The M.A.S.K



We have finally released The M.A.S.K  !


Australian Owned and Manufactured Fencing Specific Tester.

Aptly named The M.A.S.K. Multi-purpose Adjustable Scoring Kit” 


The M.A.S.K was designed as a simplified system to train with another person. 

#1 Plug your bodywire in, and attach to your Lame  

#2 Set your designed colour either Red or Green (different to your opponent).

#3 Test the Target and Fence! 


The referee can see the lights flash when you hit, everyone hears the buzzers. 


Set with 14 milliseconds as per Foil FIE Rules, creating a realistic bout.  


Handy simply as a weapons tester or training tool when you don’t have a piste!


Order your M.A.S.K today.. Download the M.A.S.K download form


Presented in a custom case with simple operating instructions for only $80    


0409 013 171


Entertainment Book 2014

Sword Fighters Australia is selling the Entertainment book, if you have seen it before, its a great way to save on entertainment and restaurents etc with lots of discount vouchers.


$65 each book, usually pays for itself after 3 restaurant trips!

if you’d like more information or would like to order one..let me know..


Entertainment book 2014/15

Corporate Events

Christmas Breakup Parties or events?

Download photo campaign

swordfighters-01.jpg     swordfighters-02.jpg     swordfighters-03.jpg    swordfighters-04.jpg

Last minute Christmas Presents

Still need that last minute Christmas Present… How about a Fencing Christmas Present!?  We have Plastic Masks and Foils (Red or BlueNasycon Replica equipment for sale.  $250 for 2 sets.. Nasycon Equipment    Plastic Equipment    For more details email chris@swordfightersaustralia.comSword Fighter

Sword Fighter Vouchers


A great idea for you or someone else!

Christmas Presents, Birthday Gifts, Anniversary ideas, Buck’s or Bachelorette Events or just plain fun…

Do you know someone who loves exciting activies and fast paced Sports.

Contact for a voucher.

 Sword Fighter Corporate Voucher                                    C J 01

Plastic Fencing Foils and Masks

Do you need a mask and foil?

                                             Want to have Fencing Sessions at home or school?

Sword Fighters Australia is taking orders for the fantastic (Nasycon) sets available as a great Fencing Instructor kit

for kids and adults alike. (Photos on the Product Page above)

email for prices and numbers

Latest price of $125 AUD [1 mask and 1 foil]

or 2 sets for $240 !!!!


mask and foil   Sword Fighter Masks

Christmas Gift

Running out of time to buy presents? 

 Need to get that last minute gift but not sure what to get?

Want to give a great Christmas gift idea to a friend or family member ?

The answer! Swordfighter Sessions


‘Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Slashing through the snow’…. 


 …. Christmas Gifts … Birthday Presents … 

Swordfighter Corporate Session         ..Swordfighter Sessions!..         C J 01


Sword Fighter Gift Voucher

Want to give a great gift idea to a friend / family member – one of those

 strange “non-fencing” people!?

Well the opportunity is here. has SwordFighter Sessions available!

Birthday Presents …. Christmas Gifts …. Anniversary Ideas…..

Thankyou’s …. Fitness Fanatics….. or just for fun.

Swordfighter Corporate Session                               C J 01

 Voucher Link

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