Paris CIP 2009

Dual World Foil Champion Peter Joppich (GER) continued building his collection of championship trophies by winning a closely fought match over Richard Kruse (GBR) 15-12.

British Fencing ( reports of Kruse’ continued run after winning the Copenhagen Cup the week before Link

The Englishman was in great form beating the worlds elite in the D/E rounds up to the final.

A sure sign of how the infrastructure in British Fencing and the financial support put into athletes by the GB Olympic Federation reaps rewards…Congratulations Richard…

139 of the worlds best competed in the Paris Challenge International, annually one of the hardest Mens Foil Competitions.

Paris CIP Results : FIE.CH & Tableaux : Link to CIP footage

Footage of Joppich v Kruse Match courtesy of Youtube & : 

[NB Kruse represented GBR in Beijing 2008]

Fencing Victoria Dinner 09

Fencing Victoria is holding its Annual Dinner this year to kick start the ’09 season…

Friday 27th March.

Venue Sofia’s Restaurant, 857 Burke Rd Camberwell.

For more information go to Fencing Victoria Link

FIE Calendars 2009

FIE.CH -: Tournament Calendars for 2009

Womens Epee: Download

    Mens Epee: Download

Womens Foil: Download

    Mens Foil: Download

Womens Sabre: Download

    Mens Sabre: Download

[open and enter Category, Gender, Weapon, individual Event]

New Zealand Fencing Calendar has released its Calendar for 2009.

Download Calendar

Queensland Fencing Calendar

QAFA has released its Fencing Calendar for 2009

Download Calendar Link

Unity Foundation Event

Sword Fighters Australia Celebrates 1st year on the Web !

Its been a great year in Fencing with the 2008 Beijing Olympics a highlight….To bring on 2009..

Sword Fighters Australia is proud to be associated with Unity Foundation’s Fun-Run.

On 22nd February 2009 Melbournians will be invited to participate in a run….

“Around the Tan, Melbourne Botanical Gardens”  

 Unity Fun Run

Support Unity Website Link 

Sword Fighters Australia will provide Fencing equipment for Participants who will be able to

Have a go at Fencing” in the Family Fun Day events.  

Download Poster for your Club or Workplace : Poster

For more information go to the Unity Link, more details to follow.

Australia Day Demonstrations

Come along to Alexandra Gardens (Melbourne) on Australia Day to Celebrate our sport with thousands of families and children…. Maybe we can recruit a few memebers and potential Aussie Champions!

Next to the Yarra River – opposite the Tennis Centre where the Australian Open is being held.
[The children are the future of our clubs and sport.]

Sword Fighter Parties

2008 was the year of the Pirate ! and Pirate Birthday Parties were very popular.

What will be the Rage in 2009?  Book your Sword Fighter Party and create the trend…

A few snapshots from the last Parties…Notice even the Dad’s were getting into it..


party 1     party 2     party 3    Party 4

Party 5    Party 6    party 7   party 8  Sword Fighter Logo

NSW FA Calendar 2009

NSW Fencing has released its Competition Calendar for 2009.

Link: NSW FA

Note the Challenge Australia Epee International Tournament 22-24 May 

Coming soon other Australian State Calendars….. if you’d like to see yours here…contact your state association and forward it on… 

Australian Youth Olympic Fesitval 2009

The AYOF was held in Sydney this week:

Opening Ceremony photos


Venue Photos

Venue 1  venue 2  venue 3  venue 4  venue 5

Results: GBR won all the Gold Medals on offer (4) whilst Australia won 3 Silver and 2 Bronze medals:

 Mens Epee (23): 2 John Downes. 3 Michael Nelson. 5 Jacob Stone. 8 Kristian Radford. 12 James Lewis. 15 Alex Hunter. 16 Maxim Peek. 18 Daniel Alchin.  

Womens Epee(16): 5 Diana Sher. 6 Mita Hill. 7 Malindi Haggett. 9 Chantal d’Argaville. 10 Isabel Dayman. 12 Amy Reynolds. 14 Deane Whitehead. 16 Alice Cuddy 

Link AOC Website

For medal results: AFF Link & Full Ranking List

WA Fencing Calendar 2009


WAFA has released its Fencing Calendar for 2009

Download: WAFA Calendar

Note the Fremantle Masters Games 19-20 September

Some other dates to put in your calendar (And AFF Calendar)

Commonwealth Junior Championships:

Penang, Malaysia, 16-21 February

Veteran Championships: St Helier, Jersey, 9-12 July.


Fencing Confederation of Asia:

Asian Junior & Cadet Championships: Singapore, 9-14 June

Asian Senior Championships: Doha, Qatar, 13-18 August.


FIE World Championships:

Junior & Cadet Championships: Belfast, Northern Ireland, 5-14 April

Senior Championships: Antalya, Turkey, 30 September to 8 October

Keep an eye out for other Australian Fencing Association Calendars.


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Australian National Rankings 2008

The Australian Fencing Rankings have been updated since the AFF #4 National Competition’s.

AFF Link: 

Rankings Junior Rankings 2008

Rankings: National Rankings 2008 (updated)


Fencing is a very artistic sport…whether its photography, video, painting, portraits, even sculptures!

                            Fencer Jump   Sword Fighters Logo   Phantom Mask   pins   

If you find some interesting pieces please email   

Referee Interpretations

Fencing is a sport where refereeing is Ultimately important and ‘interpretation’ is fundamental to the match decision….
All 3 weapons have their unique technical points ( and are taught to include them ).
Here is one of them for Foil courtesy of Youtube:  Link 
The definitions / interpretations may have changed over the years.

What is yours for this one? ! 

For those who need to know the answer : Link as defined by Techneical Directoire  Mr Ioan Popp.

There are a number of Fencing clips now available via the web, and you may have found it difficult to find examples prior to the ability of “being able to broadcast yourself”… now it seems anyone can do it!
Good examples (previous example shown here) and others…unfortunately can be seen….
For discerning viewers, A Qualified Coach is a good person to ask if your not sure. 

Sword Fighter Holiday Program

Sword Fighters Australia visited Warrnambool during January. 

The Warrnambool Council put on a festival for the locals (and tourists) over the summer holidays and it is a great place to visit.     

Warrnambool  Warrnambool  Warrnambool  Warrnambool  Warrnambool

                Warrnambool                     Warrnambool                      Warrnambool 

Fast moving Brains and Legs! Just the perfect future Australian Fencers……Left Handed…!

          Fun4Kids   HallofFame   TourismAward   Swordfighter Image

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