Australian Under 20 Championships

Australian Junior (Under 20) Championships 2008

Yeronga Institute of TAFE Brisbane

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Mens Foil: 1 Jo Slowiaczek NSW, 2 Stephen Dooley NSW, =3 Ben Talbot Wright NSW, =3 Dean Williams Vic

Womens Sabre: 1 Isabelle Robertson Qld, 2 Katie Boyles Vic=3 Samantha Auty Vic, =3 Catherine Tierney Vic,

Mens Foil Teams: 1 NSW A2 Queensland A, =3 NSW B =3 Victoria,

Womens Sabre Teams: 1 Queensland, 2 Victoria3 New South Wales,

Mens Foil Teams: 1 AUS 2 NZ

Womens Foil 1 Yan Karin Wang NSW, 2 Katie Boyles Vic , =3 Anna Kovacs NSW =3 Lishan Sung NSW , 

Womens Foil Teams: 1 NSW A,  2 Vic A, =3 QLD A, =3 WA

Mens Sabre: 1 Sutherlan Scudds WA, 2 James Walsh Qld, =3 Chris Nagle Vic =3 Michael Nelson 

Mens Sabre Teams (Aus): 1 Queensland, 2 WA, =3 NSW =3 Victoria ,

Mens Sabre Teams: 1 Qld, 2 WANSW =3 Vic =3

Mens Epee: 1 Jo Slowiaczek NSW, 2 James Lewis WA =3 Kristian Radford NSW =3 Jacob Stone WA

Womens Foil Teams (Aus) : 1 NSW A, 2 Vic A, =3 Qld A, =3 WA

Mens Epee Team (Aus) : 1 AUS 2 NZ

October 5: Womens Epee: 1 Diana Sher Vic, 2 Amy Reynolds Vic=3 Seri Wilson SA =3 Vaina Gay NCAL  

Womens Epee Team: 1 Vic, 2 SA, =3 NSW, =3 WA

Mens Epee Team:1 NSW A, 2 Qld=3 Vic =3 WA

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Australian Secondary Schools Competition

Schedule: 1st October

Mens Foil: 9.00 Am: 1. Oxley College NSW. 2. Brisbane Grammar Qld. 3. Newington College NSW.

Womens Foil: 9.30 Am: 1. Abbotsleigh A NSW. 2. Moreton Bay College Qld. 3. Abbotsleigh B NSW.

Full results on AFF Link

Australian National Rankings

The Australian Fencing Rankings have been updated since the AFF #3 Competition.

AFF Link:

Rankings: National Rankings 2008

Remote Fencing Clubs

Is this the most remote Fencing club in the World!?

Green Ant Fencing Club
Established in 2004, Green Ant Fencing Club is based in Darwin and trains twice a week.

This club is exclusively devoted to Sabre fencing, with Coach Greg Stehle training up a new breed of sabre fencers from the ground up. Greg Stehle has represented Australia in Sabre fencing over ten times and has a wealth of experience in Sabre fencing.

The club trains twice a week at Corrugated Iron, Nightcliff Community Centre and is always on the lookout for new members or sponsors.

For more information, contact Greg Stehle on 0422 899 684 or email

Wheelchair Fencing @ Paralympics

The Paralympics include Wheelchair fencing,

For more on Wheelchair Fencing Beijing Link

for schedule and results Link 14-17 September

Now the baton for both Olympic and Paralympics moves to London 2012….

Wine Orders

If you enjoy quality wine at a great price, don’t miss this fantastic opportunity!
The  New South Wales Fencing Association is delighted to announce that it has appointed Saddler’s Creek Wines, (one of Australia’s leading boutique wineries and winner of over 200 medals in the last two years), to produce exclusively for it, a selection of wines uniquely labelled “The Fencer”.

 Fencing  needs  funding,  particularly  to  provide  development and training for our junior fencers.
 NSW  Fencing  is a not-for-profit association run entirely by volunteers. It  runs  state  fencing  competitions  for  all  ages,  from children to veterans,  and promotes fencing in schools through its Schools League and other competitions.  The  wines  selected  by Saddler’s Creek are a 2004 Shiraz Cabernet blend which  has  been held back from release to be now enjoyed at any time and with  food  and  a  2007  Chardonnay which displays lively tropical fruit flavours and which can also be enjoyed with any cuisine.
 From  every  case sold (12 bottles), Saddler’s Creek will make a generous financial donation to NSW Fencing. Please  order a case, or two, of these quality wines at a price specially negotiated  for  members  and  friends  of  NSW  Fencing  and support the development  of  fencing.  If  you are under 18 years of age, please show this offer to your parents.

Order Form: The Fencer Wine

Link to NSW FA

Baldini Drug Probe

Italian Foilist and former world no 1 Andrea Baldini, is still maintaining his innocence, and according to the FIS (Italian Fencing Association) will support his request for DNA testing of the samples given in June.

for more on the article read here Link

“Riposte” Wine

SFA contributors came across a unique wine brand…..

Tim Knappstein is a renowned Australian Winemaker his Answer is “The Riposte” 2007 and 2008 vintage.

A great tasting Australian Wine: with titles like The Sabre, The Foil & The Rapier its sure to be a hit.

for more information check out:

                                                                        The Riposte

FIE Magazine Escrime

THe FIE website has links available for download of the regular member magazine “Escrime”. Link

Type in the link and find the magazine your looking for (the latest is here) Link

Escrime is a very popular magazine and the recent edition has some great info on the Beijing Olympics.

Club Coeur De Lion Competition

A great Year! some photos from #10 2008

our call                                    a line!                               cdl 1  

 cdl 2                                   cdl trophies                               group dinner

The CDL (Heart of the Lion) is a friendly informal foil competition, run mainly to give beginners a taste of competing, without the pressure. Run about once a month on a Saturday afternoon, the CDL consists of only two rounds, so it’s not too much of a fitness challange, and leaves time for lessons etc.

The format is pools (round-robin, everybody in the pool fences everyone else). The initial pool is a mixture of more experienced fencers (who are responsible for refereeing, scoring etc), and newer fencers. Based on the result in this pool fencers split into Gold, Silver & Bronze pools, with others of similar ability, where again it’s round-robin, and prizes are awarded.

So although you may get your ego dented a bit by losses in the 1st round, the 2nd round will be more even!

The competition finishes about 4pm, and a group generally meets later for drinks/dinner.

Funded by the $5 entry fee, there are prizes for the winner of each pool, and at the end of the year in just about every category we can think of.

RESULTS CDL #10 2008

next cdl # 1 2009

NB. If your club would like to promote a club competition, please feel free to contact the administrator of and organise it!

Australian Open & Veteran National Tournament Timetable 2008

Timetable for Sydney AFF #4 Australian Nationals 2008

Friday 28th November 2008 :  AFF Download :

Mens Foil 9.00

Womens Sabre 11.00

Womens Sabre Teams 3.30 (immediately follows individuals)

Saturday 29th November 2008

Womens Epee 9.00

Mens Foil Teams 11.00

Veterans Mens Foil 2.00

Veterans Womens Sabre 2.30

Sunday 30th November 2008

Mens Epee 9.00

Womens Epee Teams 11.00

Veterans Mens Sabre 2.00

Veteran Womens Epee 2.30

Monday 1st December 2008

Womens Foil 9.00

Mens Epee Teams 9.30

Mens Sabre 12.00

Veteran Mens Epee 2.30

Tuesday 2nd December 2008

Mens Sabre Teams 9.00

Womens Foil Teams 9.30

Veteran Womens Foil 1.00

Weapon Check

6:00 – 7:30pm Thursday 27th.

Also available: 1 hour before roll call. & Each Day from 3:00 – 5:00 pm.

Venue: Anne Clark Netball Centre.. Church Street, Lidcombe.

AFF Designated World Cups 2009

World Championship Designated pre-requisite Competitions.

The AFF has designated the World Cup events for all weapons for next season ’08-’09.

File: World Cups 2009

An incentive scheme has also been released by the AFF.

File: Matrix Reward Scheme

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