2021 National Veterans Results

Australian National Veteran Championships, Melbourne December 2021

Veteran Individual

Mens Foil:  Gold A.Tyshcenko NSW, Silver A.Reynolds NSW, Bronze C.Bosnic Vic, Bronze D.Chachs Vic.

Womens FoilGold S.Lidor Vic, Silver J.Bonney Millet Vic, Bronze A.Ballard NSW, Bronze A.Nutt NSW.

Mens EpeeGold D.Cook Vic, Silver S.Summerfield Vic, Bronze P.Osvath Vic, Bronze S.Javens Vic.

Womens EpeeGold S.Osvath NSW, Silver A.Nutt NSW, Bronze A.Ballard NSW, Bronze T.Buchanan NSW.

Mens SabreGold R.Vintila NSW, Silver G.Foster NSW, Bronze G.Stehle Vic, Bronze D.Chachs Vic.

Womens SabreGold M.Y.Du NSW, Silver L.Lagergren Vic, Bronze C.Walker Vic, Bronze T.Buchanan NSW.



      Mens Foil:  Gold NSW, Silver Vic,  

Womens FoilGold Vic A, Silver NSW, Bronze Vic B,

       Mens EpeeGold  Vic A, Silver Vic B,

Womens EpeeGold NSW A, Silver Vic A, Bronze Vic B, 

      Mens SabreGold NSW, Silver Vic,

Womens SabreGold NSW, Silver Vic A, Bronze Vic B, 

for more info link (Ausfencing.org select the event).

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