2019 World Championships

World Championships Budapest 2019

Mens Sabre

GOLD S.Oh KOR,  2ndA.Szatmari HUN, =3rd M.Abedini IRI, =3rd L.Curatoli ITA.

Aus: 109 J.Siu, 118 A.Douglas, 139 W.Campbell, Z.Leonhard 141/159.

Womens Epee

GOLD E.Moelhausen BRA,  2ndS.Lin CHN, =3rd MWV.Wong HKG, =3rd O.Kryvytska UKR.

Aus: 105 E.Patten, 139 M.Anderson, 149 D.Gu, A.Deveraux 159/188.

Mens Foil

GOLD ,E.Lefort FRA,  2ndM.Mepstead GBR=3rd YK.SonvKOR, =3rd D.Zherebchenko RUS.

Aus: 26 S.Douglas, 81 C.Nagle, 99 N.Fitzgerald, L.Webber 166/187.

Womens Sabre

GOLD O.Kharlan UKR,  2ndS.Velikaya RUS=3rd T.Gkountoura GRE, =3rd B.Pascu ROM.

Aus: 131 S.Auty, C.Fox-Harding 134/146.

Mens Epee

GOLD G.Siklosi HUN,  2ndS.Bida RUS=3rd I.Reizlin UKR, =3rd A.Santarelli ITA.

Aus: 111 K.Radford, 159 M.Biachin, 165 I.Hayes, S.Rawlins 220/222.

Womens Foil

GOLD I.Deriglazova RUS,  2ndP.Ranvier FRA=3rd E.DiFrancisca ITA, =3rd A.Errigo ITA.

Aus:96 V.Hull, 104 G.Barrett, 110 F.Clark, M.M 114/142.



Mens Epee

Gold FRA, Silver UKRBronze SWI .

Womens Foil

Gold RUS, Silver ITABronze USA .

Mens Foil

Gold USA, Silver FRA,Bronze ITA.

Mens Sabre

Gold KOR, Silver HUNBronze ITA.

Womens Epee

Gold CHN, Silver RUSBronze ITA.

Womens Sabre

Gold RUS, Silver FRABronze KOR.


Medal Table

RUSSIA 3 3 1
U.S.A 1 1


World Championships 2018

World Championships 2018, Wuxi,China.

      Mens Sabre: Gold Kim J.KOR, Silver E.Dershwitz USA, Bronze K.Ibragimov RUS, Bronze J.Kim KOR.

 Womens Epee: Gold M.Navarria ITA, Silver M.Popescu ROU, Bronze C.Hurley USA, Bronze L.Staehl SUI.

          Mens Foil: Gold A.Foconi ITA, Silver R.Kruse GBR, Bronze J.Heo KOR, Bronze C.Llavador ESP.

Womens Sabre: Gold S.Pozdniakova RUS, Silver S.Velikaya RUS Bronze Y.Egorian RUS, Bronze A.Stone USA.

        Mens Epee: Gold Y.Borel FRA, Silver R.Limardo Gascon VEN, Bronze B.Nikishin UKR, Bronze R.Svichkar UKR.

   Womens Foil: Gold A.Volpi ITA,  Silver Y.Thibus FRA, Bronze I.Boubakri TUN, Bronze I.Deriglazova RUS.


             Mens Foil: Gold Italy Silver USA, Bronze Russia, Australia 12/26

        Womens Foil:Gold USA, Silver Italy, Bronze France, Australia 19/21

Mens Epee:  Gold Switzerland, Silver Korea, Bronze Russia, Australia 29/33

Womens Epee: Gold France, Silver Russia, Bronze Korea, Australia 22/26

       Mens Sabre: Gold Korea, Silver Italy, Bronze Hungary, Australia 23/25

Womens Sabre: Gold France, Silver Russia, Bronze Korea, Australia 22/24


Country Gold Silver Bronze
Italy 4 2
Korea 2 2 3
USA 2 2 2
France 2 1 1
Russia 1 2 5
Romania 1
Venezuela 1
Great Britain 1
Ukraine 2
Switzerland 1
Tunisia 1
China 1
Spain 1
Hungary 1


Australian Results:

Mens Sabre: 85 Zak Leonard, 86 Will Campbell, 102 Alexandre Douglas 109/120 Jadryn Dick.

Womens Epee: 82 Annie Deveraux, 101 Emily Patten, 102/120 Dianna Gu.

Womens Foil: 48 Emily Marotta, 59 Freya Clarke, 79 Claire Daniel, 84/108 Alicia Kwag.

Mens Epee: 110 Jeremy Shelley, 136 Alex Burgun , 142 Kristian Radford, 162/170Ross Austen,

Womens Sabre: 85/101 Sam Auty.

Mens Foil: 49 Sholto Douglas, 59 Ned Fitzgerald, 76 Chris Nagle, 111/135 Lucas Webber.

Veteran World Championships 2015

Veterans World Championships in Lemoges France 20-25 October.

Congratulations to all the Australian selected team members

Womens Epee: Sarah Osvath, Anna Ballard, Juta Schortmann, Alison Blom, Isobel Ellis.

Womens FoilJenny Bonney-Millet, Anna Ballard, Fiona Budniak, Harriet Jordan.

Mens Epee: Steven Javens, Norbert Riedl, Volker Hrovat, Bruno Charlesworth, Peter Osvath.

Womens Sabre:  Min Yi Du, Harriet Jordan.

World Champions History

World Champions & Olympic Champions

Download World Champions File

History is important in such a long running sport such as Fencing..

Incredible Fencers on the list of Winners

World Championships 2015 Results

The World Championships, Moscow, 13-19 July.

Follow the live stream “highlights” here link .

Individual Events:

Mens Sabre: 1st A.Yakimenko Russia, 2nd D.Homer U.S.A, =3rd M.Hartung Germany, =3rd D.Dolniceanu Romania.

Womens Sabre: 1st S.Velikaya Russia, 2nd C.Berder France, =3rd C.Shen China, =3rd A.Marton Hungary.

Mens Epee 1st G.Imre Hungary, 2nd G.Grunthier France, =3rd S.Jung Korea, =3rd P.Jorgensen Denmark.

Womens Epee 1st R.Fiamingo Italy, 2nd E.Samuelsson Sweden, =3rd A.Xu China, =3rd S.Besbes Tunisia.

Mens Foil 1st Y.Ota Japan, 2nd A.Massialis U.S.A, =3rd G.Meinhardt U.S.A, =3rd A.Akhmatkhuzin Russia.  

Womens Foil 1st I.Deriglazova Russia, 2nd A.Shaeneva Russia, =3rd N.Prescod U.S.A, =3rd A.Errigo  Italy.

Teams Events:

Mens Sabre1st Italy, 2nd Russia, 3rd Germany

Womens Sabre: 1st Russia, 2nd Ukraine, 3rd U.S.A.  

Mens Epee 1st Ukraine, 2nd Korea, 3rd Switzerland.

Womens Epee 1st China, 2nd Romania, 3rd Ukraine .

Womens Foil1st Italy, 2nd Russia, 3rd France.

Mens Foil 1st Italy, 2nd Russia, 3rd China.


Medal Tally:





















































World Championships 2015

The World Championships are on in Moscow, 13-19 July.

Follow the live stream here link .

Keep up to date with the Aussie team, and your favourite fencers on youtube via the fie.org

Mens Sabre: Unfortunately no Australians through to d/e: 114 S.Scudds, 126 J.Rowley, 129 Z.Leonard, 136/146 A.Wilcock

Womens SabreUnfortunately no Australians through to d/e: 101 S.Bennet, 107/114 C.Chan 

Mens Epee:  94 K.Radford won first d/e, 115 J.Lewis, 136 W.Dolley, 189 J.Downes / 212

Womens Epee 56 E.Halls lost to make 32 (auto into 64!), 72 D.Sher lost 15:14 to make 64, 124 J.Halls, 130 D.Gu  / 168

Mens Foil 39 L.Webber lost to make 32 (auto into 64!), 72 S.Douglas 4wins lost d/e to make 64, 135 S.Capon, 149 S.Mooney-Grand /157

Womens Foil: 45 A.Kwag lost to make 32 (auto into 64!), 85 M.Sokovskaja, 95 J.Bonney-Millett, 98 E.Marrotta, /108


Mens Epee: 33rd, Lost 45:40 to Sweden

Womens Epee: 21st, Lost 45:25 to Germany,

Mens Sabre: 28th Lost 45:15 to Hungary (5)

Womens Foil: 16th beat Kazakhstan 37:36 to make 16, lost to Russia 45:4

Mens Foil: 22nd lost to Poland 45:25 to make 16.

World Championships 2014

Results  for  the  World Championships  Link

Kazan Russia, 15th-23rd July

   Mens SabreGold N.Kovalev Rus, Silver B.Gu Kor , =Bronze T.Dolniceanu Rom , =Bronze A.Yakimenko Rus .

   Mens Epee:  Gold U.Robeiri Fra, Silver Y.Park Kor, =Bronze G.Gunthier Fra, =Bronze E.Garozzo Ita.

      Mens Foil:  Gold A.Cheremisinov Rus, Silver J.Ma Chi, =Bronze E.Lefort Fra, =Bronze T.Safin Rus.

Womens Foil:  Gold A.Errigo Ita, Silver M.Batini Ita, =Bronze V.Vezzali Ita, =Bronze I.Boubakri Tun.

Womens Epee:  Gold R.Fiamingo Ita, Silver B.Heidemann Ger, =Bronze E.Kirpu Est, =Bronze Y.Shemyakina Ukr.

Womens Sabre:  Gold O.Kharlan Ukr, Silver M.Zagunis USA, =Bronze E.Dyachenko Rus, =Bronze Y.Egorian Rus.


      Mens Sabre:  Gold Germany, Silver Korea, Bronze Hungary4th Russia.

Womens Sabre:  Gold U.S.A, Silver France, Bronze Ukraine4th Italy.

    Womens Foil:  Gold Italy, Silver Russia  Bronze France4th Korea.

           Mens Foil:  Gold France, Silver China, Bronze Italy4th Russia.

        Mens Epee:  Gold France, Silver Korea, Bronze Swiss4th Russia.

   Womens Epee:  Gold Russia, Silver Estonia, Bronze Italy4th Hungary.

               Medal Table

      Russia 3 Gold, 1 Silver, 4 Bronze.

         Italy 3 Gold, 1 Silver, 4 Bronze.

     France 3 Gold, 1 Silver, 3 Bronze.

Ukraine 1 Gold 2 Bronze.

  Germany 1 Gold, 1 Silver,

         U.S.A 1 Gold, 1 Silver,

         Korea 4 Silver,

         China 2 Silver, 

      Estonia 1 Silver1 Bronze.

Romania 1 Bronze.

Switzerland 1 Bronze.

     Hungary 1 Bronze.

       Tunisia 1 Bronze.

FIE “En Garde” video series

The International Fencing Federation recently released a 3 part Video series on Youtube

entitled “En Garde” celebrating the 2013 Centenary of the FIE.

Part 1 FIE 

Part 2 FIE

Part 3 FIE

Rules Changes

In 2013 a number of rules were updated/created/amended at the FIE Congress.

Refer to the FIE rules below for the exact text of the rule or rule change.

*  In foil, beats on the lower third of the blade will now be considered parries by the opponent – t.56.4.
*  The absence of blade contact will no longer be a criterion for non-combativity – t.87.4.2.
*  There will be no penalty for simple corps a corps for foil and sabre, but the referee still calls “Halt!” – t.20.2 / t.20.3.
*  Visor masks will be forbidden in all weapons – Material Rules Annex A.2.1.2.
*  Insulting a referee will be an immediate Group 4 offence (Black card) – t.82.3(b).
*  Violently or dangerously throwing one’s mask is a Group 4 offence (Black Card) – t.87.3(b)
*  Fencers passing each other on the strip must do so completely before the referee calls “Halt!” – t.21.3
*  Foil and sabre fencers must have a spare mask wire at the side of the strip – t.45.
*  Foils and epees must be made of maraging steel – this is generally the case at the moment.

Full rule information can be found on the Documents and Policies web page on the AFF webpage.

Hungary World Championships 2013 Video

Check out this promotional video for this years World Champs in Hungary..

Its been out for a little while now, but its still fun and great promotion..


Australian Team in Shanghai

A number of Australia’s top fencers competed in Australia’s Team at the Asian Zone Championships in Shanghai this week.

Mens Epee: 7th Seamus Robinson, Will Dolley 44th, James Lewis 48th, Matteo Barchiesi 62nd.

Womens Epee2nd Silver Jo Halls!, Diana Sher 11th, Sarah McFarlane 44th /46.

Mens Foil: Simon Capon 33rd.

Mens Sabre: Sutherlan Scudds 38th, Adam Wilcock 43rd, Zak Leonhard 50th, Mitch Fox 52nd.

Womens Sabre: Lisa Blyth 29th, Caitlin Taylor 35th, Chelsea Taylor 35th, Sally Bennett 38th.

Womens Foil: Jackie Budniak 25th, Jenny Bonney-Millett 29th, Claire Daniel 30th.

more results to come..

Junior and Cadet World Championships

Australian Results at the Junior and Cadet World Championships in Porec, Croatia 6-15 April.

Cadet Mens Foil: Edward Fitzgerald 33rd, Douglas Sholto 41st, TC Reynolds 47th/102.

Cadet Womens Foil: Alicia Kwag 44th/73.

Cadet Mens Sabre: Boston Fawkes 75th/79.

Cadet Womens Sabre: Mathilda Barnard 60th/64.

Cadet Womens Epee: Alexandra Hughes 87th/106.

Junior Mens Sabre: Boston Fawkes 76th/105.

Junior Womens Foil: Alicia Kwag 77th, Emily Marotta 84th, Georgina Barratt 90th/91.

Junior Womens Epee: Diana Sher 11thLeah Tausan 73rd , Amy Reynolds 108th/119.

Congratulations to Diana on her top 16 Finish at the Junior World Championships.. Very strong showing again.. 

Junior Mens Epee: Henry Mayall-VanderVelde 123rd/142.

Junior Mens Foil: Alasdair Dunham 66th, Ned Fitzgerald 89th, Lucas Webber 107th/127.

Junior Womens Sabre: Anna Crawford 70th, Natalie Molen Grigull 77th, Mathilda Barnard 80th/86.


Junior Womens Foil: Australia 20th/20.

Junior Womens Epee: Australia 17th/26.

Junior Mens Foil: Australia 22nd/28.

Junior Womens Sabre: Australia 20th/20.

More details available on the JWC Website Link

Medal Tally

1. Italy – 5Gold, 3Silver, 7Bronze=15
2. USA – 3Gold, 4Silver, 3Bronze=10
3. Russia – 3Gold, 1Silver, 5Bronze=9
4. Germany – 1Gold, 3Bronze=4
5. Hungary – 1Gold, 1Silver, 1Bronze=3
6. Ukraine – 2Gold, 1Bronze=3
7. France – 2Silver, 1Bronze=3
8. South Korea – 2Silver=2
9. Spain – 1Silver, 1Bronze=2
10-12. China, Hong Kong, Israel – 1Gold
13-16. Belarus, Greece, Latvia, Sweden – 1Silver
17-23. Argentina, Brasil, Czech Republic, Estonia, Japan, Mexico, Venezuela – 1Bronze.

Valentina Vezzali elected to Italian Parliament

Olympic Foil Champion and Legend, Valentina Vezzali, has recently been elected to Italian Parliament.

Read article via link 

AFF Hall of Fame – Inaugral Inductee

Congratulations to Australia’s First Inductee into the FIE’s Hall of Fame Helen Smith

The inaugral 100 members selected for the award included one of Australia’s most famous Fencer’s, holding Numerous Championships & Title Holder, President and hardest working personality within the sport.

For more details AFF Link

Congratulations Helen.

Australian Epeeist 5th in Sweden

Congratulations to Diana Sher, following up her win in Italy’s U23 Epee, Diana came 5th in a huge field of 182.

Junior Womens Epee Vigor Challenge, Sweden.

With 2 other Aussies: Amy Reynolds (58th) and Leah Tausan (84th).

Australian Epeeist Wins Gold

Congratulations to Diana Sher, winner of the Gold Medal at the U23 European Womens Epee in Busto Arsizio, Italy this Australia Day weekend!

A pretty good entry of 61 Athletes. With 2 other Aussies: Amy Reynolds (in 16) and Leah Tausan (in 32).

A Fantastic Result. FV Link and Podium Photo

New Sabre Grip

A bit of news on the Sabre “Pistol or Othopedic” Grip being ratified by the FIE.

Fencing.net article Link 

Sabre Pistol

World Veterans Championships 2012

Australian Team at the World Veterans Championships, Krems, Austria 16th – 21st October

Womens Foil: (50+) 3rd Jenny Bonney-Millett, 20th Anna Slowiaczek, 32nd Fiona Budniak.

Mens Foil: (60+) 37th John Timmins.

Womens Epee: (60+) 33rd Alison Blom,

Womens Epee: (50+) 5th Victoria Wilks, 27th Caryl Oliver, 39th Anna Slowiaczek.

Mens Epee: (50+) 7th Georg Mittermair, 79th Bruno Charlesworth,

Mens Epee :(60+) 49th Duncan Fairweather, 51st John Timmins.

Mens Epee: (70+) 13th Volker Hrovat,

Womens Sabre: (50+) 28th Caryl Oliver, 31st Joshi Pittman.

Mens Sabre: (70+) 16th Volker Hrovat,

Mens Sabre: (60+) 9th Alex Sherbakoff.

Website Link:

London Olympics 2012 Final Results

After the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics the Games move on to Brazil 2016.

Australia finished 10th on the Medal Placings (our Lowest placing in 20 years at ’92 Olympics), not surprising considering the population and the funding compared to other more supported countries.

Hopefully the younger generation watching these Fantastically run Olympics will be inspired and join their local sporting organisations!

Bring on Brazil !!

Olympic Games

Women’s Foil Individual: Gold E. Di Francisca Italy, Silver A. Errigo Italy, Bronze V. Vezzali Italy, (4th H. Nam South Korea)

   Men’s Sabre Individual Gold A. Szilagyi Hungary, Silver D. Occhiuzzi Italy, Bronze  N. Kovalev Russia, (4th R. Dumitrescu Romania)

Women’s Épée IndividualGold Y. Shemyakina Ukraine, Silver B. Heidemann Germany, Bronze Y. Sun China, (4th L Shin South Korea).

        Men’s Foil IndividualGold S.Lei China, Silver A.Abouelkassem Egypt, Bronze B.Choi Korea, (4th A.Baldini Italy).

      Men’s Épée IndividualGold S.Fernandez Venezuela, Silver B.Piasecki Norway, Bronze J.Jung Korea (4th S.Kelsey U.S.A). 

Women’s Sabre IndividualGold J.Kim. Korea, Silver S.Velikaya RussiaBronze O.Karlan Ukraine, (4th M.Zagunis U.S.A). 

 Women’s Foil Team: Gold Italy,  Silver Russia, Bronze Korea(4th France).

    Men’s Sabre Team: Gold Korea,  Silver Romania, Bronze Italy (4th Russia).

Women’s Épée Team: Gold  China,  Silver Korea, Bronze U.S.A, (4th Russia).

         Men’s Foil Team: Gold Italy, Silver Japan, Bronze Germany, (4th U.S.A).

Website Link                                          Medal Tally


































































2012 Olympics

London 2012 Fencing Competition Details.

Day 9: Last day of Olympic Fencing culminates in the Mens Foil Teams: Italy ranked 1st in almost a huge upset the Italians finally beat the British Team (45:40). Japan beat China (45:30) containing the Olympic Champion Sheng Lei.  U.S.A beat France who leave London without an Olympic Medal, and in the last Quater Final Germany v Russia fought out a long match, in a huge comeback of (11 points to 6) by 2008 Olympic Champion Benjamin Kleibrink in the second last match and Peter Joppich scored 11:4 to win the match 44:40.

In Semi Finals, Italy cruise into final match over the U.S.A, Germany almost with a second stunning comeback win, but Japan (first medal of the games) held on to win on priority 41:40.  

Italy took the Gold beating Japan, Germany beat the U.S.A to claim Bronze.

13 Different Countries have won medals, Italy 3 Gold, and Korea 1 behind on medals and Gold, with China also 2 Gold.

Day 8: Womens Team Épée: in one of the most unpredictable events of the games, the quarter finals appeared that any team could go on to win.  With Both China and Korea having a celebrated Games it was these two countries that eventually met in the final with China winning their second gold of the games. The U.S.A beat Russia by 1 hit to take Bronze (their first medal of the Games).

Day 7: Mens Team Sabre: Korea stepped up again, and up to 2nd on the medal table winning Gold in the Men’s Sabre beating Romania (first silver for London) in the final.  Italy took their second bronze of the Olympics beating Russia in the bronze medal match. The event matched similar to the individual results with Korea taking Hungary’s place for the gold.

Day 6: Womens Foil Teams: Italy’s dominant Foil team won their second gold of the games beating Russia in the final. Korea beat France (unusually their first semi final of the games) to take the Bronze.

Day 5: (2 events today) Venezuela win their first Gold Medal in Men’s Epee, Ruben Limbardo Gascon beat Norwegian Bartosz Piasecki (the First Norwegian Medalist). Jinsun Jung of Korea beat Seth Kelsey of USA in the Bronze medal playoff by 1 hit.

Women’s Sabre: Korea win their first Gold Medal in London, Jiyeon Kim beat Russian Sofya Velikaya for Gold. Olga Kharlan of Ukraine beat former World number 1 and reigning Gold Medalist Mariel Zagunis of U.S.A in the Bronze medal playoff.

Day 4: Men’s Foil: China win their first Gold Medal in Foil, Sheng Lei beat Egyptian Alaaeldin Abouelkassem (the First African and Egyptian Medalist) 15:13 in a close final.    Byungchul Choi of Korea beat former World number 1 Andrea Baldini of Italy in the Bronze medal playoff 15:14 by 1 hit.

Day 3: Women’s Epee: Ukraine win their first Gold Medal in Fencing, Yana Shemyakina beating Brita Heidemann Germany (2008 Gold Medalist). In a controversial semi final match Heidemann beat Korea’s Shin A Lam on time in the last second of Extra Time, World Number 1 Yujie Sun of China then beat Shin in the Bronze medal match.

Day 2: Men’s Sabre: Hungary wins Gold at the Games with Aron Szilagyi beating Diego Occhiuzzi of Italy in the Final of the Mens Individual Sabre. Nikolay Kovalev of Russia beat Romania’s Rares Rumitrescu for the Bronze. Szilagyi beat 2008 Champ Zhong Ma from China on his way to the final.

Day 1: Italy has trifected the Women’s Foil winning Gold, Silver and Bronze! Italy Won won back to back Gold medals in Womens Foil as they dominated, Elisa Di Francisca Won Olympic Gold beating Arianna Errigo (Silver) in a closely contested match.

Valentina Vezzali (2000, 2004 and 2008 Champion) was unable to win 4 Golds in a row as she won the Bronze, beating Hyan Hee Nam of Korea in a typical Vezzali comeback.

London 2012 Website

Junior World and Cadet Championship 2012

Moscow, Russia April 2012.

Cadet Results

Cadet Mens Foil: Douglas Sholto =41, TC Reynolds =41, Lucas Webber 49/91.

Cadet Womens Foil: Lishan Sung 28/77.

Cadet Mens Sabre: Jasper Rowley 59/79.

Cadet Womens Sabre: Mathilda Barnard 39, Kathleen Simpson 65/66.

Cadet Mens Épée: Henry Mayall-Vandervelde 55/107.

Cadet Womens Épée: Alex Hughes 42, Anne Deveraux 74/88.

Junior Results
Junior Mens Foil: Matthew Donald 84, Lucas Webber 102, Douglas Sholto 112/122.

Junior Womens Foil: Emily Marotta 65, Lishan Sung 90/91.

Junior Mens Sabre: Zak Leonard 79, Jasper Rowley 102/109.

Junior Womens Sabre: Kathleen Simpson 76, Mathilda Barnard 79/79.

Junior Mens Épée: Henry Mayall-Vandervelde 55, Rob Snell 109, Daniel Alchin 133/150.

Junior Womens Épée: Diann Sher 11th!, Malindi Haggett 90, Alexandra Hughes 111/114.


Mens Foil: 20/23

Womens Épée: 20/25

Men’s Épée: 28/32

Nike – New Advertising Campaign

Appropriate, and appealing to some..


Hopefully it will encourage some new recruits into the sport!

A bit of publicity doesnt hurt.. 

Bob Anderson Article – Fencing Choreographer

Fencing.net has an interesting article from CBS on the late and great Bob Anderson.


Another article: highlight reel 

Paris C.I.P Foil 2012

Mens Foil World Cup, Paris C.I.P.
One of the biggest Foil World Cups annually..203 entries

1st Andrea Cassara ITA
2nd Jianfei Ma CHI
=3 Alexander Massialas USA
=3 Race Imboden USA

Australian Results
138 Feng Yeng
164 Marek Jamrozy
194 Simon Hannah
201 Jahan Penny Dimri

For more info link 

Rule Change

The FIE has announced a change of regulation to the ruling 

t.28.1            If a competitor crosses one the lateral boundaries of the piste, they must step back one metre from the point where they left the piste; and if they go off the piste during an attack they must return to the position they occupied when they started their attack and then step back a further metre

[but cf t.29 still remains] A competitor who involuntarily crosses one of the boundaries of the strip as the result of any accidental cause (such as jostling) incurs no penalty whatever.

World Championships Change

The FIE has announced that the World Championships date will be changing timeslot from season 2012/13 onwards: to a window between July 15th – August 15th.

This will ultimately change the calendar in Fencing in various ways.

It may change Australian Fencing schedules…

Keep an eye out for updates…

World Championships 2011

Catania, Italy.


       Mens Sabre: 1 A. Montano ITA, 2nd N. Limbach GER, =3 B. Gu KOR, =3 L. Tarantino ITA.

    Womens Foil: 1 V. Vezzali ITA, 2nd E. Di Francisca ITA, =3 H. Nam KOR, =3 L. Keifer USA.

       Mens Epee: 1 P. Pizzo ITA, 2nd B. Verwijlen NED, =3 F. Kauter SUI, =3 K. Park KOR.  

Womens Sabre: 1 S. Velikaia RUS, 2nd M. Zagunis USA, =3 O. Kharlan UKR, =3 J. Gavrilova RUS.

         Mens Foil: 1 v A. Cassara ITA, 2nd V. Aspromonte ITA, =3 V. Sintes FRA, =3 G. Avola ITA.

 Womens Epee: 1 N. LI CHI, 2nd Y. Sun CHI, =3 A. Branza ROU, =3 A. Maroiu ROU.


    Womens Foil: 1 RUSSIA, 2nd ITALY, 3 KOREA.

       Mens Sabre: 1 RUSSIA, 2nd ITALY, 3 BELARUS.

        Mens Epee: 1 FRANCE, 2nd HUNGARY, 3 SWITZERLAND.

 Womens Sabre: 1 RUSSIA, 2nd UKRAINE, 3 USA.

 Womens Epee: 1 ROMANIA, 2nd CHINA, 3 ITALY.

          Mens Foil: 1 CHINA, 2nd FRANCE, 3 GERMANY.

World Champs Link 

Medal Table

World Championships 2011 Australian Results

World Championships Catania Italy, 8-16 October 2011.


Mens Sabre: Frederic Jaccard 113th, Mitch Fox 127/136. Sutherlan Scudds went through to d/e finishing 105th,James Walsh 62nd, won 3/6 in poules and won his d/e’s through to the 64..

Womens Foil: Jenny Bonney-Millett 97th/106.

Mens Epee: Will Dolley 154th, Ross Austen 169th, Zac Casagrande 171st/214.

Seamus Robinson 31st!, won 4/6 in poules and won his d/e’s through to the 64 and then the 32..

Womens Sabre: Alex Carroll 93rd, Caitlin Taylor 104th, Jess Brooks 106th, Cheryl Chan 121st/121.

Womens Epee: Evelyn Halls 68th/155 won 5/6 in poules, had a bye into 96, but lost her d/e (15:13) to miss 64.

Mens Foil: Jo Slowiaczek went through to the d/e finishing 105th. Marek Jamrozy went through to d/e finishing 115th/164.

Team Events

Mens Sabre: 23/27.

Mens Epee: 25/41 (won first d/e)

Womens Sabre: 21/23.

Full Results Link

Watch Live Matches Link 

International Designated Competitions for 2012

 AFF Designated Competitions for 2012 and the Olympic Qualification Period.

Download:  Designated Comps

FIE Asian Zone Qualification Information 19-20 April 2012 Download: Zone Qualification

Olympic FIE Banning of Foil and Sabre Bayonets

Fencing.net has an interesting forum discussion on the possible FIE banning of Bayonet Sockets for Foil/Sabre

for the London Olympics and thus only allowing 2 prong wires.

For more details follow the discussion here 

Sabre… Dangerous?

Spanish Sabreur and World No 14 Jaime Marti had an unbroken Sabre puncture his glove and hand recently forcing him out of upcoming World Cups..
For more info read link here

Challenge Australia Epee Tournament

The Womens Epee World Cup held in Sydney in June.142 Women in the last Challenge Individual,
Unfortunately no Aussies made the 64.. (Dianna Sher 65th, Evelyn Halls 93, Angie Darby 100th), more details: here 
Womens Teams (20 Teams) Aussies Ranked 19 and lost 45:31 to Canada 
D/E Here

European Masters Fencing

Check out the website for Entry into European Masters Fencing competition..Link

Junior and Cadet World Championships

The Junior and World Championships held in Mer Morte (Dad Sea) in Jordan. 29 March – 6 April.
The Australian Team selected:  
Junior Men’s Epee
Alex Hunter made the 64 finishing 58th, Daniel Alchin made the cut of 96 but missed the 64,
John Downes unfortunately missed the cut finishing 109th/134.  
Junior Women’s Epee
: Diana Sher ranked 37th made the 32 in a fantastic performance and finished 28th,
Malindi Haggett made the cut of 82 but missed the 64 finishing 82nd.
Mita Hill unfortunately missed the cut and came 85/111.  
Junior Men’s Foil
: Alasdair Dunham made the cut but lost to make the 64 finishing 75th,
Stephen Dooley also made the cut, but lost to make the 64 finishing 83 /126. 
Junior Women’s Foil
: Ania Kardas, Lishan Sung: Unfortunately both girls missed the 64/96 competitors.  
Junior Women’s Sabre
: Samantha Auty: Unfortunately Sam missed the cut finishing 64th/78.  
Cadet Men’s Epee
: Roy Groncki: Roy made the 64, and came 50th/91.  
Cadet Women’s Epee
: Alexandra Hughes lost to miss the 64, finishing 68th/86.  
Cadet Women’s Foil
: Ania Kardas, Lishan Sung: Unfortunately both girls missed the cut of 64/76.  
Junior Mens Epee Teams
: Alex Hunter, Daniel Alchin, John Downes.   Australia (22) lost to Korea (11) 45:44!
Junior Womens Epee Teams
:  Dianna Sher, Malindi Haggett, Mita Hill.  Australia (19) beat Germany (14) 45:43! but then lost to the number 3 seeds China 45:29.. a very good result for the girls.
Very good link. www.deadsea2011.com
The Ausfencing website has a good daily wrap of our results. www.ausfencing.org/home. 
Medal Table : Link 

Australian International Results

Chris Nagle has furthered his reputation and results in combining wins for Harrow in the UK,
by winning all 3 Public School Boys Senior Foil, Epee and Sabre competitions!
Congratulations Chris, especially considering he won back to back in Foil in 2010.  
Obviously the coaching in the UK is paying off.  
Good luck for the rest of the year.

Australian FIE Referee

Congratulations to David Baker for his continued success in refereeing in Europe for the FIE,
and his selection to referee at the World Championships in Catania in October…
More info on the Ausfencing website Link.
Keep it up David..

Asian Cadet and Junior Fencing Championships

For results follow the link to the AFF and the blogs prepared by the coaches attending the competition…
Special Congratulations to Leah Tausan for her fantastic results and medals in the individual and epee teams!

Paris CEP 2011

One of the biggest annual competitions was in held in Paris, France recently.   The CEP French U15       Competition had 450 boys from 30 countries including TC Reynolds AUS who fenced very well.   TC was ranked 58th after the poules,then won his first d/e 10:7.  He then lost to a Polish fencer 10:7 to finish 79th.          Congrats TC !

Fencing : The Future World Championships

There is a very interesting article on the BBC website.
Comparing the French FA to the British FA, unfortunately Australia comes a long way down the path, but it makes interesting reading…Link BBC 
This article also from the BBC website discusses the new Sponsorship Deal British Fencing has acquired…Link BBC

2011 Bring it on!

A new Year, some new mask rules and another year on the Piste…
Foil masks in Australia now require bibs (as of January 1st).
The FIE has changed the ruling on Sabre Masks and Visor Masks are no longer required.x
For more information check the link to Fencing.net Link
Happy Fencing

World Championships Paris 2010 photos

link to some photos of the World Champs : Link..World Champs Photo

World Championships Paris 2010 Medal Table





















United States of America










South Korea



































World Championships Paris 2010 Team Results

World Championships Team Events:
Womens Sabre: 1st Russia, 2nd Ukraine, 3rd France, 4th USA.    
Mens Sabre:  1st Russia, 2nd Italy, 3rd Romania , 4th Belarus.   
Womens Foil: 1st Italy, 2nd Poland, 3rd South Korea 4th Germany.   
Mens Foil: 1st China, 2nd Italy, 3rd Japan, 4th Russia.  
Mens Epee: 1st France, 2nd USA, 3rd Hungary, 4th Russia.
Womens Epee: 1st Romania, 2nd Germany, 3rd South Korea, 4th China.  

for more information Link

World Championships Paris 2010 French TV

Fencing Video World Championships Link  Paris 2010

World Championships Paris 2010 Results

Aussie Teams Results:   

Womens Sabre: ranked 21st and fenced Kazakhstan 12th, the Aussie Girls fenced fantasticly and almost pulled of a great win losing 41:45.  

Mens Sabre: ranked 23rd and fenced Germany 10th, Aussies started well 9:10, but the Germans got on top and ended up winning 45:23  

Mens Foil: ranked 28th and fenced Germany 5th, Unfortunately trailed all the way but plucky til the end losing 45:23 to the team including both the Current World Champion and Olympic Champion’s.  

Womens Epee: ranked 22nd and fenced Sweden 12th, but unfortunately lost 45:28.  

Mens Epee
: ranked 25th and fenced Germany 8th, the Aussies trailed all the way eventually losing 45:25.
That meant all 3 Mens Teams fenced Germany in their D/E!!!  For full details Link

World Championships Paris 2010 Results

World Championships Individual Results Paris 2010.   

Mens Sabre
: 1st Woo Won South Korea, 2nd Nicholas Limbach Germany, =3 Cosmin Hanceanau Romania, =3 Venjamin Reshetnikov Russia.  

Womens Sabre
: 1st Mariel Zagunis USA, 2nd Olga Kharlan Ukraine, =3 Olena Khomrova Ukraine, =3 Sophia Velikaia Russia.  

Mens Foil
: 1st Peter Joppich Germany (4th World Title), 2nd Sheng Lei China, =3 Yuki Ota Japan, =3 Gerek Meinhardt USA.  

Womens Foil
: 1st Elisa Di Francisca Italy, 2nd Arianna Errigo Italy, =3 Valentina Vezzali Italy, =3 Hyun Nam South Korea.  

Mens Epee
: 1st Nikolai Novosjolov Estonia, 2nd Gauthier Grumier France, =3 Jean-Michel Lucenay France, =3 Gabor Boczko Hungary.   

Womens Epee
: 1st Maureen Nisima France, 2nd Emese Szasz Hungary, =3 Tatiana Logounova Russia, =3 Nathalie Moellhausen Italy .                
For more information and extensive results and photos… Link World Champs                                    
Medal Table:  Link

World Championships Paris Photos

Some photos of the first few days of the World Championships in Paris at the Grand Palais. on the Champs Elysees.

its a great venue

plenty of packed seating

the great video screen replay

the dome

Mens Individual

the technology on show

early on in mens foil final

another championship

live on french tv


2010 World Championships Video

Check out video of the World Championships in ParisLink : http://www.dailymotion.com/Escrime-2010

World Championships Paris Results

World Senior Championships 4-13 November Paris 2010.   Aussies fenced on the first day in the Hall Carpentier Southern Paris on 24 pistes.  All 6 events had weapons check over the 2 days so was horrendously long queue’s!.  Womens Epee:  Dianna Sher: (2/6) made the 128, but lost first d/e, Evelyn Halls (2/6) missed cut, Jo Halls (1/6).  Mens Sabre: Sutherlan Scudds (3/6) made the 128 but lost first d/e, James Walsh (1/6) missed cut, Adam Wilcock (1/6) missed the cut.  Mens Foil: Jeremy Hart (3/6) made the 128 but lost first d/e 15:14!~, Chris Jones (2/6) made 128 but lost d/e, Feng Yeng (1/5) missed the cut, Jo Slowiaczek (0/6).  Day 2 Mens Epee: James Lewis (3/6) made the d/e but lost, Zac Casagrande 2/6 made the d/e but lost, Alex Hunter 1/6 missed the cut, Ross Austen 1/6 missed the cut.  Womens Sabre: Jess Brooks (2/6) made the cut but lost her first d/e, Alex Carroll (1/6) missed the cut, Alex Andre (1/6) missed the cut.  Unfortunately no Aussies fencing in the individual 64’s at the Grand Palais, but will be in action for the teams…

Fencing Senior World Championships – Paris 2010

The “Championnats du Monde” World Championships will be held in Paris, November 4-13

Looks like its going to be a great event…..www.escrime-2010.com 

Location Map Link

AFF Selected World Championships Team Paris 2010

The Australian Team has been selected for the World Championships.  
Paris, France.   November 4-13 2010.  

         Mens Epee:    Ross Austen,  Zac Casagrande,  Alex Hunter,  James Lewis.  
  Womens Epee:    Evelyn Halls,  Joanna Halls,  Diana Sher.  
           Mens Foil:    Jeremy Hart,  Chris Jones,  Jo Zlowiaczek,  Feng Yeng.  
       Mens Sabre:    Sutherlan Scudds,  James Walsh,  Adam Wilcock.    
Womens Sabre:    Alex Andre,  Jess Brooks,  Alex Carroll.  

Congratulations to all selected and good luck representing Australia…!

Veteran World Championships 2010

Australian Results at 2010 Veterans World Championships in Porec, Croatia.

Womens Epee: 
Victoria Wilks Winner and World Champion…,

for other results check out the link

Australian World Champion

Australia has a new World Champion!

Victoria Wilks from Victoria competed in the Veterans World Championships in Porec Croatia (this week), and Won her event, Womens Epee.

Congratulations Vicky on a fantastic result and for putting Australia back on the map!!!!

For more information go to FencingVeterans2010.com link

Commonwealth Fencing Championships Senior Results

Commonwealth Fencing Championships 2010

proudly sponsored by Sword Fighters Australia
For Full Results link 

Womens Foil: 1st Yuan Ping NZL, 2nd Lisa McKenzie SCO,=3 Claire Bennett ENG, =3 Yu Ling Tay SIN.

Mens Sabre: 1st Anthony Crutchett ENG, 2nd Maiyuran ENG, =3 James Walsh AUS, =3 Keith Bowers SCO

Womens Sabre: 1st Joanna Hutchison ENG , 2nd Sophie Williams ENG, =3 Katie Handra ENG, =3 Jessica Davies WAL

Mens Epee: 1st Marc Burkhalter WAL, 2nd Wei Wen Lim SIN, =3 James Thornton ENG, =3 Dudley Tredger ENG

Womens Epee: 1st Evelyn Halls AUS, 2nd Jess Beer NZL, =3 Sarah Osvath AUS, =3 Jayne Crook ENG.

Mens Foil:  1st Frank Bartolillo AUS, 2nd Tom Hendrie ENG, =3 Daniel Robinson ENG, =3 David Alexander NIR.  

Teams Results: 

Womens Team Foil:
  1st England, 2nd Singapore, 3rd Australia
Mens Team Sabre:  1st England, 2nd Australia, 3rd Scotland.

Womens Team Sabre:  1st England, 2nd Australia, 3rd Singapore. Mens Team Epee1st England, 2nd India, 3rd Scotland, 4th Australia. 

Womens Team Epee1st Australia, 2nd Scotland, 3rd New Zealand. Mens Team Foil1st Australia, 2nd England,  3rd Scotland.

for full Results and the other Aussie team members Link http://www.cfc10.org/

Congratulations to England for retaining the Wilkinson Sword, Australia followed closely in 2nd place.
Looking forward to the next Championships in Scotland in 4 years time.

Commonwealth Fencing Championships Veteran Results

Commonwealth Veterans Championships 2010.   

Proudly sponsored by Sword Fighters Australia Full Results link 

Womens Epee: 1st Abigail Nutt AUS, 2nd Sarah Osvath AUS,                              
=3 Julie Seggie AUS
& (50+)
, =3 Angela Findlay ENG, Daisy Drew AUS (60+)

Mens Foil: 1st Nigel Nutt AUS, 2nd Adrian Quintarelli AUS,=3 Richard Purdie AUS & (60+), =3 Michael Thomas ENGJacob Cybulski AUS (50+), Henry De Silva IOM (70+)                                                                       

Womens Foil: 1st Jenny Bonney-Millett AUS & (50+), 2nd Susan Grant-Taylor NZL, =3 Harriet Jordan AUS, =3 Fiona McDonald NZL & (40+), Jane Allardice AUS (60+).

Mens Sabre: 1st Richard Cohen WAL & (60+), 2nd Alex Telegin AUS & (40+)=3 Derek Flood AUS, =3 Keith Rogerson ENG,Kim Moir AUS (50+), Richard Oldcorn AUS (70+)

Womens Sabre: 1st Min Yi Du AUS & (50+), 2nd Alex Andre AUS & (40+)=3 Harriet Jordan AUS, =3 Vanessa Hendra ENG.

Mens Epee: 1st Luke Cartillier AUS & (40+), 2nd Scott Arnold AUS,=3 Mark Rance NZL, Kyle MacDonald NZLGeorge Liston SCO (50+), Richard Purdie AUS (60+) , Henry De Silva IOM (70+).

Veterans Teams Results:

Womens Epee1st Australia, 2nd England.          

Mens Foil: 1st Australia, 2nd New Zealand, 3rd England.

Womens Foil: 1st Australia, 2nd England.   

Mens Sabre: 1st Australia2nd England. 

Mens Epee: 1st Australia, 2nd New Zealand, 3rd England  . 

for full Results Link www.cfc10.org  

Australia had a fantastic Competition winning all TEAMS Events and 5/6 of the Individual Events, With Alex Telegin AUS coming 2nd in the Mens Sabre losing by 1 point!  
Congratulations to all participants and winners and see you in Singapore in 2012…

Commonwealth Fencing Championships

Australian Senior Team for the Commonwealth Fencing Championships 

The Competitionbeing held in Melbourne at the State Fencing Centre in North Melbourne.  September 30th – 5th October. 

Congratulations to

Frank Bartolillo, Stephen Dooley, Jeremy Hart, Jo Slowiaczek, Feng Yeng.
Women: Sarah Berger, Emma Ryan, Ania Kardas, Lishan Sung, Jade Sarah. 
Ross Austen, Zac Casagrande, Will Dolley, James Lewis, Richard Lewith.
Women: Jo Halls, Evelyn Halls, Abby Nutt, Sarah Osvath, Diana Sher.
Michael Harcourt, Simon Leitch, Sutherlan Scudds, Anthony Snelling, James Walsh
Women: Sam Auty, Jess Brooks, Alex Carroll, Leila Min Yi Du…
Congrats to all..

16 Nations are competing in Melbourne in the combination Senior and Veteran Championships..

Commonwealth Fencing Schedule

The Commonwealth Fencing Championships Schedule for Senior and Veterans.
For more information go to Link: http://www.cfc.org/

Date Event Day Commonwealth Senior   Championships Commonwealth Veteran Championships
27-29 Sept   Training per arranged schedules
29 Sept Wednesday

Team arrivals.
   Equipment control
   Directoire Technique Meeting
   Chefs de Mission Meeting
   Referees Meeting
   Venue Orientation Tour
30 Sept Day 1 Thursday Women’s Foil
Men’s Sabre
Women’s Epee
Men’s Foil
1 Oct 2 Friday Women’s Sabre
Men’s Epee
Women’s Foil
Men’s Sabre
2 Oct 3 Saturday Women’s Epee
Men’s Foil
Women’s Sabre
Men’s Epee
3 Oct 4 Sunday Women’s Foil Team
Men’s Sabre Team
Women’s Epee Team
Men’s Foil Team
4 Oct 5 Monday Women’s Sabre Team
Men’s Epee Team
Women’s Foil Team
Men’s Sabre Team
5 Oct 6 Tuesday Finale Women’s Epee Team
Men’s Foil Team
Women’s Sabre Team
Men’s Epee Team

Proudly sponsored by Sword Fighters Australia

CFC Sponsorship

Sword Fighters Australia is proud to be a BRONZE sponsor for the Commonwealth Fencing Championships.

Being held in Melbourne 27th September – 5th October 2010.      

Good luck to all participating Athletes!

Link:  www.cfc10.org

Sword Fighters Australia

Commonwealth Championships 2010 Information

Please note some important information for athletes competing at the Commonwealth Fencing Championships in September 2010. (NEW UPDATES BELOW)

The use of conductive foil bibs is required for both the Veteran and Senior events. 
As an international event recognised by the FIE, all competitors must hold an FIE Licence

Commonwealth Veteran’s Fencing Association – Competition Handbook
The following information is provided to assist Home Country Fencing Federations in the running of Commonwealth Veterans Fencing Championships (CVFC).
All fencing should be conducted according to current FIE rules and regulations with the exceptions noted below.

Individual events are open to all fencers who qualify under current Commonwealth Fencing Federation (CFF) rules and are over 40 on the first day of the event. Fencers need to be members of Commonwealth countries who are in good standing with the CFF and have paid their subscription to the CVFA.

2 rounds of pools – everyone to qualify
DE ranking over the 2 rounds
Complete DE – 10 hits (2 x 3 minutes)
(sabre break at 5 hits)
Gold, silver and 2 bronze medals awarded
Age Group Gold’s will be awarded for the best over 40, over 50, over 60 and over70.
Age Group fight-offs will be between the two best-placed fencers in the final ranking.
Should the overall gold and silver medal winners be from the same age group they will not fight again.

Here are the links for further information:



and another http://www.cfc10.org/docs/CFCEntryByNumber.doc

this was posted overnight http://www.cfc10.org/docs/bulletin2.pdf

European Championships

Following on from our Asian Championships……
The Europeans have their Titles in Leipzig, Germany 16/7/10-22/7/10

for more info www.fie.ch


Challenge Australia 2010 Results

A large contingent of Australian competitors fenced in the International Epee – Challenge Australia
                                                                                                      Sydney 22nd – 23rd May:
For full results details below and see the results link

Mens Epee: 1 W.Kelsey USA, 2 K.Sakamoto JAP, =3 T.Bajgoric CAN =3 J.Videira POR
(Best of the Aussies : James Lewis 16th).

Womens Epee: 1 I.Duplitzer GER, 2 S.Tol NED, =3 B.Heidemann GER =3 M.Sozanska GER 
(Evelyn Halls 8th, Jo Halls 10th, Sarah Osvath 13th, Abi Nutt 14th, Dianna Sher 15th).

Full List of Australian competitors.

Mens Epee: 30/71
Scott Arnold, Ross Austen, Justin Bewsher, Sam Blackman, Luc Cartillier, Zac Casagrande,Reagan Clarke,
Nick Davies, Will Dolley, John Downes, Bobby Emmanuel, Duncan Fairweather, Roy Groncki, Oscar Hargreaves,
Xavier Hicks, Alex Hunter, Marek Jamrozy, Stephen Javens, James Lewis, Richard Lewith, Alexander Lovell,
Luke Mansfield, Cosmin Mihailescu, Michael Nelson, Kristian Radford, Shannon Reid, Jeremy Shelley,
Robert Snell, Simon Summerfield, Benjamin Wilcock.

Womens Epee: 27/49
Frances Chow, Alice Cuddy, Angie Darby, Angela Dobson Block, Dianna Gu, Malindi Haggett,Evelyn Halls,
Jo Halls, Michelle Hawkins, Mita Hill, Laura Kent, Sarah MacFarlane, Catherine Mackay,Jane Menary,
Ursula Menz, Ioana Mihaelescu, Rowena Newcombe, Abi Nutt, Caryl Oliver, Sarah Osvath, Emma Ryan,
Julie Seggie, Diana Sher, Leah Tausan, Victoria Wilks, Seri Wilson, Kathryn Woodward.

Results to be posted on sunday: Official website for updates and top 64 D/E’s : link /

Junior and Cadet 2010 World Championships Results

Competition in Baku Azerbaijan 2-10 April 2010,

Day 1. Womens Cadet Epee: Diana Sher 16.!

Day 2. Womens Cadet Foil: Lishan Sung 42nd.

Day 3. Mens Cadet Foil: Chris Nagle 32 !, Alasdair Dunham 64th.

Day 4. Womens Junior Epee: Diana Sher 80, Mita Hill 86th.

Day 4. Mens Junior Sabre: Sutherlan Scudds 69th

Day 5. Mens Junior Epee: John Downes 28th !,  Nick Davies 86th, Alex Hunter 137th

Day 5. Womens Junior Foil: Lishan Sung 73rd.

Day 6. Mens Junior Foil: (Junior Womens Sabre) No Aussies involved.

Mens Cadet Epee: Australia had an adopted Bronze medalist…! Yuval Shalom Frielich (ISR) won a Bronze medal, Yuval is an Australian Citizen and lived in Sydney for a year… Congrats Yuval! Link

Check out the Youtube Video…….

 Video : Youtube FIE Link: Here

World Junior and Cadet Championships 2010

Medal Table…updated


Nation gold silver bronze Total
RUS Russia 3   2 5
HUN Hungary 2 1 1 4
GER Germany 1 1   2
UKR Ukraine 1   1 2
EGY Egypt 1     1
EST Estonia 1     1
SWE Suede 1     1
FRA France   3 2 5
USA U.S.   2 2 4
ITA Italy   1 3 4
KOR South Korea   1   1
CAN Canada   1   1
CHN China     2 2
POL Poland     2 2
CZE Czech Republic     1 1
TUN Tunisia     1 1
SUI Switzerland     1 1


Check out the Youtube Video…….

 Video : Youtube FIE Link: Here

Asian Junior Championships Singapore 2010

Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships held in Pasig City [Manila Metro], Philippines 

from 5 to 14 March 2010.


Cadets Girls Epee: Ioana Mihailescu 2nd!,

Cadet Boys Epee: Roy Groncki top 8,

Cadet Girls Foil: Lishan Sung top 8

for more results check out AFF :link

Transparent Visor Mask update

FIE suspends use of Transparent Mask 

Due to the recent failure of a transparent mask, the FIE have decided to suspend and forbid, until further notice the use of the transparent mask at foil and epee at all FIE official competitions. The FIE urgent letter and the conclusions of the laboratory are at http://www.fie.ch/Fencing/Letters.aspx

Since the notice a statement has been released from Leon Paul. uk

”This weekend following the receipt of a technical report regarding the failure of a Ulhmann transparent mask at the Junior European Championships the F.I.E. have temporarily suspended their use at its competitions for foil and epee. Leon Paul have reviewed all the technical evidence and the reports from the independent technical advisor who tested the mask that failed and two other independent experts. All of this confirms our continued belief that a mask that is made according to the FIE rules that incorporates in its design all of the features that are suggested in the FIE rules is perfectly safe provided it is used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.”

Until further notice this means the transparent masks wont be used…

Australian Epeeists in Legnano

2 Australian Epeeists competed in a Senior Grand Prix in Legnano, Italy, last weekend…

Ross Austen: 168 / 191

Jeremy Shelley: 174 / 191.

more info check out fie.ch

Also the annual Mens Individual Foil was held in Paris (C.I.P) with some interesting results !

Australian Epeeists in Doha

2 Australian Women competed in the World Cup in Doha, Qatar 23/1/10

69th / 122 Jo Halls.

90th / 122 Victoria Wilks.

for full details fie link

Olympics 2012

At the FIE Congress, it was announced that Men’s Team Epee and Women’s Team Sabre will be out of the 2012 Olympic Games. Italy and the USA won these medals at Beijing.

Unfortunately the FIE was unable to gain the 2 medals and, (until the IOC allows fencing to expand at the Olympics), there will always be two weapons that don’t get to have a team competition.

For more information go to fie.ch and fencing.net

Asian Championships 2009

The Australian Team competed in Doha, Qatar in the Asian Championships 13.11-19.11.09


Link to Schedule : Link

For Aussies competing read the earlier article (16.10.09) on Sword Fighters Australia


 Womens Epee: Jo Halls 13th, Evelyn Halls 18th, Victoria Wilks 33rd, Kathryn Woodward 45th / 49 entries

        Mens Epee: Ross Austen 16th, Zac Casagrande 17th, Will Dolley 44th, Alistair Sutherland 54th / 64 entries

Womens Sabre: Jess Brooks 20th / 31 entries

       Mens Sabre: James Walsh 23rd, Mike Harcourt 24th, Sutherlan Scudds 29th, Marc Oakes 37th /45 entries

   Womens Foil: Emma Ryan 18th, Jade Sarah 35th, Jenny Bonney-Millett 37th / 42 entries

          Mens Foil: No Aussie entries, which was won by the World No 1. Yuki Ota JPN.

Mens Epee Teams: Australia came 6th/14 losing to China 45:32, China lost to Korea who went on to win the event. 

Mens Sabre Teams: Australia came 9th / 11 losing to Hong Kong 45:35.

Womens Foil Teams: Australia came 7th / 10.

For full results and medal standings go to link:

FIE Suspends Mandatory Clear Mask Use

The FIE has suspended the mandatory use of Clear Visors after an incident in Europe. 

View attached letter :FIE Letter Visors

It is now not compulsory to wear the visor masks in (Foil) Competition, until the FIE makes further decisions following the enquiry into the incident.

London Olympic Logo’s Released

The Logo’s and pictograms for each sport have been released.

London Fencing Logo

Check them all out on the link to the Official Website

There is a nice info page on the website : http://www.london2012.com/sports/olympic/fencing.php

FIE Calendar 2010

The World FIE Calendar is available on Site Link

Check it out…

World Championships 2009

World Fencing Championships 2009 Antalya, Turkey: 30.9.09-8.10.09

Link :  also a really nice little intro video.

Schedule Link


Mens Foil: 1. A Baldini ITA, 2. J Zhu CHN, =3. P Joppich GER, =3. A Sedov RUS.

Mens Epee: 1. A Avdeev RUS, 2. M Tagliarol ITA, =3. JL Abajo ESP. =3. J Jeannet FRA. 
           Ross Austen AUS 90th

Womens Sabre: 1. M Zagunis USA, 2. O Kharlan UKR, =3. C Vergne FRA, =3. O Nagy HUN. 

Womens Foil: 1. R Shanaeva RUS, 2. HS Jeon KOR, =3. A Errigo ITA. =3. E Di Francisca ITA.

Mens Sabre: 1. N Limbach GER, 2. R Dumitrescu ROU, =3. L Tarantino ITA,  =3. T Desci HUN.

Womens Epee1. L Shutova RUS, 2. S Schalm CAN, =3. S Tol NED. =3. A Pochkalova UKR.
           Amber Parkinson 55th AUS (in 64),
           Jo Halls AUS 81st 

Teams Events

Womens Sabre: 1. Ukraine, 2. France, 3. China  4. Russia.

Mens Foil: 1. Italy, 2. Germany, 3. Russia,  4. China.

Womens Foil: 1. Italy, 2. Russia, 3, Germany, 4. Roumania.

Mens Epee: 1. France, 2. Hungary, 3, Poland, 4. Germany.

Mens Sabre: 1. Roumania, 2. Italy, 3, Hungary,  4. Russia.

Womens Epee: 1. Italy, 2. Poland, 3, Germany, 4. France.

Full Results Link:

Medal Table Link:

Fencing.net has some nice articles on some of the matches:

Fencing News

There is a bit of information on the international and local news boards.

Here are a few of them.

Olympic Fencing Medals to remain at 10: with 2 teams’ competitions to be rotated out for London. The FIE will determine fairly soon.

Fencing on US Television: Universal Sports Channel on NBC America, is planning on televising the 2009 World Championships. Check out NBC to see if you can view it.

New FIE Youtube Video Site: www.youtube.com/FIEvideo

Youtube Videos: There are now so many videos uploaded on Youtube that its very difficult to keep track of them. If you know of some “cant miss” videos please circulate! or post on the forum.

New Visor Masks: Fencing.net is advertising some new (to the market) clear visor masks for under $300 US, check them out..

Australian Fencing News:
Upcoming Competitons
                                     Oceania Championships Noumea 5-7 November.                     
                         Asian Championships (Senior) in Doha 13-19 November
                              Australian Open National Championships in Sydney 26 Nov -1 December.

After School and Holiday Programs:  If you would like to organise or be involved in one, please contact chris@swordfightersaustralia.com

Gold Blades: Available from numerous suppliers, are they the best blades ever? feel free to discuss on the forum

Its BRAZIL 2016!

Rio de Janeiro has been voted the Olympic Hosts for the 2016 Olympic Games.

Chicago was widely fancied as the winner, but was voted out in the first round leaving Madrid, Tokyo and Rio to fight it out.  But Rio was a clear winner with Chicago’s votes seemingly all going to Rio in the final IOC vote.

Its the First time that South America will hold the biggest show on Earth and is very deserving, as it is the only one of the top 10 World Economies who hasn’t held the 2 week extravaganza.

Bring on the Surf, Sand and Samba of the Latin world!! 

World Veteran Championships 2009

The World Veteran Champinships, Moscow:  23.9.09- 27.9.09

World Vets Website : Link

Results : http://www.veteransfencing2009.ru/cntnt/eng/results.html

Mens Epee 60-69: Haluk Yeter 8/43

Mens Foil 60-69: John Timmins 37/38

Mens Sabre 60-69: Alex Sherbakoff 8/27

Womens Epee 50-59: Anna Slowiaczek 19/36 & Caryl Oliver 26/36

Womens Foil 50-59 Anna Slowiaczek 9/29

Womens Epee 60+ Leonie Shevlin 26th

Womens Sabre 60+ Leonie Shevlin 14th

Congrats To All Participants

President Obama Fencing

Fencing.net reports on an article about Mr Obama demonstrating fencing for Chicago’s Olympic bid:


Fencing Olympic Medals

It appears Fencing will maintain its 10 medal status at the Olympics for the forseeable future.

The status quo will remain with 1 Mens team and 1 Womens team event absent each Olympic rotation.

There will be a vote by the FIE to decide which 2 events will miss the London 2012 Games.

For more info go to Fencing.net Link.

The event and format will then be assessed prior to 2016.

Asian Championships Details

Details are on the Asian Confederation Website


Asian Junior Championships Singapore

Australia’s team competed in Singapore.

Here are the results

Mens Cadet Foil:
Alasdair Dunham (WA) top 32
Michael Dzodzos (SA) top 64
Robert Snell (NSW) top 32
Men’s Cadet Epee:
Robert Snell (NSW) top 64
Men’s Cadet Sabre:
Zak Leonhard (WA) top 32
Women’s Cadet Foil:
Emily Marotta (VIC) top 32
Lishan Sung (NSW) top 16
Catherine Tierney (VIC) top 32
Women’s Cadet Epee:
Alice Cuddy (VIC) top 8
Women’s Cadet Sabre:
Catherine Tierney (VIC) top 32

Junior Men’s Epee:
James Lewis (WA) top 8
Kristian Radford (QLD) top 32
Robert Snell (NSW) top 64

Junior Men’s Sabre:
Zak Leonhard (WA) top 64
Sutherlan Scudds (WA) top 32

Junior Women’s Foil:
Claire Daniel (QLD) top 32
Mita Hill (WA) top 32
Lishan Sung (NSW) top 32
Catherine Tierney (VIC) top 64

Junior Mens Foil:
Alasdair Dunham (WA) top 32
Jeremy Hart (Qld) top 64
Robert Snell (NSW) top 64

Junior Womens Epee:
Mita Hill (WA) top 32
Alice Cuddy (Vic) top 64

Junior Womens Sabre:
Sam Auty (Vic) top 32
Catherine Tierney (Vic) top 64
Junior Mens Epee Team: Australia 9th

Junior Mens Foil Team: Australia 8th

Junior Womens Foil Team: Australia 7th

Commonwealth Veteran Championships 2009

Commonwealth Veteran Championships Jersey 2009

Results from Link

Womens Foil Individual : 1st Jenny Bonney Millet Australia

Womens Epee Individual: 1st Caryl Oliver Australia

Womens Foil Teams : 2nd, Australia

Womens Epee Teams : 1st Australia

Womens Foil Teams : 2nd Australia

Junior / Cadet World Championships Results

Junior / Cadet World Championships in Belfast Northern Ireland.

4th -13th April 2009.

Junior Medal Tallies

country gold silver bronze Total
ITA Italy 3 4 2 9
RUS Russia 3   5 8
UKR Ukraine 2 2 1 5
HUN Hungary 1 1 3 5
USA U.S.A 1 1 3 5
GER Germany 1   1 2
CHN China 1     1
POL Poland   2 1 3
KOR South Korea   1   1
GBR Great Britain   1   1
ESP Spain     1 1
FRA France     1 1

Cadet Medal Tallies  

country gold silver bronze Total
USA U.S.A 2 2 2 6
RUS Russia 2   1 3
ITA Italy 1 1 5 7
HUN Hungary 1 1 1 3
SWE Sweden   1   1
AUT Austria   1   1
CHN China     1 1
UKR Ukraine     1 1
GER Germany     1 1

World Championships Website

Cadet & Junior World Championships

Nominations are available until 6th February for the Australian Team for the World Junior and Cadet Championships event in Belfast, Northern Ireland 4-13 April 2009.

Championship Website Link

Further information available on ausfencing.org  

Paris CIP 2009

Dual World Foil Champion Peter Joppich (GER) continued building his collection of championship trophies by winning a closely fought match over Richard Kruse (GBR) 15-12.

British Fencing (britishfencing.com) reports of Kruse’ continued run after winning the Copenhagen Cup the week before Link

The Englishman was in great form beating the worlds elite in the D/E rounds up to the final.

A sure sign of how the infrastructure in British Fencing and the financial support put into athletes by the GB Olympic Federation reaps rewards…Congratulations Richard…

139 of the worlds best competed in the Paris Challenge International, annually one of the hardest Mens Foil Competitions.

Paris CIP Results : FIE.CH & Tableaux

FencingChannel.tv : Link to CIP footage

Footage of Joppich v Kruse Match courtesy of Youtube & : FencingChannel.tv 

[NB Kruse represented GBR in Beijing 2008]

WADA Changes – January 2009

ASADA (Australian Sports Anti-Doping Agency) has announced changes for Athletes in 2009 

 Link to ASADA 

 The AFF has approved the following Document AFF Anti-Doping Policy (Dec08).pdf 

Australian Athletes Unite

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Courtesy of the Australian Sports Commission.

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International News

Fencing Striving for Excellence

Extracts from FIE “Escrime” Magazine 12.2008 No 65

The Key to Excellence

Foil:  The changes implemented i.e. the reduction in blocking time, restoring Foils identity and uniqueness.

Sabre:  The quality of the show on offer is exceptional.  The Olympic Mens and Womens Sabre competitions demonstrated this.  On television this is the weapon that attracted most viewers during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Transparent Mask:  Sabre and Foil fencers have understood the relevance of the transparent mask.  Universally acclaimed by viewers and the television channels around the world, it is now a symbol of modernity.  It makes possible to perceive the fencer’s emotions and determination.  It also gives a more aesthetic image to the fencers attire.

Training Camps:  The FIE will increase the number of training camps which have already enabled numerous Epee, Foil and Sabre fencers to improve, discover the most modern training methods and build up the necessary experience and confidence for international success.

Refereeing:  Video refereeing illustrates considerable progress in the permanent search for sporting equality and places fencing at the pinnacle of modernity, the FIE will further enhance its training and examination policy so the at the referees can always be more competitive and to encourage vocations on each continent.

Parity:  In competitions, fencing has already attained perfect parity with as many competitions for women as men.  The creation of a specific commission is further proof the FIE is determined  to associate an equal number of women with all its work so that the can help with their qualities and sensibility. 

Men and Women on an equal footing
” The idea is to build on the achievementss of the past twenty years to continue and increase the number of women in our sport,” believes Helen Smith, President of the Oceania Fencing Confederation. ” We would like to see more women refereeing, becoming fencing masters, members of directorates and technical commissions.  Women must also become more involved in the governing bodies of national federations.  Women have a lot to offer the sport movement by contributing to encouraging social change and developing the value of education, peace and respect for the environment.”

Escrime Magazine No 65, December 2008

World Fencing Rankings 2008

World Fencing Rankings at Seasons End ’07-’08 Olympic Season          

Women’s Epee Rankings
1 Ana Branza ROU
2 Britta Heidemann GER & Olympic Champion
3 Imke Duplitzer GER
4 Sherraine Schalm CAN
5 Li Na CHN

Men’s Epee Rankings
1 Matteo Tagliarol ITA & Olympic Champion
2 Jin Sun Jung KOR
3 Silvio Fernandez VEN
4 Michael Kauter SUI
5 Radoslaw Zawrotniak POL

Women’s Foil Rankings
1 Valentina Vezzali ITA & Olympic Champion
2 Hyun Hee Nam KOR
3 Giovanna Trillini ITA
4 Carolin Golubytskyi GER
5 Margherita Granbassi ITA

Men’s Foil Rankings
1 Andrea Cassara ITA
2 Erwan Le Pechoux FRA
3 Peter Joppich GER
4 Benjamin Kleibrink GER & Olympic Champion
5 Andrea Baldini ITA (banned)

Women’s Sabre Rankings
1 Rebecca Ward USA
2 Sada Jacobson USA
3 Mariel Zagunis USA & Olympic Champion
4 Xue Tan CHN
5 Sophia Velikaia RUS

Men’s Sabre Rankings
1 Luigi Tarantino ITA
2 Man Zhong CHN & Olympic Champion
3 Nicolas Limbach GER
4 Rares Dumitrescu ROU
5 Keeth Smart USA
The FIE has a Photo Collage of the Beijing Olympic Champions Link     FIE LOGO

FIE Injury Investigation

The FIE has posted an article investigating Acute Injuries in Fencing (Olympics 2004-2008)

Link: FIMS Fencing Injuries Report For FIE.

The Article has a nice piece on the competition schedule at the Olympic Competitions.

Pentathlon Event Change

International Modern Pentathlon appears set for a change.

From a Sport invented by Baron Pierre de Coubertin for the Olympic Games, as ‘the officers sport’, Pentathlon appears to be changing its format, combining the run and shooting legs.

Pentathletes will have 70 seconds to shoot 5 targets, then run a 1 kilometre track, and return to the shooting range, completing the cylce 3 times, then running across the finish line.

For more info Link International Herald Tribune
Australia’s Modern Pentathlon website Link

A change in name only….? Beijing Olympic Logo

Usmanov Elected President FIE

Alisher Usmanov has been elected in a close election 66-61 as new president of the FIE.

His Manifesto can be found here

Mr. Usmanov succeeds Mr. Rene Roch.

In further interesting news, Russia’s vote was cast by its new President; superstar Stanislav Pozdniakov.

France Epee Masters Competition 2008

Another Masters competition was held in Paris this year.

The Epee (Mens) Masters held on 23rd November 2008:

Link: Masters

Link: Gallery

Wheelchair Fencing @ Paralympics

The Paralympics include Wheelchair fencing,

For more on Wheelchair Fencing Beijing Link

for schedule and results Link 14-17 September

Now the baton for both Olympic and Paralympics moves to London 2012….

Baldini Drug Probe

Italian Foilist and former world no 1 Andrea Baldini, is still maintaining his innocence, and according to the FIS (Italian Fencing Association) will support his request for DNA testing of the samples given in June.

for more on the article read here Link

FIE Magazine Escrime

THe FIE website has links available for download of the regular member magazine “Escrime”. Link

Type in the link and find the magazine your looking for (the latest is here) Link

Escrime is a very popular magazine and the recent edition has some great info on the Beijing Olympics.

Sports For Peace Letter

The leading Olympic Athletes of the World have written an open letter to the Chinese Government, condemning China’s Human Rights history.

                                                               Amnesty International

Amnesty International (Germany) and the International Campaign for Tibet have backed the letter, which was printed in the International Herald Tribune on Wednesday.

Link Courtesy of BBC Sport

Italian Cassara replaces Baldini

Italian World Number 3 Andrea Cassara will be Andrea Baldini’s (Former world number 1)  replacement for the Olympic Mens Foil Individual Competition beginning on Wednesday 13th August in Beijing.

Baldini tested positive for Furosemide (Lasix) in Kiev in the European Championships last month.  Baldini lost in the 8 at the European Championships, but has since had his points removed after the test. 

Cassara is the current European Champion winning the same event.

Italian Fails Drug Test

World Number one Italian Foilist Andrea Baldini has been removed from the Italian Team for the Beijing Olympics, for failing a drugs test during the last European Championships.

Details all over the web…. Courtesy of Reuters 

* Baldini’s B sample has also proved positive on Monday 4/8/08 GMT Reuters

There is a very good article on Drugs in Sport in Reuter titled “Zero Tolerance” Article Link

Asian Varsity Competition Singapore 2008

To enter the Asian Varsity Competition in Singapore 16 and 17th August.

Contact the AFF via your State Association.

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