AFC #3 Perth 2016

AFC #3 Perth.

Mens Sabre 1 J.Dick WA, 2 J.Siu NSW, =3rd S.Leitch Qld, =3rd A.Scott WA.  

Womens Foil 1 E.Marotta Vic, 2 A.Kwag Qld, =3rd V.Hull NSW, =3rd A.Lee WA. 

Mens Epee 1 J.Downes NSW, 2 D.Yates Vic,  =3rd K.Radford Vic, =3rd J.Shelley ACT. 

Womens Sabre1 S.Auty Vic, 2 G.White NSW, =3rd H.Phillips Vic, =3rd S.Webster WA. 

Mens Foil1 J.Morris NSW, 2 E.Fitzgerald Vic, =3rd T.Reynolds Vic, =3rd M.Jamrozy WA. 

Womens Epee1 A.Nutt NSW, 2 B.J.Lee WA, =3rd D.Gu Vic, =3rd E.Halls Vic. 


Club Teams Mens Sabre1 Excalibur WA, 2 Mosman Vikings NSW, =3rd The Fencing Club Qld, =3rd Sydney Sabre NSW. 

Club Teams Womens Foil: 1 ECU Cavalier WA, 2 VRI Vic, =3rd TSC Gold NSW, =3rd Excalibur WA. 

Club Teams Mens Epee1 Dragons Vic, 2 UTS Green NSW, =3rd UWA ‘A’ WA, =3rd The Fencing Club Qld.

Club Teams Womens Sabre 1 VRI Vic, 2 Sydney Academy NSW, =3rd Mosman Vikings NSW, =3rd Excalibur WA.

Club Teams Mens Foil1 Blacklords Vic, 2 Sydney Academy NSW, =3rd UTS Teal NSW, =3rd ECU Cavaliers WA. 

Club Teams Womens Epee1 UTS Teal NSW, 2 Macquarie UNI NSW,  =3rd UWA Gold WA, =3rd UTS Gold NSW. 


U23 Mens Sabre 1 J.Dick WA, 2 S Andrews NSW, =3rd J Boyd-Hoare NSW, =3rd W Campbell SA.

U23 Womens Sabre1 Grace White NSW, 2 Helen Phillips Vic, =3rd Hannah Biskupic NSW, =3rd Sian Webster WA. 

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