Photos of the  AFF #1 D.H. McKenzie Tournament in Canberra are available…


Asian Championships Change

The Calendar has changed for 2009,

The Senior Asian Championships will now be held on 13-19 November in Doha, not as originally posted in August 2009.

Make a note in your diaries!

FIE Link

No word from AFF yet on nominations etc

No news on the FIE site on why the change?

More news when it arrives!

Challenge Australia

Sydney, Australia held the Challenge Australia International again over the weekend.

For Results

Women Link

Men Link

Olympic Fencing Video

Here is a link to a site that has Olympic Fencing matches

Check it out link

Devotion Launch

The new sports brand Devotion is having its Launch Party this friday night 29th May in North Melbourne.

Come and check it out!~

Devotion Launch

New Fencing Factory in Victoria

The new Fencing Victoria venue is on its way and construction is well on the way!

for more info check out


1/ photo

2/ photo

3/ photo

Australian National Rankings

AFF updated National Rankings after DH McKenzie (Canberra 2009)


check out the Youtube Video too @Youtube

Australian Fencing Federation Website

Check out the new Australian Fencing Federation website


Fencing Victoria Competitions

Competition results for 16 & 17 May held at the Fencing Factory Brunswick.

Mens Sabre: 1 Anthony Snelling VRI 2 Rick Jiang VRI 3 Jay Mackley RMIT.

Womens Sabre: 1 Alex Carrol VRI 2 Sam Auty VRI 3 Christina Wu VRI. 

Mens Epee: 1 Nick Mihailescu PFA  2 Martin Camilleri 3 Richard Lewith.

VRI Womens Epee: 1 Catherine Mackay VRI 2 Diana Sher VRI 3 Kathryn Woodward VRI.

Mens Foil: 1 Cze Yang Melbourne Uni 2 Robert DiPasquale Blacklords 3 Julien Mouchet Brunswick.

Womens Foil: 1 Sarah Berger VRI 2 Emily Marotta VRI 3 Becky Lissenberg Latrobe Uni.

Congratulations to all competitors ! 


ACTFA has released a video of the DH McKenzie tournament in Canberra on Youtube.

Check it out: Video 

Pirate Party

Sword Fighters Australia was proud to be involved in a surprise “fencing lesson” saturday night in Rosebud Victoria.. A few “ole me hearties” were heard as fencing matches ensued.

pirate pirate 1 pirate 3 pirate 4 pirate 5

Fencing with Chips

Fencing can be pretty artistic!

check it out

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