baker NZ, 2nd D.Cook Vic, =3rd D.Ferguson SA, =3rd PKurtyka NSW.


FV Calendar 2022

Keep up to date with the updated FV Calendar for 2022.

Fencing Victoria and AFF Caledar for season 2022..






updated 26/12/21

CDL 2020

Coeur De Lion Dates for 2020


(NB please check the latest FV Calendar for date changes)

#1 cdl-results-2020.1

#2 cdl-results-2020.2

next dependant on COVID19.

#4 23rd May 

#5 27th June

#6 25th July  

#7 8th August 

#8 19th September 

 #9 17th October  

#10 7th November  

updated 10/5/20

AusFencing Calendar 2019

Updated National Calendar : here


FV and AFF Calendar 2019

2019 FV Calendar:

Download Here Link

Fencing Victoria Calendar

Updated 2018 Calendar







State Fencing Calendar

Link to FV Calendar for 2107 Download

AFC #3 Melbourne 2015

AFC #3 Melbourne 


Mens Sabre: 1st Ju Won Kim NSW, 2nd Jasper Rowley NSW, =3rd Jadryn Dick WA, =3rd Zak Leonhard WA.

Womens Sabre: 1st Cheryl Chan NSW, 2nd Grace White NSW, =3rd Hannah Bikupic NSW, =3rd Luyan Cao NZ.

Mens Foil1st Lucas Webber Vic, 2nd Matt Foster Vic, =3rd Hamish Chan NZ, =3rd Jesse Morris NSW.

Mens Epee1st Matthew Baker NSW, 2nd Kristian Radford Vic, =3rd Ned Fitzgerald Vic, =3rd Alex Burgun SA.

Womens Foil: 1st Emily Marrotta Vic, 2nd Alicia Kwag NSW, =3rd Claire Daniel QLD, =3rd Katherine Kwa NSW. 

Womens Epee1st Evelyn Halls Vic, 2nd Diana Sher Vic, =3rd Leah Tausan Vic, =3rd Dianna Gu Vic.


U23 Mens Sabre1st Ju won Kim NSW2nd Zak Leonhard WA, =3rd Alexandre Douglas NSW, =3rd James Siu NSW.

U23 Womens Sabre 1st Helen Phillips Vic, 2nd Grace White NSW, =3rd Sian Webster WA, =3rd Hannah Biskupic NSW.


Veteran Mens Epee: 1st David Cook Vic, 2nd Darren Ferguson SA, =3rd Murray Thompson Vic, =3rd Richard Purdie NSW (50+ Gold), Norbert Riedl (70+Gold).

Veterans Womens Epee1st Nadine Ferguson SA, 2nd Mary Black NZ, =3rd Isobel Ellis WA, =3rd Jutta Schorttman QLD (50+ Gold), Annabelle Ballard (60+Gold), Daisy Drew (70+Gold).

Veteran Mens Foil: 1st Andrey Tyschencko NSW, 2nd Simon Bowering SA, =3rd Vince Newton NSW, =3rd Richard Purdie NSW (50+Gold), Gary Sudran (70+Gold).

Veteran Womens Foil1st Jenny Bonney-Millett QLD, 2nd Annabelle Ballard NSW (60+Gold)=3rd Susan Hon Vic, =3rd Christina Hon Vic.

Veterans Mens Sabre1st Davide Wheeler NSW, 2nd Derek Flood Vic, 3rd Martin Treasure Vic, =3rd Harriet Jordan NSW (Womens Gold), Alex Sherbakoff NSW (60+Gold), Gary Sudran (70+Gold)

More details on AFF website

AFF #1 Brisbane 2015

AFC #1 D.H.McKenzie – 10-12 April 

Brisbane Sports Stadium, Queensland


Men’s Sabre
: 1st Jasper Rowley NSW2nd Simon Leitch QLD=3rd Zak Leonard WA, =3rd Adam Wilcock NSW.

Women’s Epee: 1st Evelyn Halls Vic2nd Diana Sher Vic, =3rd Anne Deveraux Vic, =3rd Sarah Osvath NSW. 

Women’s Sabre
: 1st Helen Philips Vic,  2nd Sam Auty Vic=3rd Cheryl Chan NSW, =3rd Marissa Black WA.  

Men’s Epee: 1st Will Bishop NZ, 2nd Zac Casagrande Qld, =3rd James Lewis WA, =3rd Luc Cartillier Qld.

Women’s Foil:
 1st Lishan Sung NSW, 2nd Katherine Kwa NSW, =3rd Claire Daniel Qld, =3rd Jacqueline Budniak NSW.

Men’s Foil
: 1st Lucas Webber Vic, 2nd Ned Fitzgerald Vic, =3rd Matt Foster Vic, =3rd Sholto Douglas NSW.

More details on AFF website 

CDL 2015

Coeur De Lion  – Monthly Competitions @ State Fencing Centre in 2015.

Roll call from 1 with a 1:30 start. $5 entry.

#1 Results #1

#2 Results #2

#3 Results #3

#4 Results #4

#5 Results #5

#6 Results #6

#7 Results #7

#8 Results #8

#9 Results #9

#10 Results #10

Congratulations to the 2015 winners

Gold : Alan Lun

Silver : Louis Slamowicz

Bronze : Genevieve Carrasco 

We will be commencing competitions again in February 2016, keep an eye on the FV Calendar and S.F.A for updates

updated 8/11/15

Fencing Victoria 2015 Calendar

Release of 2015 Fencing Victoria Calendar Link

Calendar download 

Australian National Open Championships 2014

AFC #4 Australian National Championships – ACT 5th-9th December

A.I.S Indoor Sports Stadium, Canberra 


Men’s Sabre
: 1st Donghwan Kim NSW, 2nd Sutherlan Scudds WA, =3rd Phillip Miller NSW, =3rd Alexandre Douglas NSW.

Women’s Epee: 1st Sarah Osvath NSW, 2nd Evelyn Halls Vic, =3rd Ursula Menz SA, =3rd Lisa Gemell WA. 

Women’s Sabre
: 1st Sam Auty Vic,  2nd Priscilla Del Castillo NSW=3rd Helen Phillips Vic, =3rd Kitty Simpson QLD.  

Women’s Sabre Teams: 1st NSW ‘A,  2nd Victoria, =3rd Qld, =3rd NSW ‘B.  

Men’s Sabre Teams
: 1st NSW ‘A,  2nd WA ‘A, =3rd Qld, =3rd NSW ‘B. 

Women’s Epee Teams
:  1st Victoria,  2nd NSW A, =3rd SA, =3rd NSW ‘B. 

Sun 7 December

Men’s Epee: 1st Seamus Robinson Vic, 2nd John Downes NSW, =3rd Kristian Radford Vic, =3rd James Lewis WA.

Women’s Foil:
 1st Claire Daniel Qld, 2nd Emily Marrotta Vic, =3rd Evelyn Halls Vic, =3rd Beatrice Hay NSW.

Men’s Foil
: 1st Ned Fitzgerald Vic, 2nd Lucas Webber Vic, =3rd Matt Foster Vic, =3rd Matthew Donald NSW.

Women’s Foil
 Teams: 1st NSW ‘A, 2nd Qld, =3rd NSW ‘B, =3rd Vic.

Men’s Epee Teams
: 1st Qld ‘A, 2nd NSW ‘A, =3rd Vic, =3rd SA.

1:30 Men’s Foil Team: 1st Vic ‘A, 2nd NSW ‘A, =3rd Vic ‘B, =3rd NSW ‘B.

More details on AFF website Link

Australian Champions History – Doc: Australian Fencing Champions 2014 and Past

Sword Fighters Australia Calendar 2015

2015 Calendars available to order $10.

Great for the office and as a gift.

.         Sword Fighters Australia Calendar ‘15

2014 Calendars

On sale now..

Sword Fighters Australia Products for the home or office!

Sword Fighters Australia Calendar 

Commonwealth Fencing Championships Scotland 2014

Details are available for those interested Veteran and Senior Fencers on the Commonwealth Fencing Championships in Glasgow Scotland.

Senior Championships:  November 10-15th

Veteran Championships: November 16-19th

For more info Ausfencing link

Australian National Competitions

Australian 2013 AFF Competitions Schedule Update.

AFF #1 (D.H.McKenzie) Brisbane (Yeronga) 5-7 April

AFF #2 (Robyn Chaplin) Adelaide (Novar Gardens) June 8-10

Under 15 /Cadet Nationals: Sydney (Marrickville) July 6-10

more dates to follow, check out the updated website.

AFF #3 Perth 2012

AFF Circuit #3 : Perth 17-20 August

Women’s Foil: 1 Marg Sokolovskaja NSW, Elisabeth Sciborski NSW, =3 Emma Ryan Vic, =3 Claire Daniel Qld.

Men’s Sabre: 1 Sutherlan Scudds WA, 2 Mitch Fox NSW, =3 Zak Leonhard WA, =3 Adam Wilcock NSW.

Veteran Mens Sabre: 1 Damian Kneale WA2 Steve Johnson WA=3 Paul Jewell WA, =3 Francis Kwong SIN (50+). Gary Sudran (60+)

Veteran Women’s Sabre: 1 Alex Andre NSW2 Yenyee Chee NSW=3 Meredith Coleman SA, =3 Joshi Pitman ACT

Club Team Womens Foil: 1 The Fencing Club2 The Swords Club=3 Swordfish, =3 Excalibur. 

Club Team Mens Sabre: 1 Excalibur A2 UNSW=3 Excalibur B, =3 UTS. 

Men’s Foil1 Marek Jamrozy WA2 Lucas Webber Vic=3 Ned Fitzgerald Vic, =3 Cai Wei Ting NSW.

Women’s Sabre: 1 Sam Auty Vic2 Cheryl Chan NSW=3 Lisa Blyth WA, =3 Yenyee Chee Sin. 

Veteran Men’s Epee: 1 Andrey Tyschenko NSW2 Adrian Paxman WA=3 Dmitry Zatseoyapin WA , =3 Ben Wiley Sin (50+).

Veteran Women’s Epee: 1 Kylie Caunt WA2 Carol Sullivan Vic=3 Melanie McCarthy WA, =3 Catherine Whitehead WA. Isobel Ellis WA (50+), Daisy Drew Vic (60+).

Club Team Mens Foil: 1 Blacklords 2 Sydney Uni=3 Cavaliers, =3 Swordfish. 

Club Team Womens Sabre: 1 UNSW B2 The Fencing Club=3 Excalibur, =3 UNSW A. 

Men’s Epee: 1 John Downes NSW2 James Lewis WA=3 Alex Burgun SA, =3 Zac Casagrande Qld. 

Women’s Epee
: 1 Evelyn Halls Vic2 Sarah Osvath NSW=3 Amy Reynolds Vic, =3 Jo Halls Vic. 

Veteran Mixed Foil: 1 Andrey Tyschenko NSW2 Richard Purdie NSW (60+)=3 Adam Reynolds Vic, =3 Jenny Bonney-Millett Qld. Daisy Drew (60+). 

Club Team Mens Épée: 1 Southern Highlands NSW2 Adelaide Swords SA=3 University WA , =3 The Fencing Club Qld . 

Club Team Womens Epee: 1 Virtual Swords2 The Fencing Club Qld=3 Southern Highlands NSW, =3 University WA. 

AFF #3 Perth WA 2012

AFF Circuit #3 : Perth 17-20 August

Friday – August 17
9:00 Women’s Foil
9:30 Men’s Sabre
13:30 Veteran Womens Sabre
13:30 Veteran Men’s Sabre
3:00 Club Team Womens Foil (after Womens Foil Individual)
4:00 Club Team Mens Sabre (after Mens Sabre Individual)

Saturday – August 18

8:30 Men’s Foil
10:00 Women’s Sabre
13:30 Veteran Men’s Epee
13:30 Veteran Women’s Epee
3:30 Club Team Mens Foil (after Mens Foil Individual)
4:00 Club Team Womens Sabre (after Womens Sabre Individual)

Sunday – August 19

8.30 – 12.30 pm AFT Foil Camp

12.30 – 5.30 pm AFT Sabre Camp 

8:30 Men’s Epee
10:00 Women’s Epee
1:30 Veteran Men’s Foil
1:30 Veteran Women’s Foil
3:00 Club Team Mens Epee (after Mens Epee Individual)
3:30 Club Team Womens Epee (after Womens Epee Individual)

Monday – August 20

8:30 – 3:30 AFT  Epee Camp

More details on accommodation and location etc coming… Also on the AFF website.

Weapons check will be available at the venue (Kingsway Sports Centre, Kingsway, Madeley):
· Thursday 16 August 6pm – 8pm;
· Friday 17 August 8am – 10am, 4pm – 6pm;
· Saturday 17 August 8am – 10am, 4pm – 6pm
.·Sunday 18 August 8am – 10am.

Australian National Competitions Timetable 2013-17

The AFF has released the locations for future National Competitions.








Nationals (AFF #4)






D.H.M (AFF #1)






Robin Chapln (AFF#2)






Circuit (AFF #3)






School Individual






School Teams






U20 Nat’s






U15 & U17 Nat’s






Australian Calender

Please note the Australian Calendar updates on the Calendar page. For more detailed state calendars, visit your State Association’s webpage.

Australian National Timetable 2012

Australian Fencing Federation Circuit Competitions for 2012:

Updated 4 June 2012 

Commonwealth Junior Championships St Helier, Jersey 12-17 February

AFF #1 Melbourne [DH McKenzie] March 23-25

Junior & Cadet World Championships Moscow, Russia 31 March – 8 April

Asian Zone Championships Wakayama, Japan 20-21 April

Senior Asian Fencing Championships Wakayama, Japan 22-27 April

AFF #2 Adelaide [Robin Chaplin] June 9-11

Schools Individuals: Brisbane June 16-17

Cadet U15 Nationals: Sydney June 30-5 July

Schools Teams: Brisbane August 4-5

AFF #3 Circuit : Perth August 17-19

Junior National Championships: Brisbane 22-25 September #note date change!!

Asian Junior / Cadet Championships: Indonesia Bali September 30-9 October #note date change!!

Australian University Games: Brisbane September 25-28

Commonwealth Veterans Championships : Singapore September 27-30

AFF #4 Open and Veteran National Championships : Canberra December 7-11

……updated 4/6/12… a few changes

Fencing Victoria Calendar 2011

Here is the link to Fencing Victoria’s Calendar for 2011, FV Site: Calendar

Australian Competition Calendar

2010’s competitions

                             International Epee : Sydney – Challenge Australia May 22-23

                                                     AFF # 2 : Adelaide – June 12-14

                  Cadet & U15 Championships : Sydney 3-7 July

         Senior Asian Championships : Seoul, South Korea 8-13 July  NEW awaiting AFF call for nominations

                                                     AFF # 3 : Perth – August 6-9

  Commonwealth Championships : Melbourne 29 September – 5 October Senior & Veterans.

    World Veteran Championships : Porec, Croatia. 29 September – 3 October

                                          Schools Teams : Victoria – October 6

                                                          U20s : Victoria – October 7-10

         World Open Championships : Paris November 4-13 (incl Teams)

                                                    AFF # 4 : AUS OPEN Nationals: QLD – 3-7 December

NB Fencing Victoria’s Calendar will be released soon… keep an eye out, especially for you chance to compete at the new fencing centre..



Victorian Weapons Squads 2010

Victorian State Weapons Squads:

Fencing Victoria has established State Weapon’s Squads, and information regarding these is now on the FV Website

          Epee SquadM. Vlad Sher, Wednesdays 7pm – 9pm, & Saturdays 10am onwards

             Foil Squad: M. Lionel Gaiero, Tuesdays 7pm – 9pm, & Saturdays 1pm onwards

         Sabre Squad: M. Lionel Gaiero, Mondays 7pm – 9pm, & Fridays 7pm – 9pm

    Veterans Squad: Chris Jones, Thursdays 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Epee Devl’t Squad: M. Nick Mihailescu, Wednesdays 5:30pm – 7:30pm

  Foil Devl’t Squad: Rob Di Pasquale, Tuesdays 5:30pm – 7:30pm (starting in May 2010)

Join the Squads and Fence with the best in the state…..

2009 Fencing Victoria Calendar


 Fencing Victoria has released the Calendar for 2009:

Please note there have been changes during the year, keep an eye out for changes on

Sword Fighters Australia &

Download : Fencing Victoria Calendar (March version)

The AFF Calendar can be found here : AFF Link 

Please check your Diary as some dates have changed… 

 Fencing Victoria Calendar Download: FV Cal

AFF Epee Camps 2009

AFF has released its dates for National Epee Camps (prior to National Circuit Competitions)#1 28Feb & 1Mar : File Link 

Singapore Fencing Calendar has released its Fencing Calendar for 2009.

Download:  Singapore Calendar

FIE Calendars 2009

FIE.CH -: Tournament Calendars for 2009

Womens Epee: Download

    Mens Epee: Download

Womens Foil: Download

    Mens Foil: Download

Womens Sabre: Download

    Mens Sabre: Download

[open and enter Category, Gender, Weapon, individual Event]

New Zealand Fencing Calendar has released its Calendar for 2009.

Download Calendar

Queensland Fencing Calendar

QAFA has released its Fencing Calendar for 2009

Download Calendar Link

NSW FA Calendar 2009

NSW Fencing has released its Competition Calendar for 2009.

Link: NSW FA

Note the Challenge Australia Epee International Tournament 22-24 May 

Coming soon other Australian State Calendars….. if you’d like to see yours here…contact your state association and forward it on… 

WA Fencing Calendar 2009


WAFA has released its Fencing Calendar for 2009

Download: WAFA Calendar

Note the Fremantle Masters Games 19-20 September

Some other dates to put in your calendar (And AFF Calendar)

Commonwealth Junior Championships:

Penang, Malaysia, 16-21 February

Veteran Championships: St Helier, Jersey, 9-12 July.


Fencing Confederation of Asia:

Asian Junior & Cadet Championships: Singapore, 9-14 June

Asian Senior Championships: Doha, Qatar, 13-18 August.


FIE World Championships:

Junior & Cadet Championships: Belfast, Northern Ireland, 5-14 April

Senior Championships: Antalya, Turkey, 30 September to 8 October

Keep an eye out for other Australian Fencing Association Calendars.


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