Fencing Magazines

Here are some great examples of Fencing Magazines

Escrime Magazine, the official FIE magazine in French / Spanish / English quarterly editions.

American Fencing Magazine a great informative magazine out of the USA. 

For more, or if you have examples contact chris@swordfightersaustralia.com 

Fencing Videos and DVD’s

Check out fencingmulitmedia.com for unique and interesting fencing dvd’s.

Fencing.net also has some great books Fencing.net link 

Australian Epeeist’s 32 Results

Australian Epeeist Jo Halls has had a successful transition from Foil to Epee, reaching 2 top 32 results!

Jo won her way to her first 32 in an Epee World Cup in Florina (14/3/09), then following up with another 32 result in Moscow (21/3/09).

Fie Link 

Congratulations Jo! 

Ashburton PS Grand Fair


Swordfighters Australia was proud to be involved in the 2009 Ashburton Fair on March 15

The Fencing Demonstration was on the main stage and local children and parents were encouraged to “have a go” themselves… 

photo 1   photo 3   photo 2

Australian Junior / Cadet World Championships

Australia is sending 5 Athletes to compete in 6 events to the

Junior / Cadet World Championships in Belfast Northern Ireland.

4th -13th April 2009.

Congratulations to:

Junior Womens Epee: Diana Sher

Cadet Womens Epee: Diana Sher

Cadet Mens Foil: Chris Nagle

Junior Mens Epee: James Lewis and Jacob Stone

Junior Mens Sabre: Sutherlan Scudds

Team Manager & Coach: Vlad Sher 

World Championships Website

Bucks Parties

Sword Fighters Australia Buck’s Parties!

A great way to get stuck into the boys before a big night…

A great entertaining event leading in to the biggest night of your life!

We come to you or a destination of your choice…for more info


AFF Mask Bib Decision

The AFF has announced a decision to suspend the requirement for all Foil masks to have an FIE standard Bib for AFF #1 D.H.Mckenzie in Canberra.For more information AFF Link 

2009 Fencing Victoria Calendar


 Fencing Victoria has released the Calendar for 2009:

Please note there have been changes during the year, keep an eye out for changes on

Sword Fighters Australia & www.fencingvictoria.org

Download : Fencing Victoria Calendar (March version)

The AFF Calendar can be found here : AFF Link 

Please check your Diary as some dates have changed… 

 Fencing Victoria Calendar Download: FV Cal

Active After School Fencing

Sword Fighters Australia runs Fencing Sessions for AASC (Active After-school Communities).   

The Australian Sports Commission is organising sessions for Primary Schools to get children fit and active.   

aasc 1   aasc 2   aasc 3

If your Australian Primary School would like to do sessions…   

Or if you would like to be involved in learning how to run a session…    

Please contact       chris@swordfightersaustralia.com

 Sword Fighter Logo

Link To Australian Sport Commission


Unity Foundation Fencing Demo

A solemn day was held in Melbourne on Sunday 22 Feb to commemorate the terrible Victorian Fires of recent days….. The Unity Foundation organised a Botanical Gardens Fun Run and family day including a Fencing Demonstration..  

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