Australian Epeeists in Doha

2 Australian Women competed in the World Cup in Doha, Qatar 23/1/10

69th / 122 Jo Halls.

90th / 122 Victoria Wilks.

for full details fie link

Australia Day 26 January 2010

Fencing in the Park

Tues 26th January 2010: King Domain Gardens Melbourne

Thousands of children and their families visited the RACV Rally in the Kings Domain Park in Melbourne on Australia Day.

Following heaps of entertainment, children lined up to have a go at the Fencing Vic Site, using Swordfighter plastic masks and foils.

A number of Clubs were represented, participating in Fencing Victoria’s position on the main grassy area.

Thanks to all for participating,


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State Veterans Squad

Training Schedule for the State Veterans Squad

Training Time: Thursday Nights 6:30-8:30

Any athlete wishing to participate, please contact:
Chris Jones: 0409 013 171, veterans@fencingvictoria 

Come and Try Session:

Session 1: January 28/2010  completed 23 participants      Technique Skill: Distance Fencing

NB. These sessions are for all 3 weapons. You need only participate in your preferred weapon..

Next Session: Thursday 11/4/10    @  6:30  Level 1, 204-206 Arden St North Melbourne

Public transport:
* by train (closest station is North Melbourne -10 minute walk down Laurens Street)
* by tram (closest stop is No 15 on Abbotsford Street on route 57 – 5 minute walk down Arden Street)

Session Schedule Breakdown.

6:20 Arrive Warm up

6:30 Footwork

6:40 Weekly Drill

6:50 Pair up and begin exercises

7:00 – 7:30  5 [5-hit] matches with Ref (4 persons alternate per piste)

7:30 Change group, 5 [5-hit] matches

8:00 Open or ”Free Fencing” 15 hit or 3×5 matches (3 in half hr) -: Matches Referreed

8:25 Session finish; Open discussions and queries.

8:30 Session Close, Change and retire to Social Dinner Event.

For online discussion go to ‘Swordfighter Forum’

Its going to be a great year!, come along and enjoy..

For information on fees for club’s affiliation, squad fees see Fencing Victoria:   Link

photo from 1st session on 28/1/10

photo 1

Australian Epeeists in Budapest

3 Australian Women competed in a World Grand Prix competition.

Budapest Hungary, 15/1/10.

Jo Halls: 51 / 155     – Good result Jo…

Mita Hill: 139 / 155

Sarah Macfarlane: 142 / 155.

Endeavour Hills Fencing Club

Endeavour Hills will soon have a regular club fencing session on a Tuesday Night at the Endeavour Hills Rec Centre will More details coming soon

Contact for more info.

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Information on “About Us” Page Above//

Based in Melbourne…but travels widely!

Plastic Fencing Foils and Masks

Do you need a mask and foil?

                                             Want to have Fencing Sessions at home or school?

Sword Fighters Australia is taking orders for the fantastic (Nasycon) sets available as a great Fencing Instructor kit

for kids and adults alike. (Photos on the Product Page above)

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Latest price of $125 AUD [1 mask and 1 foil]

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mask and foil   Sword Fighter Masks

Australian Junior Results

International Junior Results

Budapest Hungary January 3-5/ 1 / 2010

J M Epee: J Downes 27th / 188, Congrats John!!! Great Result… Link

J M Epee: N Davies 145/188 

J M Foil: J Downes 123/179

J F Epee: M Hill 133/151

& previous result 6/12/09 Lignano: Chris Nagle J M F 73/112.

Australian Competition Dates 2010

Early information for 2010’s competitions

                                                     AFF # 1 : Melbourne – April 16-18

                             International Epee : Sydney – Challenge Australia May 22-23

                                                     AFF # 2 : Adelaide – June 12-14

                  Cadet & U15 Championships : Sydney 3-7 July

         Senior Asian Championships : Seoul, South Korea 8-13 July 

                                                     AFF # 3 : Perth – August 6-9

  Commonwealth Championships : Melbourne 29 September – 5 October Senior & Veterans.

    World Veteran Championships : Porec, Croatia. 29 September – 3 October

                                          Schools Teams : Victoria – October 6

                                                          U20s : Victoria – October 7-10

         World Open Championships : Paris November 4-13 (incl Teams)

                                                    AFF # 4 : Nationals: QLD – 3-7 December

NB Fencing Victoria’s Calendar will be released soon… keep an eye out, especially for you chance to compete at the new fencing centre..



Australian National Champions 2009

Following the Australian National Champions in Sydney for AFF #4

The 6 National Champions kindly offered to answer a series of questions on their results and “Achievements” for the Competition and their careers.

Australian National Champion 2009: Mens Foil Harry Huang Vic.

1. When and why did you start Fencing?
A:1995.and was picked by coachs.
2. How many countries have you competed in, where is your favourite, and where would you love to Fence?
A:5 countries.i like KH.
3. What was your drive and/or inspiration for winning the 2009 National Fencing Championships?
A:to be in AUS.
4. Now (that you won this year) what are your future aspirtations? 
A:to win it again.
5.Why do you believe you succeeded this year?
A:i have been training hard this year.
6. Was there anything you did better this year than previous years? 
A:focusing on training.

7. Whats next for you in 2009? (Training, Break, Work?)


8. What competitions will you do Internationally or plan to do / if any in 2010?

A:AFF.or more.

9. Can you give us a motto you try to achieve in your fencing? (a guide to future Australian champions)

A:training harder,dont just talk too much.

10. If you could some define your idea of “Perfect Fencing,” what would it be?

A:hard training.

Thanks So much Harry. 

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