National Championship Adelaide 2022


completed 2022… see you in Melbourne 2023!

AFC 4 Melbourne

AFC #4 Melbourne 2022


          Open Men’s Epee: L.Crook QLD, 2nd  SA, =3rd N.Zeitoun Vic, I.Hayes Vic.

     Open Women’s Foil: M.Muralidharan Vic, 2nd J.Shi Vic, =3rd G.Huber Vic, =3rd V.Hull NSW.

            Open Men’s Foil: M.Foster Vic, 2nd J.Leung Vic, =3rd J.Glasson NSW, =3rd R.Cicciaralli NSW.

 Open Women’s Sabre: G.Hardge NSW, 2nd Y.Zou NSW, =3rd K.Cheung Vic, =3rd M.Y.Du NSW.

    Open Women’s Epee: E. Halls Vic, 2nd S.Osvath NSW, =3rd E.Principe NSW, =3rd S.Scott NSW.

         Open Men’s Sabre: A.Brown WA, 2nd P. Palakwongse NSW, =3rd S.Andrews NSW, =3rd Z.Radnoti NSW.


   Veteran Men’s Sabre: G.Stehle Vic, 2nd G.Foster NSW, =3rd D.Chachs Vic, =3rd B.Simpson NZ.

Veteran Women’s Sabre: M.Y.Du NSW, 2nd M.Yeung NSW, =3rd H.Jordan NSW, =3rd C.Walker Vic.

Veteran Women’s Foil: S.Lidor Vic , J.Bonney-Millet Qld, =3rd N.Dunstan Vic, =3rd J.Lyaschenko NSW.

      Veteran Men’s Foil: A.Tyschenko NSW, 2nd C.Jones Vic, =3rd D.Chachs Vic, =3rd M.Prince NSW.

Veteran Women’s Epee: M.Yeung NSW, 2nd J.Seggie NSW, =3rd S.Osvath NSW, =3rd T.Ijas Vic.

      Veteran Men’s Epee: M.Baker NZ, 2nd D.Cook Vic, =3rd D.Ferguson SA, =3rd PKurtyka NSW.


AFC #3 Perth Veterans

AFC #3 Perth WA 2022

Verteran Events

Mens Epee: A.Paxman WA, M.Pesman NSW, =3rdD.Kneale WA, =3rd L.Santos WA

Mens Foil:  A.Reynolds NSW, P.Barry SA, =3rd C.Bosnic Vic, =3rd A.Reyes WA

Womens Epee: I.Ellis WA,  C.Syme ACT, =3rd K.Weatherald WA, =3rd B.Ramage NSW

Mens Sabre: D.Wheeler NSW, D.Kneale WA =3rd C.Stronach WA, =3rd R.Kuhaupt WA

Womens Foil: (Mixed results) 5th B.Ramage NSW, 6 C.Stokes NSW.

Womens Sabre: (Mixed results) 5th E.Gulland WA, 7 I.Elleis WA, 8 G.Wecker WA.


AFC #3 Perth WA 2022 Teams

Congratulations to Sword Fighters Australia Team Foil 

Winners in Perth

T.Reynolds, M.Faria and C.Bosnic win Club Teams Challenge


AFC #3 Perth 2022

AFC #3 Perth WA 2022

Open Events

Womens: V.Vasileva NSWL.Blyth WA, =3rd L.Fallon NSW, =3rd M.Marchwicka WA 

Mens Epee: N.Zeuituon Vic,  L.Crook QLD, =3rd D.McClelland Vic, =3rd R.Chandran SA

Mens Foil:J. Glasson NSW, T.Reynolds VIC, =3rd M.Foster Vic, =3rd N.Fitzgerald

Womens Epee: E.Halls Vic,  K.Nonis WA, =3rd K.Cheung Vic, =3rd S.Scott NSW

Mens Sabre: Y.Shim NSW, E.Hoarau WA =3rd H.Chung Vic, =3rd A.Brown WA

Womens Foil: T.Lukins NSW, M. Muralidharan Vic, =3rd A.Whelan NSW, =3rd V.Hull NSW.



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