Beginning Fencing

Nice video on the rules and basics of Fencing:


Veterans Squad 2018

Training Time: Thursday Nights @ State Fencing Centre 6:-8:30

Any athlete wishing to participate, please contact

Chris Jones 0409 013 171


Session 2nd February, come along and join the squad:         Skill  Distance fencing &2hit points, 1 point blade contact.

                  Footwork session 6:00 : Advance & retreat 3 laps, step Lunge 8 laps, at least 6 Lunges per lap, 1 lunge – step back fleche, step back circle parry Prime(1) riposte, 1 lap left handed, 1 lap right handed, 1 lap step lunge, 1 lap step parry Fleche.

Next Session:    9th February.  

Fencing Victoria has the Calendar online for local competitions this year

@  6:30  Level 1, 204-206 Arden St North Melbourne.     

Public transport:* by train (closest station is North Melbourne -10 minute walk down Laurens Street)*

by Tram Closest stop is No 15 on Abbotsford Street on route 57 -8 minute walk down Arden Street.

Proudly supporting VicVets…


If you’d like any weapons fixed; David Hubbard is in the business of repair : email David 


Fencing Victoria Calendar

Updated 2018 Calendar







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