Asian Junior Championships Singapore

Australia’s team competed in Singapore.

Here are the results

Mens Cadet Foil:
Alasdair Dunham (WA) top 32
Michael Dzodzos (SA) top 64
Robert Snell (NSW) top 32
Men’s Cadet Epee:
Robert Snell (NSW) top 64
Men’s Cadet Sabre:
Zak Leonhard (WA) top 32
Women’s Cadet Foil:
Emily Marotta (VIC) top 32
Lishan Sung (NSW) top 16
Catherine Tierney (VIC) top 32
Women’s Cadet Epee:
Alice Cuddy (VIC) top 8
Women’s Cadet Sabre:
Catherine Tierney (VIC) top 32

Junior Men’s Epee:
James Lewis (WA) top 8
Kristian Radford (QLD) top 32
Robert Snell (NSW) top 64

Junior Men’s Sabre:
Zak Leonhard (WA) top 64
Sutherlan Scudds (WA) top 32

Junior Women’s Foil:
Claire Daniel (QLD) top 32
Mita Hill (WA) top 32
Lishan Sung (NSW) top 32
Catherine Tierney (VIC) top 64

Junior Mens Foil:
Alasdair Dunham (WA) top 32
Jeremy Hart (Qld) top 64
Robert Snell (NSW) top 64

Junior Womens Epee:
Mita Hill (WA) top 32
Alice Cuddy (Vic) top 64

Junior Womens Sabre:
Sam Auty (Vic) top 32
Catherine Tierney (Vic) top 64
Junior Mens Epee Team: Australia 9th

Junior Mens Foil Team: Australia 8th

Junior Womens Foil Team: Australia 7th

Commonwealth Veteran Championships 2009

Commonwealth Veteran Championships Jersey 2009

Results from Link

Womens Foil Individual : 1st Jenny Bonney Millet Australia

Womens Epee Individual: 1st Caryl Oliver Australia

Womens Foil Teams : 2nd, Australia

Womens Epee Teams : 1st Australia

Womens Foil Teams : 2nd Australia

Australian U15/ U17 National Championships

Brisbane Grammar, 9-13 July 2009.

Thurs 9/7/09

U15 Mens Foil: 1 TC Reynolds Vic, 2 Matthew Donald NSW, =3 Lucas Webber Vic, =3 Ossian Deigan NSW

U15 Womens Epee: 1 Leah Tausan Vic, 2 Amy Reynolds Vic, =3 Brittany D’Argaville Vic, =3 Kate Boys Qld. 

U15 Womens Foil: 1 Ania Kardas Vic, 2 Rosa Dyson Vic, =3 Jenna Yelland Vic, =3 Lishan Sung NSW

Fri 10/7/09

U15 Mens Foil Teams: 1st NSW, 2nd Vic, =3 Qld, =3 NZ

U15 Womens Foil Teams: 1st Vic, 2nd NSW, =3 Qld, =3 NZ

U15 Mens Epee: 1 Jackson Heilberg Vic, 2 Roy Groncki Vic, =3 Reagan Clarke NSW, =3 Henry Mayall-Vandervlede Qld

U17 Womens Sabre: 1 Alice Cuddy Vic, 2 Catherine Tierney Vic, =3 Simona Sarmiento Qld, =3 Sophie Chross WA

U17 Womens Sabre Teams: 1st Vic, 2nd NSW, 3rd Qld


U17 Mens Foil: 1 Maxim Peek NSW, 2 Alasdair Dunham WA, =3 Anthony Gauke NSW, =3 Hamish Chan NZ

U17 Womens Epee: 1 Ioana Mihailescu Vic, 2 Amy Reynolds Vic, =3 Alice Cuddy, =3 Chantal D’Argaville Vic, 5 Leah Tausan Vic

U17 Oceania Mens Foil Teams: Gold Australia 2nd New Zealand

U17 Womens Epee Teams: Gold Australia, 2nd New Zealand


U17 Mens Foil Teams: 1st NSW A, 2nd New Zealand, =3 Queensland, =3 Western Australia

U17 Womens Epee Teams: 1st Victoria, 2nd New Zealand, 3 Queensland

U17 Womens Foil: 1 Lishan Sung NSW, 2 Ania Kardas Vic,  =3 Catherine Tierney Vic, =3 Wai Ling Chan NZ,

U17 Mens Epee: 1 Roy Groncki Vic, 2 Daniel Alchin NSW, =3 Maxim Peek, =3, Joel Emery WA

U17 Mens Epee Teams Oceania: Gold Australia, 2nd New Zealand

U17 Womens Foil Teams Oceania: Gold Australia,  2nd New Zealand  


U17 Mens Epee Teams: 1st NSW A, 2nd Western Australia, =3 Victoria, =3 New Zealand

U17 Womens Foil Teams: 1st Victoria A, 2nd NSW A, =3 Victoria B, =3 Queensland

U17 Mens Sabre: 1 Andy Jiang NSW, 2 Will Cowper NZ, =3 Sam Liao Qld, Zak Leonhard WA

U17 Mens Sabre Teams: 1st NSW, 2nd Western Australia, =3 New Zealand, =3 Queensland 

U17 Mens Sabre Teams Oceania: 1st Australia, 2nd New Zealand.

AFF #3 Brisbane

AFF #3 Brisbane 2009

Yeronga Institute of TAFE, cnr Park and Villa St Brisbane

For full info go to Ausfencingevents

1st August: Womens Epee 9am, Mens Sabre 10:45, Veterans Womens Foil 1:30, Veterans Mens Sabre 2pm

2nd August: Mens Epee 9am, Womens Foil 10:45, Veterans Mens Foil 1:45, Veterans Womens Epee 2pm 

3rd August:  Mens Foil 9am, Womens Sabre 10:30, Veterans Mens Epee 1:30, Veterans Womens Sabre 1:30

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