Commonwealth Veteran Championships Christchurch New Zealand 2016

Commonwealth Veterans Championships in Christchurch, New Zealand, 17-20th November

Medal Winners.. for more result details go to 

Mens Epee 40+: Darren Ferguson Bronze

Mens Epee 50+Gold Luc Cartillier

Mens Epee 70+: Gold Garry Sudran

Womens Sabre 40+: Gold Melissa Yeung

Womens Sabre 50+: Silver Min Yi Du, Bronze Harriet Jordan

Womens Foil 40+: Gold Abigail Nutt, Bronze Suzanne Newton 

Womens Foil 50+Gold Jenny Bonney-Millett, Bronze Harriet Jordan

Womens Foil 60+Gold Annabelle Ballard, Bronze Coraine Sopru

Womens Foil 70+: Silver Daisy Drew  

Mens Sabre 40+: Gold Davide Wheeler, Silver Radu Vintila, Bronze Damian Kneale

Mens Sabre 50+: Gold Steve Johnson, Silver George Foster

Mens Sabre 60+: Bronze Aleksey Scherbakoff

Mens Sabre 70+Gold Garry Sudran 

Mens Foil 40+Gold Andrey Tyschenko

Mens Foil 50+: Silver Adam Reynolds

Mens Foil 60+: Bronze Adrian Finch 

Mens Foil 70+: Gold Garry Sudran

Womens Epee 40+:  Silver Melissa Yeung, Bronze Abigail Nutt 

Womens Epee 60+:  Silver Annabelle Ballard, Bronze Julie Seggie

Womens Epee 70+:  Silver Daisy Drew

Medal Table

14 10 10 Australia


Mens Epee Team: Australia Bronze, Canada Gold, New Zealand Silver

Womens Sabre Team: Australia Silver, England Gold, Scotland Bronze

Womens Foil Team: Australia Gold, England Silver,

Mens Foil Team: Australia Gold, New Zealand Silver, England Bronze

Mens Sabre Team: Australia Gold, England Silver, Canada Bronze

Womens Epee Team: Australia Silver, Canada Gold, Scotland Bronze


Full Results Link

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