Asian Championships Results 2017

Asian Championships Hong Kong 2017

Mens Epee: 22 K Radford, 44 J Shelley, 52 R Austen, 64/70 S Rawlings.

Womens Epee: 28 E Patten, 37 D Gu, 43 A Deveraux, 50/53 E Principe 

Mens Foil: 19 S Douglas, 20 N Fitzgerald, 21 C Nagle, 29/62 L Webber.

Womens Foil: 14 E Marotta, 31/52 F Clarke.

Womens Sabre: 28/48 S Auty.


Mens Foil 5th: Beat Macao, then lost a close match 45:40 against Hong Kong to finish 5th.

Mens Epee: 12th: Seeded 7th, lost to Chinese Taipei 45:42, then beat Phillipines 45:40,  then lost Singapore 45:40, lost against Kyrgyzstan 45:37.

Womens Epee: 8th: Seeded 5th, beat Mongolia 45:26, then lost to Hong Kong 45:36, then lost to Vietnam 45:31, then Kazakhstan to finish

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