Olympic Funding

Australian Olympic Funding, will it be increased or decreased?

The A.O.C. has a decision to make and negotiations with the Federal Government will need to be strategic.

One article in the media at the moment is commentary from AOC President, John Coates,

Link: Reuters

More info available once the review has been completed.

What will be the result for Fencing?

London Olympic Logo’s Released

The Logo’s and pictograms for each sport have been released.

London Fencing Logo

Check them all out on the link to the Official Website

There is a nice info page on the website : http://www.london2012.com/sports/olympic/fencing.php

Australian Team for Asian Championships

The Australian Team for Asian Champ’s in Doha:

Championship Information : Link

Womens Epee
Evelyn Halls (Vic)
Jo Halls (Vic)
Victoria Wilks (Vic)
Katherine Woodward (Vic)
Womens Foil
Emma Ryan (Vic)
Jenny Bonney Millett (QLD)
Jade Sarah (QLD) 

Womens Sabre
Jess Brooks (NSW)

Mens Epee
Ross Austen (Vic)
Zac Casagrande (QLD)
William Dolley (Vic)
Alistair Sutherland (NSW)

Mens Sabre
Sutherlan Scudds (WA)
James Walsh (QLD)
Michael Harcourt (QLD)
Marc Christian Oakes

Team Manager : Gerry Adams (Vic) (Epee Coach)

Assitant Team Manager / Sabre & Foil Coach: Antonio Signorello ITA (NSW)

More info to follow including the results!

Competition November 13-19. 2009

FIE Calendar 2010

The World FIE Calendar is available on Site Link

Check it out…

Fantasy Female Sword Fighter Novel

A new Book has been released about a blacksmith Swordfighter Fantasy Novel.

for more info check out the blog on the Forum Page

Golf and Rugby added to 2016/2020 Olympics

Golf and Rugby 7’s have been added to the 2016 Brazil Olympics in Rio.

In an interesting IOC Vote both sports will be returned to the Olympic Program after having previously been removed.

All Olympic Sports are open to both genders; So will Rugby? and how many Nations will be able to organise a team?

Golf is a multinational Sport but is much stronger in traditional nations who already do well on the medal table.  How many golfers will represent a country and how many golfers will qualify.

Fencing is still in the program but will still be stuck with only 10 medals with 2 team events missing out, such a shame for those fencers in that 4 year cycle.  

World Championships 2009

World Fencing Championships 2009 Antalya, Turkey: 30.9.09-8.10.09

Link :  also a really nice little intro video.

Schedule Link


Mens Foil: 1. A Baldini ITA, 2. J Zhu CHN, =3. P Joppich GER, =3. A Sedov RUS.

Mens Epee: 1. A Avdeev RUS, 2. M Tagliarol ITA, =3. JL Abajo ESP. =3. J Jeannet FRA. 
           Ross Austen AUS 90th

Womens Sabre: 1. M Zagunis USA, 2. O Kharlan UKR, =3. C Vergne FRA, =3. O Nagy HUN. 

Womens Foil: 1. R Shanaeva RUS, 2. HS Jeon KOR, =3. A Errigo ITA. =3. E Di Francisca ITA.

Mens Sabre: 1. N Limbach GER, 2. R Dumitrescu ROU, =3. L Tarantino ITA,  =3. T Desci HUN.

Womens Epee1. L Shutova RUS, 2. S Schalm CAN, =3. S Tol NED. =3. A Pochkalova UKR.
           Amber Parkinson 55th AUS (in 64),
           Jo Halls AUS 81st 

Teams Events

Womens Sabre: 1. Ukraine, 2. France, 3. China  4. Russia.

Mens Foil: 1. Italy, 2. Germany, 3. Russia,  4. China.

Womens Foil: 1. Italy, 2. Russia, 3, Germany, 4. Roumania.

Mens Epee: 1. France, 2. Hungary, 3, Poland, 4. Germany.

Mens Sabre: 1. Roumania, 2. Italy, 3, Hungary,  4. Russia.

Womens Epee: 1. Italy, 2. Poland, 3, Germany, 4. France.

Full Results Link:

Medal Table Link:

Fencing.net has some nice articles on some of the matches:

Fencing News

There is a bit of information on the international and local news boards.

Here are a few of them.

Olympic Fencing Medals to remain at 10: with 2 teams’ competitions to be rotated out for London. The FIE will determine fairly soon.

Fencing on US Television: Universal Sports Channel on NBC America, is planning on televising the 2009 World Championships. Check out NBC to see if you can view it.

New FIE Youtube Video Site: www.youtube.com/FIEvideo

Youtube Videos: There are now so many videos uploaded on Youtube that its very difficult to keep track of them. If you know of some “cant miss” videos please circulate! or post on the forum.

New Visor Masks: Fencing.net is advertising some new (to the market) clear visor masks for under $300 US, check them out..

Australian Fencing News:
Upcoming Competitons
                                     Oceania Championships Noumea 5-7 November.                     
                         Asian Championships (Senior) in Doha 13-19 November
                              Australian Open National Championships in Sydney 26 Nov -1 December.

After School and Holiday Programs:  If you would like to organise or be involved in one, please contact chris@swordfightersaustralia.com

Gold Blades: Available from numerous suppliers, are they the best blades ever? feel free to discuss on the forum

Its BRAZIL 2016!

Rio de Janeiro has been voted the Olympic Hosts for the 2016 Olympic Games.

Chicago was widely fancied as the winner, but was voted out in the first round leaving Madrid, Tokyo and Rio to fight it out.  But Rio was a clear winner with Chicago’s votes seemingly all going to Rio in the final IOC vote.

Its the First time that South America will hold the biggest show on Earth and is very deserving, as it is the only one of the top 10 World Economies who hasn’t held the 2 week extravaganza.

Bring on the Surf, Sand and Samba of the Latin world!! 

U20 National Championships 2009

U20’s 1-4 October, Brunswick, Fencing Factory, Melbourne

Full Results AFF Link

Mens Foil: 1 Dean Williams Vic, 2 Ben Talbot-Wright NSW,
     =3 Jeremy Hart Qld, =3 Max Peek NSW.

Womens Sabre: 1 Sam Auty Vic, 2 Zoe Tranter NSW,
     =3 Cheryl Chan NSW, =3 Alice Cuddy Vic.

Womens Sabre Teams: 1 Vic, 2 NSW, =3 Queensland, =3 WA.

Mens Foil Teams: 1 Vic, 2 NSW, =3 SA, =3 QLD.

Womens Foil: 1 Lishan Sung NSW, 2 Ania Kardas Vic,
    =3 Mita Hill WA, =3 Catherine Tierney Vic.

Mens Sabre: 1, Andy Jiang NSW 2, Dean Williams Vic,
    =3 Michael Nelson QLD, =3 A Wilcock NSW.

Mens Sabre Teams: 1 NSW, 2 QLD,

Womens Foil Teams: 1 Vic, 2 NSW, =3 Queensland, =3 WA.

Mens Epee: 1 Luke Mansfield NSW, 2 John Downes NSW,
    =3 James Lewis WA, =3 Chris Perkins WA.

Womens Epee: 1 Diana Sher Vic, 2 Mita Hill WA,
    =3 Alice Cuddy Vic, =3 Iona Mihailescu Vic.

Mens Epee Teams: 1 NSW, 2 Vic, =3 Queensland, =3 WA.

Womens Epee Teams: 1 Vic, 2 QLD.

Australian School Teams Championships

Melbourne 30 September 2009 

School Teams Results:

Boys Foil Teams 1. Auckland Grammar (NZ), 2.Brisbane Grammar (QLD), 3. Oxley College (NSW)

Girls Foil Teams 1. Abbotsleigh (NSW) , 2. Brisbane Girls A (QLD) , 3. Brisbane Girls B (QLD)

World Veteran Championships 2009

The World Veteran Champinships, Moscow:  23.9.09- 27.9.09

World Vets Website : Link

Results : http://www.veteransfencing2009.ru/cntnt/eng/results.html

Mens Epee 60-69: Haluk Yeter 8/43

Mens Foil 60-69: John Timmins 37/38

Mens Sabre 60-69: Alex Sherbakoff 8/27

Womens Epee 50-59: Anna Slowiaczek 19/36 & Caryl Oliver 26/36

Womens Foil 50-59 Anna Slowiaczek 9/29

Womens Epee 60+ Leonie Shevlin 26th

Womens Sabre 60+ Leonie Shevlin 14th

Congrats To All Participants

University Games Results

Australian  University  Games 
Gold Coast  28.9.09 – 2.10.09

Results Link: Uni Games

Foil Women Individual : 1. Claire Daniel UQ, 2. Jenny Bonney Millet UQ,
    3. Alex Carroll MU, 3. Jade Sarah UQ,

Foil Men Individual: 1. Jo Slowiaczek UTS, 2. Charles Hemery MUFEC,
    3. Nick Davies Sydney Uni, 3. Max Kabilafkas

Sabre Women Individual: 1. Jess Brooks UTS, 2. Alex Carroll MU,
    3. Cheryl Chan Sydney Uni 3. Bec Lissenburg Latrobe 

Sabre Men Individual: 1. Simon Summerfield Melbourne Uni, 2. Mark Bianchin Monash Uni,  
    3. Nick Davies Sydney Uni, 3. Arash Kapour UWA

Epee Women Individual: 1. Angie Darby Melbourne Uni, 2. Tina Thorburn Melbourne Uni,
    3. Charlotte Curnow Melbourne Uni, 3. Claire Daniel UQ 

Foil Mens Team: 1. Melbourne Uni, 2. Sydney Uni, 3. Monash Uni, 

Sabre Womens Team: 1. Monash Uni, 2. University Queensland, 3. Melbourne Uni

Foil Novice Individual: 1. Justin Boyd Latrobe Uni, 2. Chris Lee Monash Uni,
    3. Emma Sun Monash Uni, 3. Chris Surace Monash Uni

Foil Womens Team: 1. University Queensland, 2. Monash Uni

Epee Men Individual: 1. Alex Burgun South Australia Uni, 2. Simon Summerfield Melbourne Uni, 
    3. Nick Davies Sydney Uni, 3. Kristian Radford

Epee Womens Team: 1. Melbourne Uni, 2. Monash Uni, 3. University Queensland

Sabre Mens Team: 1. Melbourne Uni, 2. Monash Uni, 3. Sydney Uni

Epee Mens Team: 1. Melbourne Uni, 2. Monash Uni


Overall Fencing Winner:  1st Melbourne Uni, 2nd Monash uni

Monash Uni won the overall University Championships by 2 points! over Melbourne Uni

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