Commonwealth Veterans Championships Canberra 2018

Canberra December 23-28th 2018

    Veteran Mens Epee: 1st CAN, 2nd D.Cook AUS, =3rd CAN, =3rd NZL.

      Veteran Mens Foil: 1st SCO, 2nd SCO, =3rd A.Tyschenko AUS, =3rd SCO.

Veteran Womens Foil: 1st A.Nutt AUS, 2nd J.Lyaschenko AUS , =3rd A.Ballard AUS, =3rd ENG.

Veteran Womens Sabre: 1st CAN, 2nd M.Yi Du AUS, =3rd ENG, =3rd WAL.

Veteran Womens Epee: 1st S.Osvath AUS, 2nd ENG, =3rd CAN, =3rd CAN.

  Veteran Mens Sabre: 1st D.Wheeler AUS, 2nd R.Vintila AUS, =3rd A.Brungs AUS, =3rd ENG,


    Veteran Mens Epee: 1st CAN, 2nd NZL, 3rd AUS.

Veteran Womens Foil: 1st AUS, 2nd ENG,

       Veteran Mens Foil1st SCO, 2nd ENG, 3rd AUS.

Veteran Womens Epee: 1st AUS, 2nd ENG, 3rd NZL.  

Veteran Womens Sabre: 1st AUS, 2nd ENG, 3rd SCO

    Veteran Mens Sabre: 1st AUS, 2nd ENG, 3rd CAN


For more or full info on all results and Australian Placings


Commonwealth Fencing Championships Website

Link: Commonwealth Website

Commonwealth Veteran Championships Christchurch New Zealand 2016

Commonwealth Veterans Championships in Christchurch, New Zealand, 17-20th November

Medal Winners.. for more result details go to 

Mens Epee 40+: Darren Ferguson Bronze

Mens Epee 50+Gold Luc Cartillier

Mens Epee 70+: Gold Garry Sudran

Womens Sabre 40+: Gold Melissa Yeung

Womens Sabre 50+: Silver Min Yi Du, Bronze Harriet Jordan

Womens Foil 40+: Gold Abigail Nutt, Bronze Suzanne Newton 

Womens Foil 50+Gold Jenny Bonney-Millett, Bronze Harriet Jordan

Womens Foil 60+Gold Annabelle Ballard, Bronze Coraine Sopru

Womens Foil 70+: Silver Daisy Drew  

Mens Sabre 40+: Gold Davide Wheeler, Silver Radu Vintila, Bronze Damian Kneale

Mens Sabre 50+: Gold Steve Johnson, Silver George Foster

Mens Sabre 60+: Bronze Aleksey Scherbakoff

Mens Sabre 70+Gold Garry Sudran 

Mens Foil 40+Gold Andrey Tyschenko

Mens Foil 50+: Silver Adam Reynolds

Mens Foil 60+: Bronze Adrian Finch 

Mens Foil 70+: Gold Garry Sudran

Womens Epee 40+:  Silver Melissa Yeung, Bronze Abigail Nutt 

Womens Epee 60+:  Silver Annabelle Ballard, Bronze Julie Seggie

Womens Epee 70+:  Silver Daisy Drew

Medal Table

14 10 10 Australia


Mens Epee Team: Australia Bronze, Canada Gold, New Zealand Silver

Womens Sabre Team: Australia Silver, England Gold, Scotland Bronze

Womens Foil Team: Australia Gold, England Silver,

Mens Foil Team: Australia Gold, New Zealand Silver, England Bronze

Mens Sabre Team: Australia Gold, England Silver, Canada Bronze

Womens Epee Team: Australia Silver, Canada Gold, Scotland Bronze


Full Results Link

Commonwealth Veterans Championships Scotland 2014

Commonwealth Veterans Championships in Largs, Scotland, 16-19th November.

Mens Epee: Bronze Nigel Nutt, 11th Darren Ferguson, 31st Richard Purdie, 32nd Derek Flood,  75th Norbert Riedel, 76th Brian Wrigley, Peter Harbin 77/80. 

Womens Sabre: Harriet Jordan 7th, Jane Menary 13/20.

Womens FoilBronze Jenny Bonney-Millett, 14th Jane Allardice, 17th Fiona Budniak, 18th Julie Pearce, Harriet Jordan 21/31.

Mens SabreSilver Mike Howard, 6th Attila Brungs, 17th Kenneth Kwan, 24th Alexy Sherbakoff, 35th Derek Flood, Terry Melbourne 51/52.

Mens Foil: Gold Nigel Nutt, Silver Andrey Tyschenko, 9th Richard Purdie, 10th Peter Barry, 32nd Derek Flood, 35th Adam Reynolds, Geoff Webber 42/57.

Womens Epee:  14th Jutta Schortman, 18th Carol Bond, 22nd Jane Menary, 30th Isobel Ellis, Alison Blom 37/39. 

Medal Table

6 5 3 England 

3 2 4 Australia

1 2 4 Canada 

1 1 1 Wales 

1 0 2 Northern Ireland

0 1 4 Scotland

0 1 0 Singapore


Mens Epee Team: Aus Bronze, Canada Gold, England Silver

Womens Sabre Team: Aus Bronze, England Gold, Scotland Silver

Womens Foil Team: Aus Gold, England Silver, Scotland Bronze

Mens Foil Team: Aus Gold, England Silver, Canada Bronze

Mens Sabre Team: Aus 4th, England Gold, Wales Silver, Canada Bronze

Womens Epee Team: Aus 5th England Gold, Canada Silver, Northern Ireland Bronze


Full Results Link

Commonwealth Fencing Championships Scotland 2014

Senior Championships Event

10th November: Men’s Epee & Women’s Sabre Individual

11th November: Women’s Foil & Men’s Sabre Individual

12th November: Men’s Foil & Women’s Epee Individual

13th November: Men’s Epee & Women’s Sabre Teams

14th November: Women’s Foil & Men’s Sabre Teams

15th November: Men’s Foil & Women’s Epee Teams


Veterans Championships Event

16th November: Men’s Epee And Women’s Sabre Individual

17th November: Women’s Foil & Men’s Sabre Individual

17th November: Women’s Sabre & Men’s Epee Teams

18th November: Men’s Foil & Women’s Epee Individual

18th November: Women’s Foil & Men’s Sabre Teams

19th November: Men’s Foil & Women’s Epee Teams

World Veterans Championships 2013

Congratulations to the Australian Team Selected Australian Veteran Fencers for the World Championships in Bulgaria 1-6 October.

Mens Foil: Richard Purdie.

Womens Foil: Fiona Budniak, Jenny Bonney-Millett, Anna Slowiaczek.

Womens Epee: Alison Blom, Sarah Osvath, Anna Slowiaczek, Vicky Wilks.

Mens Sabre: Alexy Sherbakoff.

Womens Sabre: Min Yi Du.

Veteran Fencing Information

Following information supplied by the AFF:

The FIE has recently changed the way that it calculates ages for the purposes of categories at the World Championships.  Basically, it now works such that if you were born any time in a particular year, that becomes your Category year (it used to be based on Sep 1).  So, if you were born in 1953, you are considered Category B (60+), regardless now of when you were born during that year.  (Thanks to Caryl Oliver, our representative on the FIE Veterans Committee for that important nugget of information).

Please also note that according to the AFF ( website Link ):

There will be no limit for athletes wishing to compete in the Commonwealth Veterans Championships in Glasgow November 16-19 2014 (similar to previous Commonwealth Veteran Competitions and Singapore 2012)

Commonwealth Fencing Championships Singapore

Singapore, 27-30 September 2012

Commonwealth Veterans Championships Link

Full Results are on the Singapore Vets website

Top 8 Australian Results

Mens Epee3rd Adam Reynolds, 5th Nigel Nutt.

Womens Sabre: 3rd Alex Andre, 5th Harriet Jordan.

Womens Foil1st Jenny Bonney-Millett (50+)2nd Abigail Nutt (40+)=3rd Harriet Jordan,

=3rd Julie Seggie7th Daisy Drew, 8th Kim Moore.

Mens Sabre: 8th Alexy Scherbakoff.

Womens Epee1st Sarah Osvath (40+)2nd Abigail Nutt=3rd Julie Seggie (50+), 5th Victoria Wilks.

Mens Foil1st Nigel Nutt (40+), 5th Adam Reynolds, 6th Andrey Tyshchenko.


Mens Epee: 1st ENG, 2nd AUS, 3rd SIN, 4th CAN.

Womens Sabre1st ENG, 2nd AUS, 3rd WAL.

Mens Sabre: 1st SCO, 2nd ENG, 3rd SIN, 4th AUS.

Womens Foil: 1st AUS, 2nd ENG.

Mens Foil1st AUS, 2nd ENG, 3rd CAN.

Womens Epee1st AUS, 2nd ENG, 3rd SIN.

Congratulations to all the Veterans who competed in Singapore

Commonwealth Fencing Championships Singapore

Singapore, 25-28 August 2012

Commonwealth Veterans Championships Link

More information closer to the event.

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