Fencing Victoria Online – 2008 Calendar

The 2008 calendar is online at www.fencingvictoria.org

An updated version will be available soon.

dates to note: 

AFF 1. DH McKenzie – Melbourne (March 28-30)

Fencing Victoria Annual Dinner Malvern Banquet Hall (March 14)

please note… Wear something RED..

AFF 2. Robin Champlin Memorial – Adelaide (June 7-9)

AFF 3. Perth International (August 1-5) 

Olympic Games – Beijing China (8-18 August 2008)

Australian University Games (28 September-5 October)

AFF 4. The Oceania and Australian National Championships – Sydney (28 November- 2 December)

Olympic Qualification

To understand just how hard it is to qualify for the Olympics, especially in the 2 weapons chosen to not have a team event (Mens Foil and Womens Epee) in Beijing…. click here fencing.net

Hopefully Fencing will be given the extra 2 gold medals for the team events in the future…

Swordfighters Australia – Forum

The swordfighters forum is here.

“Keeps you in Touche”.

Click here for Forum

Australian Foilist in Germany

Australian Foilist Jo Halls comes 27th in Leipzig Germany last weekend of February.

Australian Epeeist in France

Australian Epeeists Amber Parkinson 44th and Emily Ballantyne-Brodie 137th competed in the Challenge international de St-Maur, France last weekend.

Amber’s result maintains her World Rank of 35th.

Keep it up Aussie!

“Escrime” – Interviews FIE President

Interpretations of the interview by Jean-Marie Safra with FIE President

Rene Roch in “Escrime Internationale.”  [No 61. 12/2007]


Mr Roch explained that the transparent mask being brought in for compulsory use in Foil (World Cup Competitions – tableau 32) as of January 1 2008 was of a unanimous vote *.  Enabling the fencers to get used to it prior to Beijing in August, and that new technologies should be embraced.  Sabre fencing viewing has improved in the public’s opinion because of the transparent mask.  The reintroduction of the mask bib as target area for foil is believed to be safer as there is no need to limit the width of the bib.

Video refereeing has been a great introduction, it reduces refereeing errors, and removes doubt from the fencers mind. It also reflects an improved image of fencing.  The international recognition has and will continue to increase.  In 2008 referee’s will be further trained on video usage.

On the Beijing Olympic front Mr Roch is very impressed vith the venues to be used for the Games.  Situated in ideal locations and due to the expected results of the Chinese fencers the venues should be filled.  The FIE is still  fighting to regain the 12 Olympic medals it desires and extra 40 places for the following games.  He also mentioned that each of the 212 athletes will plant a tree of their choice in Beijing.

Mr Roch announced the intention of the FIE to have a website dedicated to real time video competitions where anyone can go and watch all the world cup tournaments….

   * please note due to the publication being 2 months old, refer to SFA post “Visors Banned and Epeeists Warned” February 1 2008 and the attached FIE urgent letter.  

“Death of an expert swordsman”

Christian d’Oriola has been heralded in the latest “Escrime Internationale” No 61


“Death of an expert swordsman” 

For all fencing enthusisasts, the name should be synomonis with beautiful and graceful fencing.   A remarkable career. 2 Olympic titles, 4 world titles and countless medals won with the French team.  A remarkable athlete who was able to bridge the gap between non electric and electric fencing.

Commonly known as the “first musketeer”.

Christian d’Oriola was 79 


World Veterans Competition Sydney 2007 – Congratulated


The 2007 veteran world championships were held in sydney from 14-16th September.  Over 200 fencers from 22 nations competed.  The organizing committee and AFF president Helen Smith were thanked for the smooth running of the competition.

article from “Escrime Internationale” No 61 12/2007.

Fencing Book

Book Recommendation

“Escrime l’invention du Sport”  author Gerard Six.   A historical walk through ancient fencing from 1198BC! From Egyptian organized competitions through evolution up to the present day.

Highly recommended.

As seen in “Escrime Internationale” No 61 12/2007. 

Fencing – The Weapons

For a good understanding and views of the weapons used in Fencing

go to Olympic Website

Australian Epeeist – World Top 35

Australian Epeeist Amber Parkinson consolidates her FIE ranking moving up to 35th in the World.

Congratulations Amber….

Fencing – Trivia Quiz

Q. What are the names of the weapons used in fencing?

A. Foil, Epee, Sabre

Q. What is the area that a fencing match is held on?

A. “The piste’ ”

Q. What is a fencing match called?

A. A “Bout”

Q. Was fencing one of the original modern Olympic sports? or when was fencing first introduced to the modern Olympics?

A. Yes or 1896

Q. What are fencing pants called?

A. Breeches

Q. What is the metal jacket that foilists and sabreurs wear?

A. “Lame’ ”

Q. How many points win a bout?

A. 5points in a poule bout, 15points in a direct elimination (D/E) bout.

Q. What other Olympic sport uses one of the fencing weapons in its event?

A. Modern Pentathlon uses Epee fencing, first to 1 hit. (other events; pistol shooting, equestrian show jumping, cross country running, swimming).

Q. What is the French name for Fencing?

A. “Escirme’ ”

Q. What is the umpire in fencing called?

A. The “President” or commonly The “Referee”

Q. What is the target area in foil?

A. The lame’ which covers only the torso (excludes arms, head, legs and the foil)

Q. What is the target area in Epee?

A. Every part of the fencers body (exludes the epee)

Q. What is the target area in Sabre?

A. The lame’ covering everthing above the waist (excludes the sabre)

Q. How long in minutes does a poule bout last?

A. 3 mins, (plus 1min, if scores tied, first point wins.

Q. How long can a direct elimination D/E bout last?

A. 9 mins, (plus 1 min, if scores tied, first point wins.

Q. Which hand can you use in fencing?

A. Only your weapon hand – left or right.

Q. What is the physical stance in fencing called?

A. The en-garde stance.

Q. 1 hit equals how many points?

A. 1 point

Q. What do fencers say when they get a point scored on them?

A. ” Touche’ ”

Q. What is a block called?

A. A “Parry”

Q. What is the powerful thrusting hitting action called?

A. The “Lunge”

Australian Epeeist in Barcelona

Australian Epeeists Amber Parkinson 81st and Emily Ballantyne Brodie 92 competed in the Barcelona Womens Epee competition last weekend.

Keep it going..

Australian Foilist in Venice

Australian Foilist Jo Slowiaczek comes 77th in the Mens Coupe ville de Venise

good luck Jo, keep it going.

Athens Fencing Highlights

Check out the highlights video from Athens 2004.

just a little something to get you in the mood for Beijing….

 go to Youtube

New Childrens Fencing Movie

The spiderwick Chronicles is to be released in Australia in February 2008.

A fantasy world comes alive and one of the heroine’s has some fencing skills.

View the trailer

CIP 2008 Foil Commentary

Challenge Internationale Paris – France :: January 25-26 2008 :: Sanzo ITA v Baldini ITA :: wireless final commentary.

The final started off quite slowly with Baldini in control – the bout was quite static with neither Italian moving around much, more to Baldini’s liking. Every time that Sanzo would appear to be increasing speed or distance, Baldini would shuffle his back leg on tiptoe. Quite an effective move against someone he trains against. At the first break Baldini still had the lead 4-3 but Sanzo scored the final touch. [A little bit of insight to Baldinis style, having fenced him 3 years ago and observing his speed over a short distance with both hand and foot – this style was not in Sanzo’s best interest. Sanzo is obviously very fast, but Baldini is younger and improving all the time. His response time appears faster – maybe its youth].

After the break Sanzo came out and started to move more putting the left hander under a bit more pressure. With a challenge on the tv monitor available but unsuccessful, Sanzo started attacking more aggressively, something that good footwork and timing is essential for. [I tried, unsuccessfully points wise when I fenced Baldini, to push harder against him, and then run like the wind backwards to retreat. Both being left handed turned out to be an advantage to him as he could hit both of my shoulders comfortably. His counter six parry was lightening fast, again only repetition and timing can improve.].

The match then took another turn around. Baldini upped the tempo and scored an attack, a preparation attack, a counter attack, then a parry riposte for 4 in a row, and the lead 10-9, another riposte to Baldini and the lead is 11-9 at the 2nd break. [Confidence is massive in sport, fencing especially, if you feel confident you can overcome anything or hold on. Appearing confident is also a skill that each fencer must acquire. If your opponent thinks you’re vulnerable, you probably will be! Baldini is an incredibly confident fencer, no matter what situation he’s in he always appears confident. Naturally, trained, deserved, or experience its there, and he becomes a very powerful opponent at the other end of the piste.].

A successful challenge on the first point after the commencement extended Baldini’s lead to 12-9. Both fencers prodded and probed at each other. [very cautious and clever from Sanzo’s point of view, he couldn’t afford to lose more points, often bouts can totally change from this point]. Baldini responded equally well, with no desire to rush he picked of a point at the right time for 13-9. With the pressure off Baldini relaxed and scored with another disengage attack to get the lead 14-9, the final point was a lovely little riposte which gave Baldini the championship. [Pressure, perceived or actual, as in the final of the CIP or another world cup event, is something each fencer must determine a way to handle. Training as if the next point is the final touch of the match is a good method, it trains the brain and body to react without emotionally losing control or rushing.].

The final score of 15-9 was deceiving as to the closeness of the final and the subtleties of the skills of each fencer. But it was Andrea Baldini’s day and a new C.I.P champion for 2008.

You can view the full footage of the final here on fencingchannel.tv

Australian Junior Team announced

The Australian Fencing Federation has announced the Junior Team selected for the 2008 World Junior and Cadet Championships 5-14th April, in Acireale, Italy.

Junior Mens Foil: Jo Slowiazcek (NSW)

Junior Womens Foil: Katie Boyles (VIC)

Junior Mens Epee: Jo Slowiazcek (NSW)

Junior Mens Sabre: James Walsh (QLD), Sutherlan Scudds (WA)

& Chris Nagle (VIC) [team only]

Junior Womens Sabre: Katie Boyles (VIC), Chlole Rossetti (WA)

Cadet Mens Epee: Nick Davison (QLD)

Cadet Mens Sabre: Chris Nagle (VIC)

Cadets Womens Sabre: Isabelle Robertson (QLD)

Team Manager: Leon Thomas (SA)

Congratulations to everyone and good Fencing.

Australian Foilist in Belgrade

Australian Foilist Jo Halls comes 65th in the Star Cup Belgrade Ladies Foil competition last week.

Good luck Jo

Australian Epeeist in top 20

Australian Epeeist Seamus Robinson – achieves top 20 result in Lisbon last weekend,

Great result Seamus!  Seamus’ FIE ranking is now 51, heading to the end of qualification for the Olympics.

5 other Australians also competed;

Will Dolley 56th & Ross Austen 58th both making the 64.

Matt Baker 88th, Mark Grant 90th & Zac Cassagrande 96th.

Congratulations guys.

Australian Epeeist – World Top 40

Australian Epeeist Amber Parkinson consolidated her World ranking of 38 last weekend (Feburary 2nd) with another result in the top 64 in Luxembourg.

Good work Amber…. 

Corporate Events

Corporate Sword Fighters

A new experience for all types of corporate backgrounds.

A unique safe and fun educational experience.

Specifically designed safe and unbreakable fencing swords.

Executive Education.

Team Building.

Sporting Activity.

Internationally accredited Coaches and Instructors.

For more details call 0409 013 171

Beijing’s Fencing Environment

The FIE has announced that each of the 212 athletes who qualify for the 2008 Beiijng Olympics will each plant a tree at the Beijing Fencing Centre.

This evolved out of the FIE’s desire to improve the athlete’s and the global fencing family awareness of the environment around them.

New Nike Fencing Shoe

The market is about to become a little cooler, with the worldwide manufacturer having the Beijing Olympic contract.

Finally some of the shoes are available for viewing. According to Nike the shoes are 20% lighter than other fencing shoes. With light weight materials the durability of the shoes are yet to be assessed, but one comment from Nike was like most serious sports shoe the life span was likely to be 3-6 months. From Nike’s information the shoes are made from more durable materials than before, so we’ll see.

For more information visit the full article at fencing.net.

Visors Banned & Epeeists Warned

An urgent letter has been issued following an incident involving a mask with a transparent visor during a training session in Venezuela. A Venezuelan fencer was rumoured to have been injured in training while fencing epee. As a result of the incident a ban has been placed on fencing with transparent visors for foil fencing; it’s not clear whether this is a mistake and the ban has been applied to epee. The letter also requests referees to clamp down on the use of violent tactics in epee bouts.

You can read the complete urgent letter here.

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