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Training; such a word conjurs up so many thoughts, laps of an oval or hall, repeated actions, fast & slow movements, weights, blood, sweat, tears and so on… But what is the perfect training schedule?

The general consensus is the more you do the better you get. 

But take note here of an article via fencing.net on the Chinese Fencing Team [link here

Sword Fighter Fencing – Junior Competition

Junior Podium SFA 2008Sword Fighters Australia Junior Competition

Start List and Results here

25 May 2008 Fencing Factory – Brunswick / Melbourne
The competition was a very succesful event with over 80 competitors all enjoying a long and tiring day. Congratulations to all the event winners and thankyou for your participation.

Competition breeds winners….. The Next generation of Victorian Champions.

 swordfighter-003.jpg_ swordfighter-002.jpg_swordfighter-001.jpg

A Few Photos

Please note that this is not an official Fencing Victoria competition, and the results from this competition do not count towards any State ranking.

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Fencing Tip of the Week

May 2008 [8]

The Parry Sixte (6)

By Definition; a circular defensive movement, starting in En Guard position and circling in an outward movement finishing in (the original) En Guard (6) position, hand is slightly supinated, used to defend an attack.

Intent: Hiding intent is an important facet to a strong fencer.  Defensive changes of parries are very important.  Full control needs to be maintained during the entire action to control the attackers blade.

Practice:  Face a mirror and practice circling the point inwards and up towards outside line, stop fractionally in 6 position before riposte begins.

Tip: Practice often, by mixing up defensive parries makes a fencer unpredictable.  Keep the elbow down and use forearm to stop sideways movement.  Use a stiffer blade (in the beginning)  to control the circular movement…

The Program Script written on the life of Australian Fencing great D H McKenzie can now be found under Fencing Events – DHMcKenzie Timetable (scroll down).

Fencing Tip of the Week

May 2008 [7]

The Disengage  By definition; is an offensive action using a spiral or circular blade movement towards the target, evading the defence, with a continuously forward moving arm, and touching. 

Intent:  The purpose is to evade your opponents defence.  Also to make your opponent try to parry the attack, then evade the defence with a deft movement, continuing the attack and touching.

Practice:  One of the most important moves to master.  The smaller (and faster) your movements are the harder they are to see.  Draw the smallest circle you can with the tip clockwise and counter-clockwise.  The blade should continue forward towards the target during the disengage action. 

Tip:  practice, practice, practice.  Stop each disengage movement (completely still) before practicing the next one, control is the key to using the Disengage upon command. …

Australian Olympic Fencers

Australian Epeeist and Beijing Olympic representative Amber Parkinson came 58th in Nankin China last weekend.

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for International results go to FIE

Australian Foilist and Beijing Olympic representative Joanna Halls came 55th in Jeju South Korea last weekend

for International results go to FIE

Commonwealth Champions

History is an important part of a sports culture.

Fencing has one of the longest.

Here for the first time is the list of  Commonwealth Fencing Champions

[Commonwealth Fencing Champions]

Olympic & World Champions and Australian Champions can be found on the General Page.

For 1974 results – Please update via email chris@swordfightersaustralia.com

Fencing Tip of the Week

May 2008 [6]

The Riposte

By definition; is an offensive hitting or touching action immediately following a defensive parry.  

Intent:  Is immediate and aimed at the target, timing is essential, speed comes with technique and through repeated practice.

Practice:  With purpose, the fingers should start first, then the arm straightens from the elbow. Once the target is pinpointed the acceleration of the hand directs the blade directly at the target.   

Tip:  Touch is key in fencing, practice leaving the arm fully extended and point of weapon touching the target; muscle memory will lead to ‘an instinctive feel’ of distance and touch, before withdrawing back to en guard position…

Fencing Tip of the Week

May 2008 [5]

The Parry Quarte (4)

By Defintion: is a defensive action moving the opponent’s blade from one line to another by a blocking action performed with the bottom third of the blade.  For a right hander the blade moves left from an open en guard (position 6) and it is opposite for a left hander.  The hand is slightly supinated (with the point facing forward towards opponent).

Intent: Direction is important, knocking the opponent’s weapon sideways (or down) away from an attacking position.  The weapon stops for a moment in time in the Parry 4 position, (before usually moving forward to riposte).

Practice: With purpose, the fingers should start first, then with forearm strength knock the blade away.  Relax entire body before action begins; therefore not ‘telegraphing’ your intent.

Tip: stand in front of a mirror and move weapon arm side to side, elbow down, keep the hand in alignment with each side of the body, increase speed, but stop stationary in each side for a split second.  Keep the weapon point facing forwards towards target.

Fencing Zone Qualification Videos

Beijing 2008 Olympic Fencing Qualification 

For some exciting matches in this years Beijing 2008 Olympic Qualification.

check out FencingChannel TV

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