Australian National Champions

Australian National Champions History

National Champions : Australian-Fencing-Champions-2023

AFC #3 Perth WA 2022 Teams

Congratulations to Sword Fighters Australia Team Foil 

Winners in Perth

T.Reynolds, M.Faria and C.Bosnic win Club Teams Challenge


AFC #1 Sydney March 2022

Australian Fencing Circuit Sydney March 2022

Open Individual

       Mens Foil:  Gold S.Douglas NSW, Silver J.Morris NSW, Bronze N.Zeitoun Vic, Bronze Y.Fontain NSW.

Womens FoilGold G.Salmas Vic, Silver V.Hull NSW, Bronze M.Muralidharan Vic, Bronze T.Lukins NSW.

     Mens EpeeGold A.English Vic, Silver L.Crook Qld, Bronze L.Yang NSW, Bronze J.Downes WA.

Womens EpeeGold G.Janse Van Rensburg NSW, Silver A.Nutt NSW, Bronze S.Scott NSW, Bronze E.Principe NSW.

     Mens SabreGold S.Andrew NSW, Silver E.Hoarau WA, Bronze Y.Shim NSW, Bronze C.Hely NSW.

Womens SabreGold Z.Djamirse NSW, Silver G.Hardge NSW, Bronze Y.Zou NSW, Bronze M.Yi Du NSW.


Extraordinary times

2022, we start the recovery from Covid and Russia invades Ukraine.. Extraordinaty times.

Fie President Usmanov resigns under pressure from Western nations on Russian oligarchs.

Russian and Belarussian athletes banned from competition.


We hope and believe in a peaceful world..


Lets hope we can return to peaceful and better times..



Another great idea as a dummy, with adjustable blade height, and target zones.

Dummy Ideas

Here’s a few other ideas for target practice.


Using a ladder is a good “back” for the dummy and allows manoeuvrability, indoors a coatrack is handy too.


Can use different ideas and works for alternate target practice too ie Epee.

David Dummy


Fencing Remote Training

Here’s a great idea for those in isolated situations still wanting training ideas.. Courtesy of Ben Peggs Instagram..

View this post on Instagram

Lockdown in London has been challenging. However, a mark of an athlete is their ability to adapt and overcome obstacles placed in from of them. Thankfully the weather has been kind to me and I’ve managed to find a way to keep my technical training on point. Meet my new training partner – aka ‘Shadow’, for the next few weeks ? Luckily he doesn’t fight back! ? If you want to build your own, you’ll need a few pillows, two towels, an old laundry stand, and a few bungees. The fencing kit part can be found @leonpaullondon ? @britishfencing does this look like a new training tool that could be used for the Athlete Development Programme? ?? #quarantinetraining #lockdown #technicaltraining #adaptandovercome #challengeyourself #balconyantics #sunshine #london #fencing #neighborhoodfencer #stayhome #staysafe #aspirationfund #fencinginspires #nationallottery @uk_sport

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The M.A.S.K

We are proud to announce the release of all 3 versions of the M.A.S.K

(Multipurpose Adjustable Scoring Kit)


Version 1: Training on your own – similar to a weapons tester, (With FIE 14 millisecend timing).

Testing your own foils and bodywires,

Using as a light system for hitting a target board.

(Which can also be purchased through Sword Fighters Australia).

Using in a lesson to accurately judge hits landed correctly.

Regular Price $80


Version 2: Adding a M.A.S.K Light system to your regular mask, allows for hits to be seen on the front of your fencing mask without looking sideways at a box.

Regular Price $120, or for only an additional $40 if you already purchased version 1.


Version 3: The complete system, included with updated software and the M.A.S.K Light system, allows the user to fence with available off target and on target lame hits.

Regular Price $200,

Or for the updating price if you have purchased a Version 1 or Version 2 M.A.S.K System.


For more details email

Contact Chris 0409 013 171.

Video coming soon.

AusFencing the New look

Ausfencing has updated … link

and a new logo..

Check it out..

the M.A.S.K & Target Board


We have released The M.A.S.K 

Australian owned and manufactured Fencing Specific Tester.

Aptly named the M.A.S.K. “Multi-purpose Adjustable Scoring Kit” 

The M.A.S.K was designed as a simplified system to train with another person. 

#1 Plug your bodywire in, and attach to your Lame  

#2 Set your designed colour either Red or Green (different to your opponent).

#3 Test the Target and Fence! 

The referee can see the lights flash when you hit, everyone hears the buzzers. 

Set with 14milliseconds as per Foil FIE Rules, creating a realistic bout.


Handy simply as a weapons tester or training tool when you don’t have a piste!

Presented in a custom case with simple operating instructions for only $80


Order your M.A.S.K today.. Download the M.A.S.K download form


Presented in a custom case with simple operating instructions for only $80    


0409 013 171



Combine The M.A.S.K with a ‘target board’ for full on training ~!

$120 including your own personal labelled M.A.S.K order now

for christmas and ready for 2019..! 



The M.A.S.K



We have finally released The M.A.S.K  !


Australian Owned and Manufactured Fencing Specific Tester.

Aptly named The M.A.S.K. Multi-purpose Adjustable Scoring Kit” 


The M.A.S.K was designed as a simplified system to train with another person. 

#1 Plug your bodywire in, and attach to your Lame  

#2 Set your designed colour either Red or Green (different to your opponent).

#3 Test the Target and Fence! 


The referee can see the lights flash when you hit, everyone hears the buzzers. 


Set with 14 milliseconds as per Foil FIE Rules, creating a realistic bout.  


Handy simply as a weapons tester or training tool when you don’t have a piste!


Order your M.A.S.K today.. Download the M.A.S.K download form


Presented in a custom case with simple operating instructions for only $80    


0409 013 171


AFF National Championships 16-20th November, Melbourne 2018

National Championships – Melbourne 2018

Weapons check 1 hour prior to each event

Friday 16th

9 Womens Epee

9:15 Mens Sabre

Womens Epee Teams

1:30 Veteran Sabre

Veteran Sabre Teams

Saturday 17th

8:30 Mens Epee

12 Mens Sabre Teams

1 Veteran Men and Women Epee

Sunday 18th

8:30 Mens Epee Teams

9 Womens Foil

12:30 Veterans Mens & Womens Epee Teams

2 Womens Sabre

Monday 19th

8:30 Womens Foil Teams

9 Mens Foil

Mens Foil Teams >8

12 Womens Sabre Teams

Tuesday 20th

9 Veteran Mens Foil

9:15 Veteran Womens Foil

Veteran Foil Teams

2 Mens Foil Teams <8

for more details – link


AFC #4 Veterans Sydney 2018

Mens Foil: 1 A.Tyschenko NSW, 2nd V.Newton NSW, =3rd P.Osvath Vic, =3rd A.Reynolds Vic.

Womens Epee: 1 S.Osvath NSW, 2nd A.Nutt NSW, =3rd J.Schortmann Qld, =3rd M.Yeung NSW.

Mens Epee: 1 T.Song NSW, 2nd D.Zatselyapin WA, =3rd G.Cladera Qld, =3rd C.Nonis NSW.

Womens Sabre: 1 M.Yi Du NSW, 2nd M.Yeung NSW, =3rd C.Bond Vic, =3rd H.Jordan NSW.

Mens Sabre: 1 P.Miller NSW, 2nd R.Vintila NSW, =3rd M.Treasure Vic, =3rd D.Wheeler NSW.

Womens Foil: 1 J.Lyaschenko NSW , 2nd A.Ballard NSW, =3rd J.Bonney-Millett Qld, =3rd A.Nutt NSW.

Sydney AFC #4 2018

Mens Foil: 1 J.Morris NSW, 2 S.Douglas NSW, =3rd T.Reynolds Vic, =3rd L.Webber Vic.

Mens Epee: 1 K.Radford Vic, 2nd M.Morris NSW, =3rd L.Crook QLD, =3rd D.Yates Vic.

Womens Epee: 1 J.Gundry GBR, 2nd L.Gemmell NSW, =3rd C.C.Burton NSW, =3rd K.Wang NSW.

Womens Sabre: 1 S.Auty Vic, 2nd C.Fox-Harding NSW, =3rd L.Cao Vic, =3rd S.Webster NSW.

Mens Sabre: 1 M.Kang KOR, 2nd Y.Shim NSW, =3rd A.Douglas NSW, =3rd N.Pastore FRA (NSW).

Womens Foil: 1 G.Salmas Vic, 2nd E.Marotta Vic, =3rd M.Muralidharan Vic, =3rd K.Kwa NSW.



AFC #3 Veterans Perth 2018

Mens Foil: 1 P.Barry SA, 2nd P.Osvath Vic, =3rd J.Aloi WA, =3rd M.Prince NSW.

Womens Epee: 1 N.Ferguson SA, 2nd M.Yeung NSW, =3rd C.Murphy ACT, =3rd M.Nicholson-Biggs Vic.

Mens Epee: 1 A.Paxman WA, 2nd P.Osvath Vic, =3rd B.Emmanual WA, =3rd D.Kurukchi WA.

Womens Sabre: 1 M.Yeung NSW, 2nd H.Jordan NSW, =3rd  E-K.Gulland WA, =3rd C.Sopru SA.

Mens Sabre: 1 D.Wheeler NSW, 2nd S.Johnson WA, =3rd D.Kneale WA, =3rd G.Mckay ACT.

Womens Foil: 1 J.Bonney-Millett Qld , 2nd I.Park WA, =3rd S.Newton NSW, =3rd J.Skerman WA.

Asian Championships 2018

Team Results

Mens Foil: 1 KOR, 2nd HKG, 3rd JAP, 4th AUS.

Womens Foil: 1 CHI, 2nd KAZ, 3rd UZB, 4th KOR, 9th AUS.

Mens Epee:  1 CHI, 2nd KAZ, 3rd UZB, 4th KOR, 10th AUS.

Womens Epee: 1 KOR, 2nd JAP, 3rd CHI, 4th HKG, 12th AUS

Mens Sabre: 1 CHI, 2nd IRI, 3rd KOR, 4th JAP, 13th AUS

Womens Sabre: 1 CHI, 2nd KOR, 3rd KAZ, 4th HKG.


Individual Events

Mens Foil:  1 Cheunh HGK, 2nd Heo KOR, =3rd Huang CHI, =3rd Ha KOR. 15 S.Douglas AUS, 17 C.Nagle AUS, 23 N.Fitzgerald AUS, 25 L.Webber AUS (/79).

Womens Foil:  1 Kikuchi JAP, 2nd Jeon KOR, =3rd Nam KOR, =3rd Fu CHI.  16 F.Clarke AUS, 25 E.Marotta AUS, 43 C.DAniel AUS, 55 A.Kwag AUS (/64).

Mens Epee: 1 Jung KOR, 2nd Alexanin KAZ, =3rd Fong HKG, =3rd Kano JAP, 25 A.Burgun AUS, 36 K.Radford AUS, 55 J.Downs AUS, 70 J.Shelley AUS (/85).

Womens Epee: 1 Kong HKG, 2nd Kang KOR, =3rd Hsieh HKG, =3rd Lee KOR, 19 E.Patten AUS, 22 A.Kotevski AUS, 23 D.Gu AUS, 45 A.Deveraux AUS (/65).

Mens Sabre: 1 B.Gu KOR, 2nd J.Kim KOR, =3rd J.Kim KOR, =3rd A.Pakdaman IRI, 47 W.Campbell, 49 Z.Leonard, 51 J.Boyd Hoare, 60 J.Dick (/67).

Womens Sabre: 1 Kim KOR, 2nd Qian CHI, =3rd Choi KOR, =3rd Lam HKG, 37 S.Auty AUS (/57).



AFC 2 Robyn Chaplin – Adelaide 2018 Veterans

Veteran Men Epee: 1 A.Paxman WA, 2nd D.Ferguson SA, =3rd N.Nutt ACT, =3rd M.Thompson Vic.

Veteran Womens Epee: 1 N.Ferguson SA, 2nd S.Osvath NSW, =3rd J.Schortmann NSW, =3rd M.Yeung NSW.

Veteran Womens Foil: 1 J.Lyaschenko NSW, 2 J.Bonney-Millett, =3rd A.Ballard NSW, =3rd Y.Qian SA.

Veteran Mens Foil: 1 A.Tyschenko NSW, 2 N.Nutt ACT, =3rd M.Best Vic, =3rd R.Purdie NSW.

Veteran Womens Sabre: 1 M.Du NSW, 2nd H.Jordan NSW, =3rd E.Gulland WA, =3rd C.Murphy ACT.

Veteran Mens Sabre: 1 D.Wheeler NSW, 2nd S.Johnson WA, =3rd C.Smith ACT, =3rd D.Kneale WA

En Pointe

Australian Developed wireless system!

Congrats to EnPointe..

The New Australian Wireless system coming out of Melbourne.

For more details link:


Referee Hand Signals

Hand Signals for Refereeing.

Download Link in French: fie-hand-signal-document.pdf

Download Link in EnglishHand Signals

Australian Mens Foil Team Receives ASC Funding

Fantastic News for the Aussie Mens foil team receiving funding for 2018.

Details on the link to AFF Link

AFC #1 Brisbane Veteran Championships 2018

Veteran Men’s Sabre: 1 S.Johnson WA, 2 D.Wheeler NSW, =3 C.Smith ACT, =3 R.Vintila NSW.

Veteran Men’s Epee: : 1 D.Yatselzipin WA, 2  B.Charlesworth Vic, =3 L.Cartillier QLD, =3 P.Osvath Vic.

Veteran Women’s Sabre: 1 M.Y.Du NSW, 2 M.Yeung NSW, =3 H.Jordan NSW, =3 L.Porter WA.

Veteran Women’s Epee: 1 S.Osvath NSW2 N.Ferguson SA, =3 M.Nicolson-Biggs VIC, =3 J.Seggie NSW.

Veteran Women’s Foil: 1 J.Lyachenko NSW, 2 J.Bonney-Millet QLD, =3 J.Allardice VIC, =3 A.Ballard NSW.

Veteran Men’s Foil: 1 A.Tyschenko NSW, 2 A.Reynolds NSW, =3 M.Hoeller VIC, =3 V.Newton NSW.


For more info go to 

AFC #1 Open Championships Brisbane 2018

Men’s Sabre: 1 E.Pastore NSW,  2 J.Siu NSW, =3 N.Pastore NSW, =3 J.Snell NSW.

Men’s Epee: : 1 A. English VIC, 2 D.Yates VIC, =3 K.Radford VIC, =3 J.Downes WA.

Women’s Sabre: 1 S.Auty VIC, 2 S.Webster NSW, =3 M.Black VIC, =3 C.Taylor NSW.

Women’s Epee: 1 M.Andersen NSW2 L.Tausan Vic, =3 E.Halls VIC, =3 L.Gemell NSW.

Women’s Foil: 1 E.Muralidharan VIC, 2 E.Marotta VIC, =3 V.Hull NSW, =3 F.Clarke NSW.

Men’s Foil:  1 T. Reynolds VIC, 2 N.Fitzgerald VIC, =3 L.Webber VIC, =3 S.Mooney Grand NSW.


For more info go to 

New Session @ Firbank

Happy to announce a New Fencing program commencing at Firbank Girls on Wednesday nights in term 2 2018.

Firbank Grammar School

Gate 7, Middle Crescent Brighton

Wednesday’s 7pm

Dance Studio

please contact

Chris 0409 013 171

AusFencing Youtube

Link to Ausfencing youtube channel

Veterans Squad 2018

Training Time: Thursday Nights @ State Fencing Centre 6:-8:30

Any athlete wishing to participate, please contact

Chris Jones 0409 013 171


Session 2nd February, come along and join the squad:         Skill  Distance fencing &2hit points, 1 point blade contact.

                  Footwork session 6:00 : Advance & retreat 3 laps, step Lunge 8 laps, at least 6 Lunges per lap, 1 lunge – step back fleche, step back circle parry Prime(1) riposte, 1 lap left handed, 1 lap right handed, 1 lap step lunge, 1 lap step parry Fleche.

Next Session:    9th February.  

Fencing Victoria has the Calendar online for local competitions this year

@  6:30  Level 1, 204-206 Arden St North Melbourne.     

Public transport:* by train (closest station is North Melbourne -10 minute walk down Laurens Street)*

by Tram Closest stop is No 15 on Abbotsford Street on route 57 -8 minute walk down Arden Street.

Proudly supporting VicVets…


If you’d like any weapons fixed; David Hubbard is in the business of repair : email David 


Fencing Victoria Calendar

Updated 2018 Calendar







The Fencer

“THE FENCER” Movie – THE FENCER will be released in selected independent cinemas around Melbourne (and Australia) from Thursday 24 November, and will screen through until Christmas.

ABOUT THE FILM: THE FENCER is set in post-WWII Europe, and is a powerful tale of love and sacrifice, based on the true story of Endel Nelis who established a Fencing school in Estonia. It was a Golden Globe and Academy Award selection earlier this year. A trainler can be viewed at

THE FENCER will be screening in four cinemas:

– City – Kino Cinemas, 45 Collins St, Melbourne

– Brighton- Palace Brighton Bay Cinema, 294 Bay St Brighton

– Carlton – Cinema Nova, 380 Lygon St, Carlton

– Sth Yarra – Palace Cinema Como, cnr Toorak Rd & Chapel St, Sth Yarra

The Fencer

Fencing Masks

Fencing.Net has recently released an article on purchasing Fencing Masks..

Really good article to read if your interested.


State Veterans Squad – Melbourne Fencing Centre

Training Time: Thursday Nights 6:30-8:30

Any athlete wishing to participate, please contact 

Chris Jones 0409 013 171





Session 3rd Decmber, come along and join the squad:            Skill: Point in Line, Derobe.

Next Session:    Dember 10th.  NB Vets Dinner to follow..

Fencing Victoria has the Calendar online for local competitions this year 

@  6:30  Level 1, 204-206 Arden St North Melbourne.     

Public transport:* by train (closest station is North Melbourne -10 minute walk down Laurens Street)*

by Tram Closest stop is No 15 on Abbotsford Street on route 57 -8 minute walk down Arden Street.

Proudly supporting VicVets…


If you’d like any weapons fixed; David Hubbard is in the business of repair : email David 


Vic Vets

Vale – Joseph D’Onofrio

It is with great sadness that Fencing has lost an iconic coach from our midst.

Joseph D’Onofrio O.A.M, Founder and Maestro at Fioretto FC.

Vale Jo..

comments below 

ABC Fencing Interview

For those who missed it… the Camp in Canberra – recent interviews on ABC


Fencing Dont’s

Bit  of  Fun for the day..

Fencing Dont’s

Fencing Victoria iPhone App

For more details follow the link to Fencing Victoria to download the new App for iPhones.

Entertainment Book 2014

Sword Fighters Australia is selling the Entertainment book, if you have seen it before, its a great way to save on entertainment and restaurents etc with lots of discount vouchers.


$65 each book, usually pays for itself after 3 restaurant trips!

if you’d like more information or would like to order one..let me know..


Entertainment book 2014/15

Deakin Uni – Plus 4 – Orientation Sessions

Sword Fighters Australia was proud to be involved in the Deakin Uni Student Association (DUSA) Events day run as entertainment after Orientation week for Students and entertainers alike!

Deakin Uni Dusa 2014 1  Deakin Uni Dusa 2014 2  Deakin Uni Dusa 2014 3  Deakin Uni Dusa 2014 4

State Veterans Squad – Melbourne Fencing Centre

Training Time: Thursday Nights 6:30-8:30

Any athlete wishing to participate, please contact 

Chris Jones 0409 013 171





Session : 23rd January, come along and join the squad:        Skill: Teams matches!

Next Session:   January 3oth. 

 Here is the list of available Veterans Competitions for this year courtesy of the AFF: Download Veterans Schedule 2014

@  6:30  Level 1, 204-206 Arden St North Melbourne.     

Public transport:* by train (closest station is North Melbourne -10 minute walk down Laurens Street)*

by Tram Closest stop is No 15 on Abbotsford Street on route 57 -8 minute walk down Arden Street.

Proudly supporting VicVets…


Vic Vets

Sword Fighters Australia Products

Sword Fighters Australia Products for the home or office!

Sword Fighters Australia Calendar                Sword Fighters Australia Cap

Sword Fighters Australia Mug Back  Sword Fighters Australia Mug Front

Sword Fighters Australia Pen       Sword Fighters Australia Keyring Torch

Sword Fighters Australia iPhone Cover

Sword Fighters Australia Mug       Sword Fighters Australia Sweater

Popular and selling upon demand!

Womens Fencing T-Shirt      Womens T-Shirt Photo

Sword Fighters Mens T-Shirt        Sword Fighters Kids T-Shirt

For Prices and ordering please email :

Download the SFA Products Order Form

Corporate Events

Christmas Breakup Parties or events?

Download photo campaign

swordfighters-01.jpg     swordfighters-02.jpg     swordfighters-03.jpg    swordfighters-04.jpg

What makes a good “Athletes Parent” ?

Great article on on what makes an Athletes Parent a “Good Parent”

Interesting read, check it out.. Link

Fencing – Perspective

These are pretty popular on Social Media at the moment.. and we who partake of “swash and buckle” havent missed out..

the-fencer.jpg      All in good fun..

Australian FIE Referee

Congratulations to David Baker for his continued success in refereeing in Europe for the FIE,
and his selection to referee at the World Championships in Catania in October…
More info on the Ausfencing website Link.
Keep it up David..

AFF Fencing Development Survey 2010

The AFF is calling for your thoughts on the development of fencing.

Link to Survey 

Interested athletes, parents, coaches, sports minded people your ideas would be useful so make yourself heard!

Sword Fighter Christmas Presents

Now is a great time to start thinking about Christmas Presents… Fencing Christmas Presents!We have Plastic Masks and Foils (Red or Blue) Nasycon Replica equipment for sale.$250 for 2 sets.. Nasycon Equipment    Plastic EquipmentFor more details email chris@swordfightersaustralia.comSword Fighter

State Veterans Squad

Training Schedule for the State Veterans Squad

Training Time: Thursday Nights 6:30-8:30

Any athlete wishing to participate, please contact: Chris Jones: 0409 013 171,


Session : September 16th completed 14 participantsTechnique Skill: Poule Matches.

FYI here is an interesting book found on Amazon : Link  “over 40 martial arts”

   These sessions are for all 3 weapons. You need only participate in your preferred weapon..

Next Session
:   Thursday 26/8/10    @  6:30  Level 1, 204-206 Arden St North Melbourne.
                              Public transport:* by train (closest station is North Melbourne -10 minute walk down Laurens Street)
                                                      * by tram (closest stop is No 15 on Abbotsford Street on route 57 – 5 minute walk down Arden Street

Vic Vets

Youth Olympic Games Singapore 2010

The Youth Olympic Games are on in Singapore.                                              

For Fencing Results Link

Vic Bandits

Information for the Junior NSW Competition held 17th October.

Download Flyer: Vic Bandits 2010

Fencing Victoria on Youtube

Yesterdays Hero’s…..

Foxtel Stars of Before the Game’s segment “Yesterdays Hero’s” suited up in a Fencing Challenge.

Youtube link Here

Community Sabre Session

If you or a friend have wanted to learn Sabre and are in the local area of Nunawading,

check out; Sabre Sessions

7-9pm Friday Night
Nunawading Community Centre
6 weeks Starting February 19th
More Details at :  (7-9pm friday nights)


Australian National Champions

Attached is a file of the Australian National Champions since records were kept in AustraliaAustralian ChampionsNational Champions

Fantasy Female Sword Fighter Novel

A new Book has been released about a blacksmith Swordfighter Fantasy Novel.

for more info check out the blog on the Forum Page

Injury Patterns in Fencing

An interesting article released on Fencing Injuries:

Download Fencing Injury Article 


Want to get in touch with other Fencers and discuss those all important Piste issues?

Well join the growing list of members and bloggers on…

new discussion topic: Link

Fencing with Chips

Fencing can be pretty artistic!

check it out

Fencing Videos and DVD’s

Check out for unique and interesting fencing dvd’s. also has some great books link 

Ashburton PS Grand Fair


Swordfighters Australia was proud to be involved in the 2009 Ashburton Fair on March 15

The Fencing Demonstration was on the main stage and local children and parents were encouraged to “have a go” themselves… 

photo 1   photo 3   photo 2

Wuxi Uniforms maybe Banned

Chinese Fencing Brand (Wuxi / Jiang) said to be banned by the European Union.

The EU’s Consumer Affairs division (under report: “RAPEX”) has safety concerns with its FIE clothing protective strength.

Wuxi has apparently recalled its line with EU officials banning the sale of the “Beijing FIE 800N Jacket & Beijing FIE 800N Breeches“.

for more read link

The FIE hasn’t come out with a statement, although the report has been out for 2 weeks +.
Until then the equipment is appropriate and national bodies wont respond until the FIE has.

NB: The FIE has allowed the equipment to be worn. 

Wuxi Uniforms – Australian Situation

The EU’s Consumer Affairs Division has jurisdiction over the sale of products, and their description, in Europe.  The Australian equivalent is the ACCC, which governs trade practices issues (“misleading and deceptive” product claims).  It is believed that a competing European fencing equipment supplier initiated the EU Consumer Affairs Division action.

The FIE has jurisdiction over the use of equipment, and tests sample fabric to confirm 800N compliance.  The EU Consumer Affairs Division tested finished uniforms for 800N compliance.

So, here is the distinction:  currently, the FIE will continue to allow the use of Wuxi uniforms, as they have passed their testing.  However, you will not be able to purchase Wuxi uniforms in Europe.  This means that if they are purchased elsewhere but used in Europe, this will be okay as well.

The only relevance any of this has to Australian fencing is that the FIE has still validated the Wuxi uniform material, and Australia falls under the FIE rules.  However, if you are in any way concerned about your safety when using the Wuxi brand (or any brand in fact), then you should act accordingly.

Sword Fighter RSS Feed

If you would like to be kept up to date with Fencing news, Calendar updates, Competition Results, Forum Threads, Your Association News, Aussies Abroad, New Equipment etc.

Register with the RSS Feed (Orange Square Symbol in Menu Bar above)


School Holiday Program

What to do over the school holidays with the children?

Gas Works Art Park has had the answer for a number of events now….

Sword Fighters classes for kids…… 

Download Program : Gasworks Flyer                        

                                        website-2.jpg        website-1.jpg       website-3.jpg

Fencing Workshops 

President Fencing Victoria

Congratulations to Simon Auty the new President of Fencing Victoria.
Big thanks to outgoing president Peter Osvath after 8 years in the job.
FV is still on the right track…2009 and beyond.

Fencing Champions

History is an important thing!

Especially Fencing History, and prior to Sword Fighters Australia it hasn’t been available on the web.

For updated :  Australian Champions

For: World / Olympic Champions

Also: Australian Veteran Champions Link To Ausfencing

Historical Fencing in Australia

At the AFF 2008 Nationals run in Sydney this week (1st December 08).  A number of interesting articles have been accumulated on the history of Fencing in Australia.

Here is one: An amusing article presumably written in the 1950’s on one of Sydney’s better known fencers…..

Mr Clarke on the Cruel Sex

Women are cleverer and crueller than men, says Tex Clarke, brawny, 40-year-old-fencing master at the Sydney Foils Club.

Dark brown, with blue eyes, and bulging muscles, Mr. Clarke came in to see us during the week, wearing short khaki shorts and sandals.

“Women are cruel because they have to bottle up their emotions.  And when emotions are bottled up they fester horribly” he said.

“Now if a woman could punch another woman on the nose occasionally, it would do her a lot of good.”

Running a hand over his shapely brown legs, Mr. Clarke digressed:- ” I see you’re admiring my suntan.  I spend every spare minute in the sun.  Working indoors is like digging your own grave. Women are better Fencers than men because they are more cunning and because they simply love to fight.  Timid little girls come to me to learn Fencing and after a few weeks at the game they become snarling hell-cats.”

“Fencing seems to bring out the fight in them. I love to watch two women Fencing.  They bare their teeth and glare at each other with cruel, diabolical expressions on their faces.”

Mr. Clarke was born and educated in Edinburgh, Scotland.  He came to Australia 15 years ago and served a number of years in the Australian Merchant Navy.

“I took up Fencing as a young boy to speed up my boxing,” he said.  “I soon fell in love with Fencing and abandoned my ambition to be a boxer. The thing I like about Fencing is that there is no danger of getting hurt.”

 Newspaper Article and Author unknown.

Sword Fighter Gift Voucher

Want to give a great gift idea to a friend / family member – one of those

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Referee Course

The AFF has announced a referee manual for State Associations to run the course.

See AFF link 

Fencing Community Fun Day

The Craig Family Centre – Community Fun Day / Trash and Treasure Market.

Proudly supported by Sword Fighters Australia.

Craig Centre                                craig centre                        craig centre

Location: Ashburton, Sunday 9th November.         

Included: Kids Fencing, Face painting, showbags, bbq, YMCA sporting activities, trash and treasure stalls.

Fencing Club Member Retention

Main issue… how do we keep the max people in fencing..?
Having been to a number of Vic Sport meetings with other sports SDO’s (sports development officers) this seems to be the main issue with all sporting organisations.
One factor to think about is Environment Friendly Clubs – The Right Approach:
1. What do people see when entering a club?
2. What do they hear in your club?
3. What do they feel from your club?

If you answer these questions and feel there could be improvement….. this might be an easy way to encourage fencers and more importantly VOLUNTEERS to stay within the sport.!!

For more info go to Vic Sport for important information on sporting clubs or link to your location.


Psychological Skills Training Manual

Fencing.Net has a new downloadable Manual (for Purchase $20USD)

After interviewing numerous top fencers a Psychological Training Manual has been produced on the important mental game of Fencing

Check it out Link

New Leon Paul Foil Mask

Leon Paul has entered the market with its Foil Lame/Bib Mask called the X-Change

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The Leon Paul Catalogue

Fencing Website Updates

Couple of Website updates under Links:

Commonwealth Juniors.

Also Association Links:

Commonwealth Fencing Federation.

Fencing Victoria Online Survey

Fencing Victoria is undertaking a Survey on participation in competitions and experience and assesment of the Competitions Calendar as it stands and how it may be structured in the future.

Make sure you express your opinions….

Link         (When requested, enter the keyword – steplunge )

The online survey closes Nov 7, 2008

Active After School Communities

The Australian Government in association with the Australian Sports Commission runs sessions for children in After Care.

If you’d like to be involved in running a class for Fencing, please contact me:


Deakin University Sports

Fencing has ‘taken off’ at Deakin University Burwood Campus in 2008.

If you would like to be a part of it..

Download Flyer: Deakin Uni Flyer

School Holiday Program

Childrens Parties or School Holiday programs?

Take your pick!

Sword Fighters Australia Caters to it….

This Testimonial Provided by an External Link

Wine Orders

If you enjoy quality wine at a great price, don’t miss this fantastic opportunity!
The  New South Wales Fencing Association is delighted to announce that it has appointed Saddler’s Creek Wines, (one of Australia’s leading boutique wineries and winner of over 200 medals in the last two years), to produce exclusively for it, a selection of wines uniquely labelled “The Fencer”.

 Fencing  needs  funding,  particularly  to  provide  development and training for our junior fencers.
 NSW  Fencing  is a not-for-profit association run entirely by volunteers. It  runs  state  fencing  competitions  for  all  ages,  from children to veterans,  and promotes fencing in schools through its Schools League and other competitions.  The  wines  selected  by Saddler’s Creek are a 2004 Shiraz Cabernet blend which  has  been held back from release to be now enjoyed at any time and with  food  and  a  2007  Chardonnay which displays lively tropical fruit flavours and which can also be enjoyed with any cuisine.
 From  every  case sold (12 bottles), Saddler’s Creek will make a generous financial donation to NSW Fencing. Please  order a case, or two, of these quality wines at a price specially negotiated  for  members  and  friends  of  NSW  Fencing  and support the development  of  fencing.  If  you are under 18 years of age, please show this offer to your parents.

Order Form: The Fencer Wine

Link to NSW FA

“Riposte” Wine

SFA contributors came across a unique wine brand…..

Tim Knappstein is a renowned Australian Winemaker his Answer is “The Riposte” 2007 and 2008 vintage.

A great tasting Australian Wine: with titles like The Sabre, The Foil & The Rapier its sure to be a hit.

for more information check out:

                                                                        The Riposte

World Masters 2009

It is noted that Fencing will not be a part of the 2009 World Masters Games, hence the removal of its listing on

The Program Script written on the life of Australian Fencing great D H McKenzie can now be found under Fencing Events – DHMcKenzie Timetable (scroll down).

Commonwealth Champions

History is an important part of a sports culture.

Fencing has one of the longest.

Here for the first time is the list of  Commonwealth Fencing Champions

[Commonwealth Fencing Champions]

Olympic & World Champions and Australian Champions can be found on the General Page.

For 1974 results – Please update via email

New Childrens Fencing Movie

The spiderwick Chronicles is to be released in Australia March 27, 2008.

A fantasy world comes alive and one of the heroine’s has some fencing skills.

View the trailer

Red Letter Night

It was a RED event at the FV dinner friday night, the Malvern Banquet Hall was a-blaze of red shirts, ties, ribbons, shoes and cocktail dresses.  An enjoyable evening was celebrated by everyone culminating in the celebration of the “60th years” for John Fethers, Joseph D’Onofrio, and Harry Sommerville.
Congratulations to all the award winners including the winners of the Caliburn Award: Dr Zoltan Vilagosh, Young Blood Award: Mr Jeremy Shelley, and Leonie Austen Award: Ms Sue Heistein.

Thanks to Thunderstruck Performance Gear for donating the prizes, which the 3 recipients will receive.

Thanks also to the organisers especially Genevieve Hartley, creating a successful event even with the 30+degree Melbourne weather.!

Here’s to a great year of Fencing.

International Olympic Committee

I.O.C. Website has quite good relevant information on Fencing, at this years 2008 Beijing games.

Read more IOC Website:

Modern Fencing on the BBC

The BBC has an interesting article on the development of Electronic Fencing, the art of the (Foil) “Flick” and ways to defend against it.

For more information read BBC Fencing

Although the article was written apparently in 2003.. it is still relevant.


Fencing – A History

The history of Fencing

Fencing first originated in preparation for duels between men for warfare.  Throughout human history, man has fought with weapons.  When technology changed so did the weapon and consequently the tactics.

A picture of a fencing “match” was uncovered on an Egyptian temple dating back to approx 1190 B.C. The Babylonians, andcient Greeks, Persians, and Romans all had some type of fencing.

The use of armour during the Middle Ages made swordsmanship almost obsolete.  The broadsword was in regular use but caused minor damage against armour, it only resulted in a hacking weapon requiring brute strength rather than skill,  making armour almost redundant.

The development of firearms brought swordplay into prominence during the 15th century.  Soldiers learnt skills with the sword, and fencing also emerged as a pastime for the nobility.  Fencing masters organized guilds, which taught secret moves to students.

The swords of this period were heavy, more effective in cutting your opponent with the edge.  The sword was a defensive weapon against thieves, and included tactics such as wrestling holds and disarming or immobilizing with tricks to set up for the killing blow.

Fencing as a “sport” requiring skill and speed, began when the longer and lighter rapier was developed during the 16th century in Italy. Because of the length of the rapier, opponents had to fight at a distance with quick controlled lunges, attacking the opponent with the point of the sword.  But the rapier wasn’t a good defensive weapon, so the fencer often had to use the left hand with a gauntlet to parry his opponent’s thrusts.  This lead to the “challenge” of ones opponent by hitting him with the gauntlet.

Under Louis XIV in France, with fashion changing so developed a new kind of sword. The rapier didn’t “fit” with the brocaded jackets of the era, nor the breeches, and silk stockings, so French courtiers adapted by wearing a shorter sword known as the court sword.  This turned out to be an excellent weapon for fencing because it was both lighter and stronger than the rapier, so it could be used for defense as well as offense.  As a result, the classic modern one-handed fencing technique we use today developed, with the left hand and arm used for balance.

A version of the court sword, the Foil, was developed for practice.  Another type of sword, the colichemarde, had been created for dueling.  The blade had a triangular cross-section, with slightly concave sides to reduce weight without reducing strength. The colichemarde evolved into the modern Epee.  The Three musketeers used this single weapon style defending the King and thus being the best fighters in the Kings guard.

The third  fencing weapon, the Sabre, was introduced into Europe in the late 18th century adapted from the scimitar of Turkey, by the Hungarian cavalry.  It was so effective that other armies began using it and it evolved into the cutlass, becaming the standard weapon for the navy.

The Sabre was a very heavy, curved sword, but changed into a lighter weapon with only a slight bend in Italy, late in the 19th century for dueling and fencing.  The modern Sabre is straight, like the Foil and Epee, but it still retains one cutting edge which can be used to make hits on an opponent.

Olympic Fencing

Fencing one of the first Olympic sports that has been on every modern Olympic program since 1896.  The Men’s Foil and Sabre events were on the 1896 program and the Epee was added in 1900.  Because of major disagreements about the rules, France and Italy refused to compete in 1912. The Fédération Internationale d’Escrime, (Standardised rules in 1913), is the governing body for international fencing, including the Olympics.

The Women’s Foil competition commenced in the Olympic program in 1924.  Only Foil was fenced for many years, until the Epee was added in 1992, and in Athen in 2004 an American won the first ever gold medal won for the USA.

There are 3 different sets of rules for the three weapons, relating to the differences in technique evolved out of their history.

 In Foil and Epee, a touch can only be made only with the point.  The entire body is valid target for the Epee, but in Foil a touch is scored only on the torso. In Sabre, a hit is made with the edgo or tip, only on the torso, arms and mask.  Fencing due to its speed is a difficult sport to judge, since it’s necessary to determine, first, whether a hit was made and, second, which came first when the two fencers score hits almost simultaneously.  The electrical Epee was introduced at the 1936 Olympics to score hits automatically.  Electronic Foil was added in Melbourne in the 1956 Olympics, and Sabre at the 1992 Olympics.

Fencing Clothing

Glove – The glove protects the weapon hand (the rear hand doesn’t need a glove).  The glove provides a non slip gripping surface.

Jacket – The heavy protective garment that protects the torso. Made from heavy canvas, quilted cotton, or Kevlar, fencing jackets are usually closed with zips. The front of the jacket dips into a v-shaped groin protector, with a strap that runs between the legs to hold the groin protector in place.  You “step into” a fencing jacket.

Plastron – The added protection under a jacket, in the form of a single or double-sleeved Kevlar undershirt.  Required for most competitions

Chest protector — Molded plastic breastplate, worn by women under the jacket

Mask – The wire-mesh helmet of fencing.  Never fence without your mask, as modern fencing weapons are predominantly dangerous only to uncovered eyes.  The wire mesh is darkened on the inside, to allow your eyes to focus past the grill.

Breeches – Suspender-based fencing pants. Required for high-level (national and international) competitions. Not required for training or classes

Bib – The heavy fabric below the mask, which protects your neck.

Socks – Not unlike Football socks the Fencing sock is knee high and traditionally white, Most Epee socks have a reinforced panel in the front shin section of the sock.

Shoes — Like every other sport, Fencing has its own shoes. Light and flat soled with a rolled heel.

Modern Fencing
Electric fencing was redeveloped In the 1970’s and has had slight modifications since.  The scoring apparatus has 3 options for each weapon, and are universally used in every Fencing Nation.

 Unlike historic battles modern fencers don’t harm their opponents but try to hit their opponent as many as 15 times and thus require more technical and tactical depth.

Fencing consists of 2 competitors who face off in a “bout”, they compete to score points on each other with their weapons. To beat an opponent, a fencer must use bladework, footwork, tactics and strategy. Fencing bouts are characterized by flurries of speed, highly aerobic movement, and lightning-fast blade movements.

Fencing Weapons

Fencing has three weapons, each derived from an historical ancestor.  Modern fencing weapons are lighter, safer sporting versions of the real thing

All weapons used in Fencing range from 90 – 100cm long, and typically weigh under 500 grams. There are a set of requirements to which each weapon must conform, for reasons of safety and fairness.

The Epee
 The Epee is a descendant of the dueling Rapier, and has a large hand-guard and a blade which has a V-shaped cross-section.  Epeeists often train to hit the opponent’s hand toe and leg, since these are the closest targets.

The Sabre

The Sabre is descended from the curved cavalry sword. It has a basket-shaped hand-guard that completely covers the hand, and a blade which is Y-shaped in cross-section.  Sabreurs often train to hit the opponent’s hand, since it is a close target, and the opponent’s head, since it is easy to hit with an edged weapon.

The Foil

The Foil is a synthetic weapon. It was originally designed by Fencing Masters as a lighter, safer training substitute for real weapons.  The Foil has a small, round hand-guard and a blade that is rectangular in cross-section. Foilists train to hit the chest, but a school of technique is also built around hitting the opponent’s back with a move that bends the blade in a curve (the “flick”).

Starting weapon

When teaching fencing, instructors often start new fencers with the Foil.  Because of its origin as a training weapon, the Foil comes with a set of rules, technique and conventions that translate easily to the Epee and Sabre.  As students become comfortable with the concepts of fencing, they can switch to the other weapons. Many students choose to stay with Foil, however, and it is frequently the most popular weapon at tournaments.

In recent times, high-level fencing has been increasingly taught by weapon specialists, and the “Foil-first” approach has been challenged by the successes of fencers who only ever fenced Sabre or Epee.

The Winner is….?

“And the Winner is?”

SwordfightersAustralia is running a “Guess the Olympic Winners” Competition.

 Who is going to be the most successful country in Fencing at the Beijing Olympic Games.  Do you have any inside knowledge?

Email with your 1st, 2nd and 3rd; Rankings and medal numbers.

Entries close 7/8/2008 (the day before the opening ceremony) 

The most correct entry at the end of the last day of competition will win a Swordfighter Prize.

You’ve got to be in it to win it.

AFF #1 T-shirts

Tshirts were available to buy at AFF 1 in Melbourne (28-30 March)

Information will be available soon on the website on new products available.

Historical Fencing

So what is historical fencing?

Well here is a bit of a look at some historical fencing from youtube

“Historical fencing shows in Sandomierz”  

Very well done and some scenes are quite difficult to recreate and look “realistic”.

Fencing Champions

History is an important thing!

Especially fencing history, and up til now it hasn’t been available on the web.

For Australian Champions

For World & Olympic Champions

Olympic Qualification

To understand just how hard it is to qualify for the Olympics, especially in the 2 weapons chosen to not have a team event (Mens Foil and Womens Epee) in Beijing…. click here

Hopefully Fencing will be given the extra 2 gold medals for the team events in the future…

World Veterans Competition Sydney 2007 – Congratulated


The 2007 veteran world championships were held in sydney from 14-16th September.  Over 200 fencers from 22 nations competed.  The organizing committee and AFF president Helen Smith were thanked for the smooth running of the competition.

article from “Escrime Internationale” No 61 12/2007.

Fencing Book

Book Recommendation

“Escrime l’invention du Sport”  author Gerard Six.   A historical walk through ancient fencing from 1198BC! From Egyptian organized competitions through evolution up to the present day.

Highly recommended.

As seen in “Escrime Internationale” No 61 12/2007. 

Fencing – The Weapons

For a good understanding and views of the weapons used in Fencing

go to Olympic Website

Fencing – Trivia Quiz

Q. What are the names of the weapons used in fencing?

A. Foil, Epee, Sabre

Q. What is the area that a fencing match is held on?

A. “The piste’ ”

Q. What is a fencing match called?

A. A “Bout”

Q. Was fencing one of the original modern Olympic sports? or when was fencing first introduced to the modern Olympics?

A. Yes or 1896

Q. What are fencing pants called?

A. Breeches

Q. What is the metal jacket that foilists and sabreurs wear?

A. “Lame’ ”

Q. How many points win a bout?

A. 5points in a poule bout, 15points in a direct elimination (D/E) bout.

Q. What other Olympic sport uses one of the fencing weapons in its event?

A. Modern Pentathlon uses Epee fencing, first to 1 hit. (other events; pistol shooting, equestrian show jumping, cross country running, swimming).

Q. What is the French name for Fencing?

A. “Escirme’ ”

Q. What is the umpire in fencing called?

A. The “President” or commonly The “Referee”

Q. What is the target area in foil?

A. The lame’ which covers only the torso (excludes arms, head, legs and the foil)

Q. What is the target area in Epee?

A. Every part of the fencers body (exludes the epee)

Q. What is the target area in Sabre?

A. The lame’ covering everthing above the waist (excludes the sabre)

Q. How long in minutes does a poule bout last?

A. 3 mins, (plus 1min, if scores tied, first point wins.

Q. How long can a direct elimination D/E bout last?

A. 9 mins, (plus 1 min, if scores tied, first point wins.

Q. Which hand can you use in fencing?

A. Only your weapon hand – left or right.

Q. What is the physical stance in fencing called?

A. The en-garde stance.

Q. 1 hit equals how many points?

A. 1 point

Q. What do fencers say when they get a point scored on them?

A. ” Touche’ ”

Q. What is a block called?

A. A “Parry”

Q. What is the powerful thrusting hitting action called?

A. The “Lunge”

Athens Fencing Highlights

Check out the highlights video from Athens 2004.

just a little something to get you in the mood for Beijing….

 go to Youtube

New Childrens Fencing Movie

The spiderwick Chronicles is to be released in Australia in February 2008.

A fantasy world comes alive and one of the heroine’s has some fencing skills.

View the trailer

CIP 2008 Foil Commentary

Challenge Internationale Paris – France :: January 25-26 2008 :: Sanzo ITA v Baldini ITA :: wireless final commentary.

The final started off quite slowly with Baldini in control – the bout was quite static with neither Italian moving around much, more to Baldini’s liking. Every time that Sanzo would appear to be increasing speed or distance, Baldini would shuffle his back leg on tiptoe. Quite an effective move against someone he trains against. At the first break Baldini still had the lead 4-3 but Sanzo scored the final touch. [A little bit of insight to Baldinis style, having fenced him 3 years ago and observing his speed over a short distance with both hand and foot – this style was not in Sanzo’s best interest. Sanzo is obviously very fast, but Baldini is younger and improving all the time. His response time appears faster – maybe its youth].

After the break Sanzo came out and started to move more putting the left hander under a bit more pressure. With a challenge on the tv monitor available but unsuccessful, Sanzo started attacking more aggressively, something that good footwork and timing is essential for. [I tried, unsuccessfully points wise when I fenced Baldini, to push harder against him, and then run like the wind backwards to retreat. Both being left handed turned out to be an advantage to him as he could hit both of my shoulders comfortably. His counter six parry was lightening fast, again only repetition and timing can improve.].

The match then took another turn around. Baldini upped the tempo and scored an attack, a preparation attack, a counter attack, then a parry riposte for 4 in a row, and the lead 10-9, another riposte to Baldini and the lead is 11-9 at the 2nd break. [Confidence is massive in sport, fencing especially, if you feel confident you can overcome anything or hold on. Appearing confident is also a skill that each fencer must acquire. If your opponent thinks you’re vulnerable, you probably will be! Baldini is an incredibly confident fencer, no matter what situation he’s in he always appears confident. Naturally, trained, deserved, or experience its there, and he becomes a very powerful opponent at the other end of the piste.].

A successful challenge on the first point after the commencement extended Baldini’s lead to 12-9. Both fencers prodded and probed at each other. [very cautious and clever from Sanzo’s point of view, he couldn’t afford to lose more points, often bouts can totally change from this point]. Baldini responded equally well, with no desire to rush he picked of a point at the right time for 13-9. With the pressure off Baldini relaxed and scored with another disengage attack to get the lead 14-9, the final point was a lovely little riposte which gave Baldini the championship. [Pressure, perceived or actual, as in the final of the CIP or another world cup event, is something each fencer must determine a way to handle. Training as if the next point is the final touch of the match is a good method, it trains the brain and body to react without emotionally losing control or rushing.].

The final score of 15-9 was deceiving as to the closeness of the final and the subtleties of the skills of each fencer. But it was Andrea Baldini’s day and a new C.I.P champion for 2008.

You can view the full footage of the final here on

Corporate Events

Corporate Sword Fighters

A new experience for all types of corporate backgrounds.

A unique safe and fun educational experience.

Specifically designed safe and unbreakable fencing swords.

Executive Education.

Team Building.

Sporting Activity.

Internationally accredited Coaches and Instructors.

For more details call 0409 013 171


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