AFC #2 Adelaide 2017 Veterans Results

AFC #2 Robyn Chaplin Adelaide 2017

Veterans Results 

Veterans Mens Foil: 1st N Nutt ACT, 2nd A Tyschenko NSW, =3rd A Reynolds Vic, =3rd S Johnson WA.

Veterans Mens Epee: 1st A Paxman WA, 2nd D Ferguson SA, =3rd P Osvath Vic, =3rd S Hamm Vic.

Veteran Womens Epee: 1st S Osvath Vic, 2nd N Ferguson SA, =3rd M Yeung NSW, =3rd A Ballard NSW.

Veteran Womens Foil: 1st A Ballard NSW, 2nd N Ferguson SA, =3rd J Bonney-Millet Qld, =3rd N Dunstan Vic.

Veterans Mens Sabre: 1st D Wheeler NSW, 2nd S Johnson WA, =3rd D Kneale WA, =3rd M White NSW.

Veterans Womens Sabre: 1st H Jordan NSW, 2ndC Sopru SA, =3rd J Menary SA, =3rd S Schwarz WA.


For full results go to Ausfencing Link 

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