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Australian National Champions

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Australian Veteran Championships 2019

Canberra 2019

   Veteran Womens Foil: 1st L.Shay VIC, 2nd A.Nutt NSW, =3rd J.Allardice VIC, =3rd A.Ballard NSW.

       Veteran Mens Sabre: 1st R.Vintial NSW, 2nd S.Johnson WA , =3rd G.Foster NSW, =3rd M.Treasure VIC.

Veteran Womens Sabre: 1st M Y Du NSW, 2nd M Yeung NSW, =3rd E.K.Gulland WA, =3rd H.Jordan NSW.

           Veteran Mens Foil1st A.Tyschenko NSW, 2nd R.Purdie NSW, =3rd A.Reynolds VIC, =3rd G.Mittermair ACT.

       Veteran Mens Epee1st T.Song NSW, 2nd M.Pesman NSW, =3rd L.Cartillier QLD, =3rd G.Scott VIC.

Veteran Womens Epee1st S.Osvath NSW, 2nd M.Black NZL, =3rd C.Murphy ACT, =3rd M.Yeung NSW.


  Womens Foil Teams: 1st NSW, 2nd VIC, =3rd ACT, =3rd VIC B.

          Mens Foil Teams1st NSW, 2nd Vic, =3rd ACT A, =3rd ACT B.

      Mens Sabre Teams 1st NSW, 2nd WA, =3rd ACT, =3rd VIC.

Womens Sabre Teams 1st NSW, 2nd WA, =3rd VIC, =3rd ACT.

         Mens Epee Teams 1st ACT A, 2nd QLD A, =3rd VIC, =3rd NSW A.

Womens Epee Teams1st NSW B , 2nd NSW A, =3rd VIC, =3rd SA.

Australian National Championships

Canberra, ACT 2019.

       Mens Sabre: 1st M.Kang QLD (KOR) , 2nd S.Andrews NSW, =3rd Z.Leonhard WA, =3rd A.Douglas NSW.

    Womens Foil: 1st E.Bofinger NSW, 2nd F.Clarke NSW, =3rd G.Salmas VIC , =3rd E.Simon VIC.

          Mens Foil: 1st S.Douglas NSW, 2nd C.Nagle VIC, =3rd L.Webber VIC, =3rd C.Ferguson SA.

 Womens Epee1st S.Scott NSW, 2nd D.Gu VIC, =3rd NSW S.Osvath, =3rd A.Murrel VIC.

         Mens Epee1st S.Robinson QLD, 2nd A.Burgun SA, =3rd D.Yates VIC, =3rd S.Douglas NSW,

Womens Sabre1st V.Vasileva NSW, 2nd G.Hardge NSW, =3rd E.Johnson WA, =3rd A.Kwag QLD.


Womens Sabre Teams1st NSW, 2nd WA, 3rd VIC.

 Womens Epee Teams1st NSW A, 2nd VIC A, =3rd NSW B, =3rd. NZL.

        Mens Epee Teams: 1st VIC, 2nd QLD A, =3rd ACT A, =3rd WA.

   Womens Foil Teams1st VIC A, 2nd NSW A, =3rd VIC B, =3rd NSW B.

          Mens Foil Teams1st VIC A, 2nd NSW A, =3rd VIC B, =3rd NSW B.

      Mens Sabre Teams1st  NSW, 2nd WA A, =3rd VIC, =3rd QLD,

The M.A.S.K

We are proud to announce the release of all 3 versions of the M.A.S.K

(Multipurpose Adjustable Scoring Kit)


Version 1: Training on your own – similar to a weapons tester, (With FIE 14 millisecend timing).

Testing your own foils and bodywires,

Using as a light system for hitting a target board.

(Which can also be purchased through Sword Fighters Australia).

Using in a lesson to accurately judge hits landed correctly.

Regular Price $80


Version 2: Adding a M.A.S.K Light system to your regular mask, allows for hits to be seen on the front of your fencing mask without looking sideways at a box.

Regular Price $120, or for only an additional $40 if you already purchased version 1.


Version 3: The complete system, included with updated software and the M.A.S.K Light system, allows the user to fence with available off target and on target lame hits.

Regular Price $200,

Or for the updating price if you have purchased a Version 1 or Version 2 M.A.S.K System.


For more details email

Contact Chris 0409 013 171.

Video coming soon.

Australian National Championships 2019

Canberra 22- 26 November 2019.

22 November 

9:00 Mens Sabre

9:30 Womens Foil

12:30 Veteran Mens Sabre

1:00 Veteran Womens Sabre

23 November

8:30 Mens Foil

12:00 Veteran Womens Foil

12:15 Mens Sabre Teams

2:00 Veteran Mens Foil

24 November

8:30 Womens Epee (Epee Teams following)

9:00 Mens Foil Teams

12:30 Veteran Mens & Womens Foil Teams

2:00 Womens Sabre

25 November 

8:30 Mens Epee

9:00 Womens Sabre Teams

2:00 Womens Epee Teams

26 November 

8:30 Veteran Mens Epee (&Teams)

9:00 Veteran Womens Epee (& Teams)

2:00 Mens Epee Teams


Weapons Test 1 hour prior to each event and Thursday 21 November

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