Australian Junior Commonwealth Team

Australian Athletes competing in Penang, Malaysia, 16-21st February 2009.

For Results Commonwealth Junior Website

Mens Foil : Unfortunately no medals for Aus. in this event

Stephen Dooley NSW, John Downes NSW, Ben Talbot Wright NSW, Chris Nagle VIC, Dean Williams VIC.

Womens Foil : Unfortunately no medals for Aus. in this event

Lishan Sung NSW, Claire Daniel QLD, Katie Boyles, VIC Alison Lancaster VIC, Catherine Tierney VIC.

Mens Epee : Unfortunately no medals for Aus. in this event.

John Downes NSW, Michael Nelson QLD, Kristian Radford QLD, Alex Hunter VIC, Jacob Stone WA.

Womens Epee : Unfortunately no medals for Aus. in this event

Michelle Hawkins QLD, Alice Cuddy VIC, Malindi Hagget WA, Mita Hill WA, Deane Whitehead WA.

Mens Sabre : 3rd Sutherlan Scudds Bronze Medal

Nicholas Davison QLD, Michael Nelson QLD, Chris Nagle VIC, Zak Leonhard WA, Sutherlan Scudds WA.

Womens Sabre: Unfortunately no medals for Aus. in this event

Isabelle Robertson QLD, Samantha Auty VIC, Katie Boyles VIC, Catherine Tierney VIC, Rosheen Kaul VIC.

Medal Tally : Link updated daily Australia 1 silver and 4 bronze team medals

Head Coach: Vlad Sher

Team Manager / Coach: Leon Thomas

Assistant Manager: Elli Wellings Assistant Coach: David Mok Referees: Stephen Darragh, Stephen Lim.  

Fencing Art

A couple of pins from clubs and competitions around the world….

Pins    pins 3    pins 2



Some Stamps from Nation’s with Fencing Backgrounds of times gone past….

stamps    stamp 2

Wuxi Uniforms maybe Banned

Chinese Fencing Brand (Wuxi / Jiang) said to be banned by the European Union.

The EU’s Consumer Affairs division (under report: “RAPEX”) has safety concerns with its FIE clothing protective strength.

Wuxi has apparently recalled its line with EU officials banning the sale of the “Beijing FIE 800N Jacket & Beijing FIE 800N Breeches“.

for more read link

The FIE hasn’t come out with a statement, although the report has been out for 2 weeks +.
Until then the equipment is appropriate and national bodies wont respond until the FIE has.

NB: The FIE has allowed the equipment to be worn. 

Wuxi Uniforms – Australian Situation

The EU’s Consumer Affairs Division has jurisdiction over the sale of products, and their description, in Europe.  The Australian equivalent is the ACCC, which governs trade practices issues (“misleading and deceptive” product claims).  It is believed that a competing European fencing equipment supplier initiated the EU Consumer Affairs Division action.

The FIE has jurisdiction over the use of equipment, and tests sample fabric to confirm 800N compliance.  The EU Consumer Affairs Division tested finished uniforms for 800N compliance.

So, here is the distinction:  currently, the FIE will continue to allow the use of Wuxi uniforms, as they have passed their testing.  However, you will not be able to purchase Wuxi uniforms in Europe.  This means that if they are purchased elsewhere but used in Europe, this will be okay as well.

The only relevance any of this has to Australian fencing is that the FIE has still validated the Wuxi uniform material, and Australia falls under the FIE rules.  However, if you are in any way concerned about your safety when using the Wuxi brand (or any brand in fact), then you should act accordingly.

Unity Foundation Event

Sword Fighters Australia is proud to be associated with Unity Foundation’s Fun-Run.

On 22nd February 2009 Melbournians will be invited to participate in a run….

“Around the Tan, Melbourne Botanical Gardens”  

 Unity Fun Run

Support Unity Website Link 

Sword Fighters Australia will provide Fencing equipment for Participants who will be able to

Have a go at Fencing” in the Family Fun Day events.

2.30pm Fencing Demonstration  

Located on “Tom’s Block” near the floral clock

Located off Linlithgow Avenue near the Shrine.

if you’d like to come along and bring some friends to have a go…Feel Free!

Download Poster for your Club or Workplace : Poster

For more information go to the Unity Link, more details to follow.

Fix A Weapon

Here is a great Book to learn how to maintain and repair Fencing Equipment

Maintenance Book

For more info and to order one, email :

Fencing Score Box

The List of Fencing Products is growing on Sword Fighters and associates.

Here is a great Aussie invention:

The S-Box, 3 weapon fencing box.                                  Download Brochure : S-BOX Brochure


For more details contact

Sword Fighter Parties

Would you or your child like a Sword Fighter Party

We come to you, or a location of your choice and can create a party specifically for you.

Download Party Flyer.

Contact Chris 0409 013 171 

email   Swordfighter

Ashburton PS Grand Fair

Sword Fighters Australia is proud to be a part of the Ashburton Primary School Grand Fair.

Sunday March 15th 2009


Location: Fakenham Road, Ashburton 

Come along and try out the local delights and rides including Fencing.

Website Link 

Cadet & Junior World Championships

Nominations are available until 6th February for the Australian Team for the World Junior and Cadet Championships event in Belfast, Northern Ireland 4-13 April 2009.

Championship Website Link

Further information available on  

AFF Epee Camps 2009

AFF has released its dates for National Epee Camps (prior to National Circuit Competitions)#1 28Feb & 1Mar : File Link 

Singapore Fencing Calendar has released its Fencing Calendar for 2009.

Download:  Singapore Calendar

Fencing Victoria Venue

The new centre for Fencing in Victoria is on track at Arden Street in North Melbourne.

Construction Link  

Construction begins in February ’09 and should be completed by Feb 2010 in time for the Fencing season to commence.. 

Development Plans Link to North Melbourne Kangaroos Website

Canberra Tournament

ACT is holding a Competition one month prior to the AFF #1 (being held in April).

The Canberra Day tournament is open to Open and Novice Fencers.

March : 7 & 8

Tourism is a big part of Canberra’s appeal so get along to support your sport in the Nations Capital. 

Details can be found here : ACT Open    Information 

Fencing Victoria Venue

The new Fencing Victoria Fencing Centre is on track at Arden St. North Melbourne.

Construction Link 

Building begins in Feb ’09 and is due for completion Feb ’10 

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