National Fencing Championships 2022

Nationals: Adelaide 2022


Open Individual

           Men’s Epee: S.Robinson QLD, 2nd L.Crook QLD, =3rd A.English Vic, I.Hayes Vic.

     Women’s Foil: J.Lukins NSW, 2nd G.Salmas Vic, =3rd M.Muralidharan Vic, =3rd S.Glasson NSW.

 Women’s Epee1st , E.Halls Vic  2nd G.Janse Van Rensburg NSW, =3rd U.Menz SA,  =3rd A.Nutt NSW.

         Men’s Foil:  1st J.Glasson NSW, 2nd M.Foster Vic, =3rd N.Fitzgerald Vic,  =3rd J.Hull NSW

 Women’s Sabre1st G.Hardge NSW, 2nd Z.Djamirze NSW, =3rd Y.Zelin NSW,  =3rd M.Y.Du NSW

     Men’s Sabre: 1st Y.Shim NSW, 2nd T.Davis Vic, =3rd E.Hoarau WA,  =3rd Z.Radnoti NSW.

Open Teams

Women’s Foil Teams: 1st Vic A, 2nd NSW A, =3rd Vic B, NSW B.

     Mens Epee Teams: 1st Vic, 2nd QLD, =3rd SA A, NZ A.

Women’s Epee Teams1st NSW A, 2nd NSW B, =3rd Vic A, Vic B

       Men’s Foil Teams1st Vic, 2nd NSW, =3rd SA A, NZ A.

     Men’s Sabre Teams1st WA, 2nd NSW A, =3rd Vic A,  =3rd NSW B.

Women’s Sabre Teams1st NSWA, 2nd NSW B, 3rd Vic.


V Women’s Epee:.1st M.Yeung NSW, 2nd S.Osvath NSW, =3rd M.Black NZ, =3rd A.Nutt NSW.

      V Men’s Epee1st D.Cook Vic, 2nd D.Ferguson SA, =3rd P.Osvath Vic, =3rd L.Cartillier QLD.

V Women’s Foil1st J.Bonney-Millett Qld, 2nd J.Lyaschenko NSW, =3rd L.Shay Vic,  =3rd A.Ballard NSW.  

      V Men’s Foil1st A.Tyschenko NSW, 2nd C.Jones Vic, =3rd C.Bosnic Vic,  =3rd D.Ferguson SA.

V Men’s Sabre1st D.Wheeler NSW, 2nd D.Kneale WA, G.Foster NSW.

 V Women’s Sabre1st M.Y.Du NSW, 2nd H.Jordan NSW, =3rd M.Yeung NSW,  =3rd C.Walker Vic.

Veteran Teams

 V Women’s Epee :.1st NSW, 2nd NSW, =3rd WA, =3rd Vic.

    V  Men’s Epee : 1st SA, 2nd Vic, =3rd WA, =3rd NSW.

   V Women’s Foil1st Vic A, 2nd NSW, 3rd Vic B

     V Men’s Foil1st NSW, 2nd Vic, 3rd SA.

V Women’s Sabre1st NSW, 2nd Vic,

National Championship Adelaide 2022


completed 2022… see you in Melbourne 2023!

AFC 4 Melbourne

AFC #4 Melbourne 2022


          Open Men’s Epee: L.Crook QLD, 2nd  SA, =3rd N.Zeitoun Vic, I.Hayes Vic.

     Open Women’s Foil: M.Muralidharan Vic, 2nd J.Shi Vic, =3rd G.Huber Vic, =3rd V.Hull NSW.

            Open Men’s Foil: M.Foster Vic, 2nd J.Leung Vic, =3rd J.Glasson NSW, =3rd R.Cicciaralli NSW.

 Open Women’s Sabre: G.Hardge NSW, 2nd Y.Zou NSW, =3rd K.Cheung Vic, =3rd M.Y.Du NSW.

    Open Women’s Epee: E. Halls Vic, 2nd S.Osvath NSW, =3rd E.Principe NSW, =3rd S.Scott NSW.

         Open Men’s Sabre: A.Brown WA, 2nd P. Palakwongse NSW, =3rd S.Andrews NSW, =3rd Z.Radnoti NSW.


   Veteran Men’s Sabre: G.Stehle Vic, 2nd G.Foster NSW, =3rd D.Chachs Vic, =3rd B.Simpson NZ.

Veteran Women’s Sabre: M.Y.Du NSW, 2nd M.Yeung NSW, =3rd H.Jordan NSW, =3rd C.Walker Vic.

Veteran Women’s Foil: S.Lidor Vic , J.Bonney-Millet Qld, =3rd N.Dunstan Vic, =3rd J.Lyaschenko NSW.

      Veteran Men’s Foil: A.Tyschenko NSW, 2nd C.Jones Vic, =3rd D.Chachs Vic, =3rd M.Prince NSW.

Veteran Women’s Epee: M.Yeung NSW, 2nd J.Seggie NSW, =3rd S.Osvath NSW, =3rd T.Ijas Vic.

      Veteran Men’s Epee: M.Baker NZ, 2nd D.Cook Vic, =3rd D.Ferguson SA, =3rd PKurtyka NSW.


AFC #3 Perth Veterans

AFC #3 Perth WA 2022

Verteran Events

Mens Epee: A.Paxman WA, M.Pesman NSW, =3rdD.Kneale WA, =3rd L.Santos WA

Mens Foil:  A.Reynolds NSW, P.Barry SA, =3rd C.Bosnic Vic, =3rd A.Reyes WA

Womens Epee: I.Ellis WA,  C.Syme ACT, =3rd K.Weatherald WA, =3rd B.Ramage NSW

Mens Sabre: D.Wheeler NSW, D.Kneale WA =3rd C.Stronach WA, =3rd R.Kuhaupt WA

Womens Foil: (Mixed results) 5th B.Ramage NSW, 6 C.Stokes NSW.

Womens Sabre: (Mixed results) 5th E.Gulland WA, 7 I.Elleis WA, 8 G.Wecker WA.


AFC #3 Perth WA 2022 Teams

Congratulations to Sword Fighters Australia Team Foil 

Winners in Perth

T.Reynolds, M.Faria and C.Bosnic win Club Teams Challenge


AFC #3 Perth 2022

AFC #3 Perth WA 2022

Open Events

Womens: V.Vasileva NSWL.Blyth WA, =3rd L.Fallon NSW, =3rd M.Marchwicka WA 

Mens Epee: N.Zeuituon Vic,  L.Crook QLD, =3rd D.McClelland Vic, =3rd R.Chandran SA

Mens Foil:J. Glasson NSW, T.Reynolds VIC, =3rd M.Foster Vic, =3rd N.Fitzgerald

Womens Epee: E.Halls Vic,  K.Nonis WA, =3rd K.Cheung Vic, =3rd S.Scott NSW

Mens Sabre: Y.Shim NSW, E.Hoarau WA =3rd H.Chung Vic, =3rd A.Brown WA

Womens Foil: T.Lukins NSW, M. Muralidharan Vic, =3rd A.Whelan NSW, =3rd V.Hull NSW.



World Championships 2022

         World Championships Cairo Egypt, 2022


   Mens Sabre: A.Szilagyi HUN   M.Pianfetti FRA,  I Teodosiu ROU, S.Bazadze GEO.

Womens Epee: S.Song KOR   A.Ndolo GER,   MV.Kong HKG, R.Fiamingo ITA.

      Mens Epee: R.Cannone FRA   K.Minobe JAP,  N.Loyola BEL, I.Reizlin UKR.

Womens Foil: Y.Thibus FRA   A.Errigo ITA,   M.Bolder ROU, L.Kiefer USA.

         Mens Foil: E.Lefort FRA   T.Marrini ITA,   K.Cheung HKG, N.Itkin USA.

Womens Sabre: E.Misaki JPN   A.Bashta AZE,   A.Navarro ESP, Georgiadou GRE.

Team Events

     Mens Sabre:  Korea  Hungary  Italy

Womens Epee:  Korea   Italy   Poland

        Mens Epee:  France  Italy  Japan

    Womens Foil:  Italy   USA  France 

            Mens Foil:  Italy  USA  France 

 Womens Sabre:  Hungary  France  Japan


World and Olympic Champions List world-champion-and-olympic-champions-2022



                                       Medal Table2022 world Championships



































Hong Kong




























AFC #1 Sydney Veterans 2022

Australian Veteran Fencing Circuit Sydney March 2022

Veteran Individual

      Mens Foil:  Gold A.Calixte NSW (FRA), Silver A.Albano NSW, Bronze P.Aitchison NSW, Bronze R.Purdie NSW

Womens FoilGold J.B.Millet Qld, Silver A.Nutt NSW, Bronze J.Lyashenko NSW, Bronze H.Byrne NSW.

       Mens EpeeGold M.Baker NSW, Silver N.Sakhrani NSW, Bronze E.Desjardina
NSW, Bronze S.Summerfield Vic.

Womens Epee: Gold S.Osvath NSW, Silver A.Nutt NSW, Bronze N.Ferguson SA, Bronze M.Yeung NSW.

     Mens SabreGold D.Wheeler NSW, Silver R.Vinitila NSW, Bronze G.Foster NSW, Bronze D.Chachs Vic.

Womens SabreGold M.Yeung NSW, Silver M.Y.Du NSW, Silver H. Jordan NSW, Vic, Bronze C. Walker Vic.

AFC #1 Sydney March 2022

Australian Fencing Circuit Sydney March 2022

Open Individual

       Mens Foil:  Gold S.Douglas NSW, Silver J.Morris NSW, Bronze N.Zeitoun Vic, Bronze Y.Fontain NSW.

Womens FoilGold G.Salmas Vic, Silver V.Hull NSW, Bronze M.Muralidharan Vic, Bronze T.Lukins NSW.

     Mens EpeeGold A.English Vic, Silver L.Crook Qld, Bronze L.Yang NSW, Bronze J.Downes WA.

Womens EpeeGold G.Janse Van Rensburg NSW, Silver A.Nutt NSW, Bronze S.Scott NSW, Bronze E.Principe NSW.

     Mens SabreGold S.Andrew NSW, Silver E.Hoarau WA, Bronze Y.Shim NSW, Bronze C.Hely NSW.

Womens SabreGold Z.Djamirse NSW, Silver G.Hardge NSW, Bronze Y.Zou NSW, Bronze M.Yi Du NSW.


Extraordinary times

2022, we start the recovery from Covid and Russia invades Ukraine.. Extraordinaty times.

Fie President Usmanov resigns under pressure from Western nations on Russian oligarchs.

Russian and Belarussian athletes banned from competition.


We hope and believe in a peaceful world..


Lets hope we can return to peaceful and better times..



Coeur de Lion 2022

(Also find on the FV Calendar Link )

CDL Dates

#1 cdl-results-2022.1

#2 cdl-results-2022.2

#3 cdl-results-2022.3

#4 cdl-results-2022.4

#5 cdl-results-2022.5

#6 cdl-results-2022.6

#7 cdl-results-2022.7 

#8 cdl-results-2022.8

#9 cdl-results-2022. 9

#10 cdl-results-2022. 10





Narre Warren Fencing Club

Sword Fighters Australia memberships for 2022 are online now.

Link 2022 Membership


Any questions please let me know.

Your 2022 membership gives you access to different locations and training.


Narre Warren -: Tuesday Nights


For more info please contact

Chris 0409 013 171 

State Fencing Centre Training

Sword Fighters Australia memberships for 2022 are online now.

Link 2022 Membership


Any questions please let me know.

Your 2022 membership gives you access to different locations and training.


North Melbourne -: Saturdays

Thursday’s -: High Performance Lessons


For more info please contact

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M.S.A.C Training – Albert Park

Sword Fighters Australia memberships for 2022 are online now.

Link 2022 Membership


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Your 2022 membership gives you access to different locations and training.


MSAC Mondays 5-9pm


For more info please contact

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Monday Sessions are also in conjunction with our Sister club Rogue FC.

Epee being predominant weapon.

Please contact Rogue FC for more info. LINK


Hampton/Brighton Fencing Club

Sword Fighters Australia memberships for 2022 are online now.

Link 2022 Membership


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Your 2022 membership gives you access to different locations and training.


Hampton/St Leonards Uniting Church Hall -: Wednesday Nights


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2022 Fencing Club Memberships

Sword Fighters Australia Fencing Club Memberships for 2022 are online now.

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Your 2022 membership gives you access to different locations and training.


For more info please contact

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     updated 12/1/2022

CDL Calendar

Coeur de Lion Calendar

(Also find on the FV Calendar Link )

CDL Dates

#1 cdl-results-2022 


#2 12th March

#3 9th April 

#4 7th May

#5 4th June 

#6 9th July

#7 6th Aug 

#8 9th September

#9 7th October 

#10 5th November


FV Calendar 2022

Keep up to date with the updated FV Calendar for 2022.

Fencing Victoria and AFF Caledar for season 2022..






updated 26/12/21

CDL 2022

Coeur De Lion 2022

The Coeur De Lion will recommence in 2022!

With an emphasis on community and returning to the fun world of competition.

10 events for the year, with 6 events making up your best results for the year.

Still 3 pools, with a Gold, Silver and Bronze poule allowing for development and monthly reference to asses how you’ve ranked over the year.

Time: 3pm Saturdays on a monthly basis.

Finishing later in the afternoon, planning on adjourning to a restaurant for social gathering/dinner.

(NB please check the latest FV Calendar for date changes)

#1 February 2021

next dependant on COVID19.



updated 16/12/21

2021 National Veterans Results

Australian National Veteran Championships, Melbourne December 2021

Veteran Individual

Mens Foil:  Gold A.Tyshcenko NSW, Silver A.Reynolds NSW, Bronze C.Bosnic Vic, Bronze D.Chachs Vic.

Womens FoilGold S.Lidor Vic, Silver J.Bonney Millet Vic, Bronze A.Ballard NSW, Bronze A.Nutt NSW.

Mens EpeeGold D.Cook Vic, Silver S.Summerfield Vic, Bronze P.Osvath Vic, Bronze S.Javens Vic.

Womens EpeeGold S.Osvath NSW, Silver A.Nutt NSW, Bronze A.Ballard NSW, Bronze T.Buchanan NSW.

Mens SabreGold R.Vintila NSW, Silver G.Foster NSW, Bronze G.Stehle Vic, Bronze D.Chachs Vic.

Womens SabreGold M.Y.Du NSW, Silver L.Lagergren Vic, Bronze C.Walker Vic, Bronze T.Buchanan NSW.



      Mens Foil:  Gold NSW, Silver Vic,  

Womens FoilGold Vic A, Silver NSW, Bronze Vic B,

       Mens EpeeGold  Vic A, Silver Vic B,

Womens EpeeGold NSW A, Silver Vic A, Bronze Vic B, 

      Mens SabreGold NSW, Silver Vic,

Womens SabreGold NSW, Silver Vic A, Bronze Vic B, 

for more info link ( select the event).

2021 National Results

Australian National Championships, Melbourne December 2021

Open Individual

      Mens Foil:  Gold J.Lim Vic, Silver M.Foster Vic, Bronze T.Colgan Vic, Bronze J.Glasson NSW.

Womens FoilGold A.Tyschenko NSW, Silver E.Simon Vic, Bronze M.Muralidaran Vic, Bronze V.Hull NSW.

    Mens EpeeGold L.Crook Qld, Silver A.English Vic, Bronze N.Zeituon Vic, Bronze M.Bianchin Vic.

Womens EpeeGold E.Halls Vic, Silver M.Anderson QLD, Bronze A.Awong NSW, Bronze G.Janse Van Rensburg NSW.

   Mens SabreGold T.Davis Vic, Silver G.Yako NSW, Bronze A.Douglas NSW, Bronze J.Roncolato NSW.

Womens SabreGold Y.Zou NSW, Silver T.H.Yen NSW, Bronze G.Hardge NSW, Bronze M.YDu NSW.



       Mens Foil:  Gold NSW A, Silver VIC A, Bronze VIC B, Bronze NSW B.

Womens FoilGold NSW A, Silver VIC A, Bronze VIC B, Bronze NSW B.

       Mens EpeeGold VIC A, Silver QLD, Bronze VIC B, Bronze NSW.

Womens EpeeGold NSW A, Silver VIC A, Bronze VIC B, Bronze NSW B,

      Mens SabreGold NSW A, Silver NSW B, Bronze VIC A, Bronze VIC B.

Womens SabreGold NSW, Silver VIC,

for more info link ( select the event).

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Team Events

Fencing 2020 Tokyo streaming on the C7 app…. keep an eye out for results in each discipline : >Link


Olympic Team Medals and results published after each event.


 Women’s Epee:   Gold  EST      Silver  KOR      Bronze  ITA 

      Men’s sabre:   Gold  KOR      Silver  ITA       Bronze  HUN

    Womens Foil:   Gold  ROC      Silver  FRA      Bronze  USA

       Men’s Epee:   Gold  JAP       Silver  ROC      Bronze  KOR

Womens Sabre:   Gold  ROC     Silver  FRA       Bronze   KOR 

         Men’s Foil:   Gold  FRA      Silver  ROC      Bronze  USA


World Champions – Olympic Champions List

World Champions & Olympic Champions List.

Wonderful historical reference of the foundation Olympic Sport.


Tokyo 2020 Medal Tally

Medal Tally Tokyo Olympics 2020

Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total Event
ROC 3 4 1 8 WF, WF, WS, MTE, WS, WTF, WTS, MTF
FRA 2 2 1 5 ME ,WS, WTF, WTS, MTF
KOR 1 1 3 5 MTS, MS, WTE, MTE, WTE
EST 1   1 2 WE, WTE
HUN 1   1 2 MS, MTS
USA 1 1 2 WF, MTF
CHI 1     1 WE
HKG 1     1 MF
ITA   3 2 5 MS, MF, WTE, MTS, WTF
ROU   1   1 WE
HUN 1 1 ME
UKR   1 1 ME
CZE     1 1 MF



Tokyo 2020

Fencing 2020 Tokyo streaming on the C7 app…. keep an eye out for results in each discipline : >Link


In an incredible championships, through Covid interruptions huge upsets in indivicual events ensued.


Medals and results published after each event.

Womens Sabre:  Gold  S.Pozdniakova ROC  Silver  S.Velikaya ROC    Bronze M.Brunet FRA 

         Men’s Foil:  Gold  K.Cheung HKG         Silver D.Garozzo ITA         Bronze A.Choupenitch CZE 

    Womens Foil:  Gold  L.Kiefer USA           Silver I.Deriglazova ROC   Bronze L.Korebeynikova ROC  

       Men’s Epee:  Gold  R.Cannone FRA      Silver G.Siklosi HUN           Bronze I.Reizlin UKR

Women’s Epee:  Gold  Y.Sun CHI                 Silver A.Popescu ROU          Bronze K.Lehis EST

     Men’s sabre:   Gold  A.Szilagyi HUN       Silver L.Samele ITA               Bronze J.Kim KOR


Brisbane 2032



Very exciting time for Australia as Brisbane is awarded the Olympics for 2032…!


11 years to go….


So many sporting and Fencing careers..


This is what dreams are made of  ….




Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Fencing 2020 Tokyo website is very thorough and useful.. keep an eye out for results in each discipline : >Link

Live Streaming via this youtube > Link


Medals and results published after each event. 28 July-1August.


Aug 1 Mens Foil teams


Discover the list of Athletes competing for their Country in the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Courtesy of the FIE Tokyo Games site: > Link


Olympic Athletes Qualified

Discover the list of Athletes competing for their Country in the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Courtesy of the FIE Tokyo Games site: Link


Olympics Article

Nice Article from the BBC on Tunisian Foilist determination: Link


2021 En Pointe Wireless System

Australian Company ‘EnPointe’ Wireless System.

Australia has a small (compared to world wide Fencing powerhouses) but dedicated Fencing Community.

Emerging out of Melbourne “EnPointe” has created and Manufactured an alternative to ground wired and expensive European Scoring Boxes.

Wireless will eventually overtake traditional ground or wired systems, and in a world where light weight, tech savvy systems are easy to use and require a small storage area, Fencing Clubs will be gravitating towards EnPointe Wireless Systems, that are Revolutionary-Practical-Affordable.


Contact EnPointe:

Check out their range : Link


2021 Memberships

The 2021 Season is upon us.

Please follow the Link to sign up for 2021.

NB Only Fully paid up 2020 Sword Fighters Australia Members can choose the 2021 Rollover option.

Memberships for Junior or Senior Members & State Fencing sessions can also be found on the FV online affiliation website page -choose Sword Fighters Australia Club and go from there.



Fencing 101

Nice little video articles from the FIE Magazine on all three weapons






Another great idea as a dummy, with adjustable blade height, and target zones.

Humour in a crisis

Dummy Ideas

Here’s a few other ideas for target practice.


Using a ladder is a good “back” for the dummy and allows manoeuvrability, indoors a coatrack is handy too.


Can use different ideas and works for alternate target practice too ie Epee.

David Dummy


Fencing Target Dummy

Having had a go at making a dummy, heres a few ideas for creating your own target setup at home.

Foil Stand for adjusting weapon height and position etc.

Jacket Stand, with a coathanger for the jackets and stuffed with pillows for bulking up


Finished Target, with Bungy Cord wrapped around post for stability.


In action.

finished dummy video

target dummy

Posted by Sword Fighters Australia on Sunday, April 19, 2020


Fencing Remote Training

Here’s a great idea for those in isolated situations still wanting training ideas.. Courtesy of Ben Peggs Instagram..

View this post on Instagram

Lockdown in London has been challenging. However, a mark of an athlete is their ability to adapt and overcome obstacles placed in from of them. Thankfully the weather has been kind to me and I’ve managed to find a way to keep my technical training on point. Meet my new training partner – aka ‘Shadow’, for the next few weeks ? Luckily he doesn’t fight back! ? If you want to build your own, you’ll need a few pillows, two towels, an old laundry stand, and a few bungees. The fencing kit part can be found @leonpaullondon ? @britishfencing does this look like a new training tool that could be used for the Athlete Development Programme? ?? #quarantinetraining #lockdown #technicaltraining #adaptandovercome #challengeyourself #balconyantics #sunshine #london #fencing #neighborhoodfencer #stayhome #staysafe #aspirationfund #fencinginspires #nationallottery @uk_sport

A post shared by Ben Peggs (@benpeggs) on


COVID 19 Situation

Due to the Global and Australian Health Situation, Fencing has been shut down for the time being.

We are doing Remote 1:1 lessons for those keen to continue training and having regular lessons.

For more details contact Chris 0409 013 171

CDL 2020

Coeur De Lion Dates for 2020


(NB please check the latest FV Calendar for date changes)

#1 cdl-results-2020.1

#2 cdl-results-2020.2

next dependant on COVID19.

#4 23rd May 

#5 27th June

#6 25th July  

#7 8th August 

#8 19th September 

 #9 17th October  

#10 7th November  

updated 10/5/20

Australian Champions History

Australian National Champions

Keep up with the History of Australian Fencing -:


Australian Veteran Championships 2019

Canberra 2019

   Veteran Womens Foil: 1st L.Shay VIC, 2nd A.Nutt NSW, =3rd J.Allardice VIC, =3rd A.Ballard NSW.

       Veteran Mens Sabre: 1st R.Vintial NSW, 2nd S.Johnson WA , =3rd G.Foster NSW, =3rd M.Treasure VIC.

Veteran Womens Sabre: 1st M Y Du NSW, 2nd M Yeung NSW, =3rd E.K.Gulland WA, =3rd H.Jordan NSW.

           Veteran Mens Foil1st A.Tyschenko NSW, 2nd R.Purdie NSW, =3rd A.Reynolds VIC, =3rd G.Mittermair ACT.

       Veteran Mens Epee1st T.Song NSW, 2nd M.Pesman NSW, =3rd L.Cartillier QLD, =3rd G.Scott VIC.

Veteran Womens Epee1st S.Osvath NSW, 2nd M.Black NZL, =3rd C.Murphy ACT, =3rd M.Yeung NSW.


  Womens Foil Teams: 1st NSW, 2nd VIC, =3rd ACT, =3rd VIC B.

          Mens Foil Teams1st NSW, 2nd Vic, =3rd ACT A, =3rd ACT B.

      Mens Sabre Teams 1st NSW, 2nd WA, =3rd ACT, =3rd VIC.

Womens Sabre Teams 1st NSW, 2nd WA, =3rd VIC, =3rd ACT.

         Mens Epee Teams 1st ACT A, 2nd QLD A, =3rd VIC, =3rd NSW A.

Womens Epee Teams1st NSW B , 2nd NSW A, =3rd VIC, =3rd SA.

Australian National Championships

Canberra, ACT 2019.

       Mens Sabre: 1st M.Kang QLD (KOR) , 2nd S.Andrews NSW, =3rd Z.Leonhard WA, =3rd A.Douglas NSW.

    Womens Foil: 1st E.Bofinger NSW, 2nd F.Clarke NSW, =3rd G.Salmas VIC , =3rd E.Simon VIC.

          Mens Foil: 1st S.Douglas NSW, 2nd C.Nagle VIC, =3rd L.Webber VIC, =3rd C.Ferguson SA.

 Womens Epee1st S.Scott NSW, 2nd D.Gu VIC, =3rd NSW S.Osvath, =3rd A.Murrel VIC.

         Mens Epee1st S.Robinson QLD, 2nd A.Burgun SA, =3rd D.Yates VIC, =3rd S.Douglas NSW,

Womens Sabre1st V.Vasileva NSW, 2nd G.Hardge NSW, =3rd E.Johnson WA, =3rd A.Kwag QLD.


Womens Sabre Teams1st NSW, 2nd WA, 3rd VIC.

 Womens Epee Teams1st NSW A, 2nd VIC A, =3rd NSW B, =3rd. NZL.

        Mens Epee Teams: 1st VIC, 2nd QLD A, =3rd ACT A, =3rd WA.

   Womens Foil Teams1st VIC A, 2nd NSW A, =3rd VIC B, =3rd NSW B.

          Mens Foil Teams1st VIC A, 2nd NSW A, =3rd VIC B, =3rd NSW B.

      Mens Sabre Teams1st  NSW, 2nd WA A, =3rd VIC, =3rd QLD,

The M.A.S.K

We are proud to announce the release of all 3 versions of the M.A.S.K

(Multipurpose Adjustable Scoring Kit)


Version 1: Training on your own – similar to a weapons tester, (With FIE 14 millisecend timing).

Testing your own foils and bodywires,

Using as a light system for hitting a target board.

(Which can also be purchased through Sword Fighters Australia).

Using in a lesson to accurately judge hits landed correctly.

Regular Price $80


Version 2: Adding a M.A.S.K Light system to your regular mask, allows for hits to be seen on the front of your fencing mask without looking sideways at a box.

Regular Price $120, or for only an additional $40 if you already purchased version 1.


Version 3: The complete system, included with updated software and the M.A.S.K Light system, allows the user to fence with available off target and on target lame hits.

Regular Price $200,

Or for the updating price if you have purchased a Version 1 or Version 2 M.A.S.K System.


For more details email

Contact Chris 0409 013 171.

Video coming soon.

Australian National Championships 2019

Canberra 22- 26 November 2019.

22 November 

9:00 Mens Sabre

9:30 Womens Foil

12:30 Veteran Mens Sabre

1:00 Veteran Womens Sabre

23 November

8:30 Mens Foil

12:00 Veteran Womens Foil

12:15 Mens Sabre Teams

2:00 Veteran Mens Foil

24 November

8:30 Womens Epee (Epee Teams following)

9:00 Mens Foil Teams

12:30 Veteran Mens & Womens Foil Teams

2:00 Womens Sabre

25 November 

8:30 Mens Epee

9:00 Womens Sabre Teams

2:00 Womens Epee Teams

26 November 

8:30 Veteran Mens Epee (&Teams)

9:00 Veteran Womens Epee (& Teams)

2:00 Mens Epee Teams


Weapons Test 1 hour prior to each event and Thursday 21 November

2019 World Championships

World Championships Budapest 2019

Mens Sabre

GOLD S.Oh KOR,  2ndA.Szatmari HUN, =3rd M.Abedini IRI, =3rd L.Curatoli ITA.

Aus: 109 J.Siu, 118 A.Douglas, 139 W.Campbell, Z.Leonhard 141/159.

Womens Epee

GOLD E.Moelhausen BRA,  2ndS.Lin CHN, =3rd MWV.Wong HKG, =3rd O.Kryvytska UKR.

Aus: 105 E.Patten, 139 M.Anderson, 149 D.Gu, A.Deveraux 159/188.

Mens Foil

GOLD ,E.Lefort FRA,  2ndM.Mepstead GBR=3rd YK.SonvKOR, =3rd D.Zherebchenko RUS.

Aus: 26 S.Douglas, 81 C.Nagle, 99 N.Fitzgerald, L.Webber 166/187.

Womens Sabre

GOLD O.Kharlan UKR,  2ndS.Velikaya RUS=3rd T.Gkountoura GRE, =3rd B.Pascu ROM.

Aus: 131 S.Auty, C.Fox-Harding 134/146.

Mens Epee

GOLD G.Siklosi HUN,  2ndS.Bida RUS=3rd I.Reizlin UKR, =3rd A.Santarelli ITA.

Aus: 111 K.Radford, 159 M.Biachin, 165 I.Hayes, S.Rawlins 220/222.

Womens Foil

GOLD I.Deriglazova RUS,  2ndP.Ranvier FRA=3rd E.DiFrancisca ITA, =3rd A.Errigo ITA.

Aus:96 V.Hull, 104 G.Barrett, 110 F.Clark, M.M 114/142.



Mens Epee

Gold FRA, Silver UKRBronze SWI .

Womens Foil

Gold RUS, Silver ITABronze USA .

Mens Foil

Gold USA, Silver FRA,Bronze ITA.

Mens Sabre

Gold KOR, Silver HUNBronze ITA.

Womens Epee

Gold CHN, Silver RUSBronze ITA.

Womens Sabre

Gold RUS, Silver FRABronze KOR.


Medal Table

RUSSIA 3 3 1
U.S.A 1 1


Asian Champs 2019

Asian Champs Japan 2019

Womens Epee: 1st2nd , =3rd, =3rd .

      Mens Epee: 1st2nd , =3rd, =3rd .

Womens Sabre:1st2nd , =3rd, =3rd .

    Mens Sabre: 1st2nd , =3rd, =3rd .

Womens Foil: 1st2nd , =3rd, =3rd .

      Mens Foil: 1st2nd , =3rd, =3rd .



Womens Epee: 1st2nd , =3rd, =3rd .

      Mens Epee: 1st2nd , =3rd, =3rd .

Womens Sabre:1st2nd , =3rd, =3rd .

    Mens Sabre: 1st2nd , =3rd, =3rd .

Womens Foil: 1st2nd , =3rd, =3rd .

      Mens Foil: 1st2nd , =3rd, =3rd .

AFC #2 Adelaide

Adelaide 2019

Womens Epee: 1st J.Gundry GBR, 2nd A.Deveraux VIC, =3rd, M.Anderson QLD =3rd E.Halls VIC.

      Mens Epee: 1st K.Radford VIC, 2nd J.Downes WA, =3rd S.Robinson VIC, =3rd A.English VIC.

Womens Sabre:1st S.Auty VIC, 2nd A.Hely NSW, =3rd M.Y. Du NSW, =3rd A.Kurbatfinski SA .

    Mens Sabre: 1st M.Kang (KOR) QLD, 2nd J.Siu NSW, =3rd W.Campbell SA, =3rd A.Douglas NSW.

Womens Foil1st 1 L.Jacob NZL, 2nd V.Hull NSW,  =3rd M.Muralidgaran VIC, =3rd F.Clarke NSW.

      Mens Foil1st N.Fitzgerald VIC, 2nd Y.Fontaine NSW, =3rd S.Mooney-Grand, =3rd D.Garelja NZL.


Veteran Womens Epee: 1st A.Nutt NSW, 2nd M.Yeung NSW, =3rd N.Ferguson SA, =3rd J.Schortmann QLD.

    Veteran Mens Epee: 1st L.Cartillier QLD, 2nd A.Paxman WA, =3rd D.Cook VIC, =3rd MBarchiesi SA.

Veteran Womens Sabre:1 M.Yi Du NSW, 2nd H.Jordan NSW, =3rd E.K Gulland WA, =3rd M.Yeung NSW.

    Veteran Mens Sabre: 1 D.Wheeler NSW, 2nd G.Sudran WA, =3rd D.Chachs VIC, =3rd A.Scherbakoff VIC.

Veteran Womens Foil1st J.Lyaschenko NSW, 2nd J.Bonney-Millett QLD, =3rd N.Dunstan VIC, =3rd L.Shay VIC.

     Veteran Mens Foil1st A.Tyshchenko NSW, 2nd P.Barry SA, =3rd R.Purdie NSW, =3rd A.Reynolds NSW.

full results


AusFencing Calendar 2019

Updated National Calendar : here


AusFencing the New look

Ausfencing has updated … link

and a new logo..

Check it out..

Fencing Sessions commence

Training commences for 2019!

Private introduction lessons can be organised at the State Fenicng Centre in North Melbourne too:

Contact Chris 0409 013 171 or for booking

updated 28/1/19

FV and AFF Calendar 2019

2019 FV Calendar:

Download Here Link

CDL Dates for 2019

Coeur de Lion dates for 2019:

#1 CDL cdl-results-2019.1 xcel

#2 CDL cdl-results-2019.2-xcel

#3 CDL cdl-results-2019.3

#4 CDL cdl-results-2019.4

#5 CDL cdl-results-2019.5

#6 CDL cdl-results-2019.6

#7 CDL cdl-results-2019.7

#8 CDL cdl-results-2019.8

#9 CDL  cdl-results-2019.9

#10 CDL cdl-results-2019.10


next 2020!

Sword Fighters Australia Club Memberships 2019

Membership renewal for 2019..


Link and sign up through the FV portal 


LINK Sword Fighters Australia


any questions please contact Chris 0409 013 171

the M.A.S.K & Target Board


We have released The M.A.S.K 

Australian owned and manufactured Fencing Specific Tester.

Aptly named the M.A.S.K. “Multi-purpose Adjustable Scoring Kit” 

The M.A.S.K was designed as a simplified system to train with another person. 

#1 Plug your bodywire in, and attach to your Lame  

#2 Set your designed colour either Red or Green (different to your opponent).

#3 Test the Target and Fence! 

The referee can see the lights flash when you hit, everyone hears the buzzers. 

Set with 14milliseconds as per Foil FIE Rules, creating a realistic bout.


Handy simply as a weapons tester or training tool when you don’t have a piste!

Presented in a custom case with simple operating instructions for only $80


Order your M.A.S.K today.. Download the M.A.S.K download form


Presented in a custom case with simple operating instructions for only $80    


0409 013 171



Combine The M.A.S.K with a ‘target board’ for full on training ~!

$120 including your own personal labelled M.A.S.K order now

for christmas and ready for 2019..! 



Commonwealth Veterans Championships Canberra 2018

Canberra December 23-28th 2018

    Veteran Mens Epee: 1st CAN, 2nd D.Cook AUS, =3rd CAN, =3rd NZL.

      Veteran Mens Foil: 1st SCO, 2nd SCO, =3rd A.Tyschenko AUS, =3rd SCO.

Veteran Womens Foil: 1st A.Nutt AUS, 2nd J.Lyaschenko AUS , =3rd A.Ballard AUS, =3rd ENG.

Veteran Womens Sabre: 1st CAN, 2nd M.Yi Du AUS, =3rd ENG, =3rd WAL.

Veteran Womens Epee: 1st S.Osvath AUS, 2nd ENG, =3rd CAN, =3rd CAN.

  Veteran Mens Sabre: 1st D.Wheeler AUS, 2nd R.Vintila AUS, =3rd A.Brungs AUS, =3rd ENG,


    Veteran Mens Epee: 1st CAN, 2nd NZL, 3rd AUS.

Veteran Womens Foil: 1st AUS, 2nd ENG,

       Veteran Mens Foil1st SCO, 2nd ENG, 3rd AUS.

Veteran Womens Epee: 1st AUS, 2nd ENG, 3rd NZL.  

Veteran Womens Sabre: 1st AUS, 2nd ENG, 3rd SCO

    Veteran Mens Sabre: 1st AUS, 2nd ENG, 3rd CAN


For more or full info on all results and Australian Placings


Commonwealth Championships 2018 Canberra

Canberra ACT,  2018

        Mens Epee: 1st ENG, 2nd SCO, =3rd K.Radford AUS, =3rd ENG.

   Womens Foil: 1st  SCO , 2nd ENG , =3rd V.Hull AUS, =3rd SCO.

Womens Sabre: 1st IND, 2nd ENG, =3rd SCO, =3rd S.Auty AUS.

Womens Epee: 1st CAN, 2nd ENG, =3rd CAN, =3rd ENG.

     Mens Sabre: 1st ENG, 2nd ENG, =3rd ENG, =3rd IND.

        Mens Foil: 1st ENG, 2nd S.Douglas AUS, =3rd N.Fitzgerald AUS, =3rd ENG. 


      Mens Epee: 1st ENG2nd AUS3rd SCO. 

        Mens Foil1st AUS, 2nd ENG, 3rd SCO. 

Womens Epee: 1st ENG, 2nd CAN, =3rd WAL, 4th AUS.

   Womens Foil: 1st SCO, 2nd ENG, 3rd AUS. 

Womens Sabre: 1st ENG, 2nd SCO, 3rd AUS. 

      Mens Sabre: 1st IND, 2nd ENG, 3rd AUS. 


For more or full info on all results and Australian Placings



Australian Champions History

Australian National Champions

Keep up with the History of Australian Fencing -:


National Championships 2018

Results 2018 Nationals 2018

Womens Epee: 1st E.Halls VIC, 2nd J.Gundry (GBR)(VIC), =3rd I.Mihailescu Vic, =3rd S.Scott NSW.

      Mens Epee1st S.Diachenko UKR (VIC), 2nd I.Hayes VIC, =3rd A.English VIC, =3rd T.C.Jones GBR.

Womens Sabre1st S.Auty VIC, 2nd C.Fox Harding, =3rd W.Yano CAN, =3rd L.Cao VIC.

    Mens Sabre1st M.Minkyu KOR (QLD), 2nd N.Pastore FRA (NSW), =3rd W.Campbell SA, =3rd A.Douglas NSW.

Womens Foil1st C.Dickson SCO, 2nd E.Marotta VIC, =3rd M.Sicari VIC, =3rd V.Hull NSW.

      Mens Foil1st S.Douglas NSW, 2nd L.Webber VIC, =3rd N.Fitzgerald VIC, =3rd C.Nagle VIC.


Womens Epee Teams1st NSW, 2nd VIC A, =3rd NZ, =3rd QLD.

      Mens Epee Teams1st QLD, 2nd VIC, =3rd WA, =3rd SA.

Womens Foil Teams1st VIC, 2nd NSW A, =3rd VIC B, =3rd NSW B.

      Mens Foil Teams1st VIC, 2nd NSW, =3rd VIC B, =3rd NSW B.

Womens Sabre Teams1st NSW, 2nd WA, =3rd VIC, =3rd NZ.

      Mens Sabre Teams1st NSW, 2nd QLD, =3rd Canada , =3rd WA.

full results


National Veteran and Oceania Championships 2018

Melbourne November 2018 

Veteran Sabre1st D.Wheeler NSW, 2nd S.Johnson WA, =3rd P.Miller NSW, =3rd R.Vintila NSW.

Veteran Sabre Teams1st NSW, 2nd WA, 3rd VIC.

Veteran Men Epee:  1st T.Song NSW, 2nd K.McDonald NZ., =3rd P.Osvath VIC, =3rd B.Suveg CAN.

Veteran Women Epee 1st S.Osvath NSW, 2nd A.Nutt NSW, =3rd J.Burbridge VIC, =3rd N.Ferguson SA.

Veterans Mens Epee Teams: 1st VIC, 2nd CAN, =3rd NSW A, =3rd NSW B. 

Womens Epee Teams: 1st NSW A, 2nd VIC A, =3rd NSW B, =3rd VIC B. 

Veteran Mens Foil1st A.REynolds VIC, 2nd J.Aloi WA, =3rd A.Tyschenko NSW, =3rd C.Bosnic VIC.

Veteran Womens Foil1st L.Shay VIC, 2nd J.Bonney-Millet QLD , =3rd A.Ballard NSW, =3rd J.Lyaschenko NSW.

Veteran Mens Foil Teams1st NSW, 2nd VIC, 3rd WA.

Veteran Womens Foil Teams1st NSW, 2nd VIC.


full results

The M.A.S.K



We have finally released The M.A.S.K  !


Australian Owned and Manufactured Fencing Specific Tester.

Aptly named The M.A.S.K. Multi-purpose Adjustable Scoring Kit” 


The M.A.S.K was designed as a simplified system to train with another person. 

#1 Plug your bodywire in, and attach to your Lame  

#2 Set your designed colour either Red or Green (different to your opponent).

#3 Test the Target and Fence! 


The referee can see the lights flash when you hit, everyone hears the buzzers. 


Set with 14 milliseconds as per Foil FIE Rules, creating a realistic bout.  


Handy simply as a weapons tester or training tool when you don’t have a piste!


Order your M.A.S.K today.. Download the M.A.S.K download form


Presented in a custom case with simple operating instructions for only $80    


0409 013 171


AFF National Championships 16-20th November, Melbourne 2018

National Championships – Melbourne 2018

Weapons check 1 hour prior to each event

Friday 16th

9 Womens Epee

9:15 Mens Sabre

Womens Epee Teams

1:30 Veteran Sabre

Veteran Sabre Teams

Saturday 17th

8:30 Mens Epee

12 Mens Sabre Teams

1 Veteran Men and Women Epee

Sunday 18th

8:30 Mens Epee Teams

9 Womens Foil

12:30 Veterans Mens & Womens Epee Teams

2 Womens Sabre

Monday 19th

8:30 Womens Foil Teams

9 Mens Foil

Mens Foil Teams >8

12 Womens Sabre Teams

Tuesday 20th

9 Veteran Mens Foil

9:15 Veteran Womens Foil

Veteran Foil Teams

2 Mens Foil Teams <8

for more details – link


AFC #4 Veterans Sydney 2018

Mens Foil: 1 A.Tyschenko NSW, 2nd V.Newton NSW, =3rd P.Osvath Vic, =3rd A.Reynolds Vic.

Womens Epee: 1 S.Osvath NSW, 2nd A.Nutt NSW, =3rd J.Schortmann Qld, =3rd M.Yeung NSW.

Mens Epee: 1 T.Song NSW, 2nd D.Zatselyapin WA, =3rd G.Cladera Qld, =3rd C.Nonis NSW.

Womens Sabre: 1 M.Yi Du NSW, 2nd M.Yeung NSW, =3rd C.Bond Vic, =3rd H.Jordan NSW.

Mens Sabre: 1 P.Miller NSW, 2nd R.Vintila NSW, =3rd M.Treasure Vic, =3rd D.Wheeler NSW.

Womens Foil: 1 J.Lyaschenko NSW , 2nd A.Ballard NSW, =3rd J.Bonney-Millett Qld, =3rd A.Nutt NSW.

Sydney AFC #4 2018

Mens Foil: 1 J.Morris NSW, 2 S.Douglas NSW, =3rd T.Reynolds Vic, =3rd L.Webber Vic.

Mens Epee: 1 K.Radford Vic, 2nd M.Morris NSW, =3rd L.Crook QLD, =3rd D.Yates Vic.

Womens Epee: 1 J.Gundry GBR, 2nd L.Gemmell NSW, =3rd C.C.Burton NSW, =3rd K.Wang NSW.

Womens Sabre: 1 S.Auty Vic, 2nd C.Fox-Harding NSW, =3rd L.Cao Vic, =3rd S.Webster NSW.

Mens Sabre: 1 M.Kang KOR, 2nd Y.Shim NSW, =3rd A.Douglas NSW, =3rd N.Pastore FRA (NSW).

Womens Foil: 1 G.Salmas Vic, 2nd E.Marotta Vic, =3rd M.Muralidharan Vic, =3rd K.Kwa NSW.



AFC #3 Veterans Perth 2018

Mens Foil: 1 P.Barry SA, 2nd P.Osvath Vic, =3rd J.Aloi WA, =3rd M.Prince NSW.

Womens Epee: 1 N.Ferguson SA, 2nd M.Yeung NSW, =3rd C.Murphy ACT, =3rd M.Nicholson-Biggs Vic.

Mens Epee: 1 A.Paxman WA, 2nd P.Osvath Vic, =3rd B.Emmanual WA, =3rd D.Kurukchi WA.

Womens Sabre: 1 M.Yeung NSW, 2nd H.Jordan NSW, =3rd  E-K.Gulland WA, =3rd C.Sopru SA.

Mens Sabre: 1 D.Wheeler NSW, 2nd S.Johnson WA, =3rd D.Kneale WA, =3rd G.Mckay ACT.

Womens Foil: 1 J.Bonney-Millett Qld , 2nd I.Park WA, =3rd S.Newton NSW, =3rd J.Skerman WA.

AFC #3 Perth 2018

Mens Foil: 1 M.Foster Vic, 2 N.Fitzgerald Vic, =3rd J.Morris NSW, =3rd L.Webber Vic.

Womens Epee: 1 A.Deveraux Vic, 2nd M.Zhdanovich SA, =3rd D.Gu Vic, =3rd G.Gilarski ACT.

Mens Epee: 1 A.Englisgh Vic, 2nd L.Crook Qld, =3rd M.Jamrozy WA, =3rd D.Drummond ACT.

Womens Sabre: 1 C.Taylor NSW, 2nd E.Johnson WA, =3rd T.Nguyen NSW, =3rd G.White NSW.

Mens Sabre: 1 N.Pastore FRA (NSW), 2nd E.Pastore FRA (NSW), =3rd Z.Leonard WA, =3rd J.Sui NSW.

Womens Foil: 1 G.Salmas Vic, 2nd E.Bofinger NSW, =3rd G.Barratt SA, =3rd V.Hull NSW.




World Championships 2018

World Championships 2018, Wuxi,China.

      Mens Sabre: Gold Kim J.KOR, Silver E.Dershwitz USA, Bronze K.Ibragimov RUS, Bronze J.Kim KOR.

 Womens Epee: Gold M.Navarria ITA, Silver M.Popescu ROU, Bronze C.Hurley USA, Bronze L.Staehl SUI.

          Mens Foil: Gold A.Foconi ITA, Silver R.Kruse GBR, Bronze J.Heo KOR, Bronze C.Llavador ESP.

Womens Sabre: Gold S.Pozdniakova RUS, Silver S.Velikaya RUS Bronze Y.Egorian RUS, Bronze A.Stone USA.

        Mens Epee: Gold Y.Borel FRA, Silver R.Limardo Gascon VEN, Bronze B.Nikishin UKR, Bronze R.Svichkar UKR.

   Womens Foil: Gold A.Volpi ITA,  Silver Y.Thibus FRA, Bronze I.Boubakri TUN, Bronze I.Deriglazova RUS.


             Mens Foil: Gold Italy Silver USA, Bronze Russia, Australia 12/26

        Womens Foil:Gold USA, Silver Italy, Bronze France, Australia 19/21

Mens Epee:  Gold Switzerland, Silver Korea, Bronze Russia, Australia 29/33

Womens Epee: Gold France, Silver Russia, Bronze Korea, Australia 22/26

       Mens Sabre: Gold Korea, Silver Italy, Bronze Hungary, Australia 23/25

Womens Sabre: Gold France, Silver Russia, Bronze Korea, Australia 22/24


Country Gold Silver Bronze
Italy 4 2
Korea 2 2 3
USA 2 2 2
France 2 1 1
Russia 1 2 5
Romania 1
Venezuela 1
Great Britain 1
Ukraine 2
Switzerland 1
Tunisia 1
China 1
Spain 1
Hungary 1


Australian Results:

Mens Sabre: 85 Zak Leonard, 86 Will Campbell, 102 Alexandre Douglas 109/120 Jadryn Dick.

Womens Epee: 82 Annie Deveraux, 101 Emily Patten, 102/120 Dianna Gu.

Womens Foil: 48 Emily Marotta, 59 Freya Clarke, 79 Claire Daniel, 84/108 Alicia Kwag.

Mens Epee: 110 Jeremy Shelley, 136 Alex Burgun , 142 Kristian Radford, 162/170Ross Austen,

Womens Sabre: 85/101 Sam Auty.

Mens Foil: 49 Sholto Douglas, 59 Ned Fitzgerald, 76 Chris Nagle, 111/135 Lucas Webber.

Asian Championships 2018

Team Results

Mens Foil: 1 KOR, 2nd HKG, 3rd JAP, 4th AUS.

Womens Foil: 1 CHI, 2nd KAZ, 3rd UZB, 4th KOR, 9th AUS.

Mens Epee:  1 CHI, 2nd KAZ, 3rd UZB, 4th KOR, 10th AUS.

Womens Epee: 1 KOR, 2nd JAP, 3rd CHI, 4th HKG, 12th AUS

Mens Sabre: 1 CHI, 2nd IRI, 3rd KOR, 4th JAP, 13th AUS

Womens Sabre: 1 CHI, 2nd KOR, 3rd KAZ, 4th HKG.


Individual Events

Mens Foil:  1 Cheunh HGK, 2nd Heo KOR, =3rd Huang CHI, =3rd Ha KOR. 15 S.Douglas AUS, 17 C.Nagle AUS, 23 N.Fitzgerald AUS, 25 L.Webber AUS (/79).

Womens Foil:  1 Kikuchi JAP, 2nd Jeon KOR, =3rd Nam KOR, =3rd Fu CHI.  16 F.Clarke AUS, 25 E.Marotta AUS, 43 C.DAniel AUS, 55 A.Kwag AUS (/64).

Mens Epee: 1 Jung KOR, 2nd Alexanin KAZ, =3rd Fong HKG, =3rd Kano JAP, 25 A.Burgun AUS, 36 K.Radford AUS, 55 J.Downs AUS, 70 J.Shelley AUS (/85).

Womens Epee: 1 Kong HKG, 2nd Kang KOR, =3rd Hsieh HKG, =3rd Lee KOR, 19 E.Patten AUS, 22 A.Kotevski AUS, 23 D.Gu AUS, 45 A.Deveraux AUS (/65).

Mens Sabre: 1 B.Gu KOR, 2nd J.Kim KOR, =3rd J.Kim KOR, =3rd A.Pakdaman IRI, 47 W.Campbell, 49 Z.Leonard, 51 J.Boyd Hoare, 60 J.Dick (/67).

Womens Sabre: 1 Kim KOR, 2nd Qian CHI, =3rd Choi KOR, =3rd Lam HKG, 37 S.Auty AUS (/57).



AFC 2 Robyn Chaplin – Adelaide 2018 Veterans

Veteran Men Epee: 1 A.Paxman WA, 2nd D.Ferguson SA, =3rd N.Nutt ACT, =3rd M.Thompson Vic.

Veteran Womens Epee: 1 N.Ferguson SA, 2nd S.Osvath NSW, =3rd J.Schortmann NSW, =3rd M.Yeung NSW.

Veteran Womens Foil: 1 J.Lyaschenko NSW, 2 J.Bonney-Millett, =3rd A.Ballard NSW, =3rd Y.Qian SA.

Veteran Mens Foil: 1 A.Tyschenko NSW, 2 N.Nutt ACT, =3rd M.Best Vic, =3rd R.Purdie NSW.

Veteran Womens Sabre: 1 M.Du NSW, 2nd H.Jordan NSW, =3rd E.Gulland WA, =3rd C.Murphy ACT.

Veteran Mens Sabre: 1 D.Wheeler NSW, 2nd S.Johnson WA, =3rd C.Smith ACT, =3rd D.Kneale WA

AFC 2 Robyn Chaplin – Adelaide 2018

Mens Foil: 1 N.Fitzgerald Vic, 2 S.Douglas NSW, =3rd T.Reynolds Vic, =3rd L.Webber Vic.

Womens Epee: 1 L.Gemell NSW, 2nd M.Anderson QLD, =3rd D.Gu Vic, =3rd M.Zhdanovich SA.

Mens Epee: 1 V.Diachenko UKR(Vic), 2nd J.Shelley Vic, =3rd A.Burgun SA, =3rd I.Hayes Vic.

Womens Sabre: 1 S.Auty Vic, 2nd S.Webster NSW, =3rd T.Nguyen, =3rd L.Blyth WA.

Mens Sabre: 1 A.Douglas NSW, 2nd Z.Leonard WA, =3rd J.Snell NSW, =3rd S.Andrews NSW.

Womens Foil: 1 V.Hull NSW, 2nd G.Salmas Vic, =3rd G.Barratt SA, =3rd F.Clarke NSW.


U23 Womens Foil: 1 F.Clarke NSW, 2nd V.Hull NSW, =3rd M.Sicari Vic, =3rd I.Everett NZ.

U23 Mens Foil: 1 T.Reynolds Vic, 2nd A.Lun Vic, =3rd B.Breeland-Clencie Vic , =3rd R.Lewis Vic.


En Pointe

Australian Developed wireless system!

Congrats to EnPointe..

The New Australian Wireless system coming out of Melbourne.

For more details link:


Referee Hand Signals

Hand Signals for Refereeing.

Download Link in French: fie-hand-signal-document.pdf

Download Link in EnglishHand Signals

Australian Mens Foil Team Receives ASC Funding

Fantastic News for the Aussie Mens foil team receiving funding for 2018.

Details on the link to AFF Link

AFC #1 Brisbane Veteran Championships 2018

Veteran Men’s Sabre: 1 S.Johnson WA, 2 D.Wheeler NSW, =3 C.Smith ACT, =3 R.Vintila NSW.

Veteran Men’s Epee: : 1 D.Yatselzipin WA, 2  B.Charlesworth Vic, =3 L.Cartillier QLD, =3 P.Osvath Vic.

Veteran Women’s Sabre: 1 M.Y.Du NSW, 2 M.Yeung NSW, =3 H.Jordan NSW, =3 L.Porter WA.

Veteran Women’s Epee: 1 S.Osvath NSW2 N.Ferguson SA, =3 M.Nicolson-Biggs VIC, =3 J.Seggie NSW.

Veteran Women’s Foil: 1 J.Lyachenko NSW, 2 J.Bonney-Millet QLD, =3 J.Allardice VIC, =3 A.Ballard NSW.

Veteran Men’s Foil: 1 A.Tyschenko NSW, 2 A.Reynolds NSW, =3 M.Hoeller VIC, =3 V.Newton NSW.


For more info go to 

AFC #1 Open Championships Brisbane 2018

Men’s Sabre: 1 E.Pastore NSW,  2 J.Siu NSW, =3 N.Pastore NSW, =3 J.Snell NSW.

Men’s Epee: : 1 A. English VIC, 2 D.Yates VIC, =3 K.Radford VIC, =3 J.Downes WA.

Women’s Sabre: 1 S.Auty VIC, 2 S.Webster NSW, =3 M.Black VIC, =3 C.Taylor NSW.

Women’s Epee: 1 M.Andersen NSW2 L.Tausan Vic, =3 E.Halls VIC, =3 L.Gemell NSW.

Women’s Foil: 1 E.Muralidharan VIC, 2 E.Marotta VIC, =3 V.Hull NSW, =3 F.Clarke NSW.

Men’s Foil:  1 T. Reynolds VIC, 2 N.Fitzgerald VIC, =3 L.Webber VIC, =3 S.Mooney Grand NSW.


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New Session @ Firbank

Happy to announce a New Fencing program commencing at Firbank Girls on Wednesday nights in term 2 2018.

Firbank Grammar School

Gate 7, Middle Crescent Brighton

Wednesday’s 7pm

Dance Studio

please contact

Chris 0409 013 171

AusFencing Portal


AusFencing Youtube

Link to Ausfencing youtube channel

Commonwealth Fencing Championships Website

Link: Commonwealth Website

Coeur de Lion

Results for 2018 Saturdays C.D.L Foil competitions.

#1 cdl-results-2018.1 xcel

#2 cdl-results-2018.2-xcel

#3 cdl-results-2018.3

#4 cdl-results-2018.4

#5 cdl-results-2018.5

#6 cdl-results-2018.6

#7 cdl-results-2018.7

#8 cdl-results-2018.8

#9 cdl-results-2018.9

#10 cdl-results-2018.10



Congrats to




Roll call 1pm @ State Fencing Centre North Melbourne.

For more details

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Important information regarding drug use and website for obtaining banned items:



Beginning Fencing

Nice video on the rules and basics of Fencing:


Veterans Squad 2018

Training Time: Thursday Nights @ State Fencing Centre 6:-8:30

Any athlete wishing to participate, please contact

Chris Jones 0409 013 171


Session 2nd February, come along and join the squad:         Skill  Distance fencing &2hit points, 1 point blade contact.

                  Footwork session 6:00 : Advance & retreat 3 laps, step Lunge 8 laps, at least 6 Lunges per lap, 1 lunge – step back fleche, step back circle parry Prime(1) riposte, 1 lap left handed, 1 lap right handed, 1 lap step lunge, 1 lap step parry Fleche.

Next Session:    9th February.  

Fencing Victoria has the Calendar online for local competitions this year

@  6:30  Level 1, 204-206 Arden St North Melbourne.     

Public transport:* by train (closest station is North Melbourne -10 minute walk down Laurens Street)*

by Tram Closest stop is No 15 on Abbotsford Street on route 57 -8 minute walk down Arden Street.

Proudly supporting VicVets…


If you’d like any weapons fixed; David Hubbard is in the business of repair : email David 


Fencing Victoria Calendar

Updated 2018 Calendar







AFC #4 Canberra – National Veteran Championships 2017

Veteran Mens Sabre: : 1 D.Wheeler NSW, 2 C.Smith ACT, =3 G.Mckay ACT, =3 D.Kneale WA. 

Veteran Womens Sabre: 1 M.Yi Du NSW2 H.Jordan NSW=3 N.Ferguson SA, =3 L.Porter WA. 

Veteran Sabre Teams: 1 NSW, 2 WA , =3 VIC, =3 ACT. 

Veteran Men’s Epee: : 1 P.Osvatth VIC, 2 T.Song NSW, =3 S.Hamm VIC, =3 A.Paxman WA. 

Veteran Women’s Epee: : 1 S.Osvath NSW, 2 J.Schortmann QLD, =3 N.Ferguson SA, =3 C.Syme NSW. 

Veteran Men’s Epee Teams: 1 WA A, 2 ACT A, =3 NSW A, =3 WA B. 

Veteran Women’s Epee Teams: 1 NSW A, 2 NSW B, 3 WA. 

Veteran Mens Foil: 1 A.Tyschenko NSW, 2 M.Prince NSW, =3 C.Bosnic VIC, =3 V.Newton NSW. 

Veteran Womens Foil: 1 J.Bonney-Millet QLD, 2 A.Ballard NSW, =3 N.Ferguson SA, =3 M.Kirby SA. 

Veteran Foil Teams1 WA, 2 VIC, =3 NSW A, =3  NSW B.  

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AFC #4 Canberra – National Open Championships 2017

Men’s Sabre: 1 A.Douglas NSW, 2 Z.Leonhard WA, =3 J.See SIN, =3 J.Snell NSW. 

Men’s Sabre Teams: 1 NSW A2 WA A, =3 QLD, =3 NSW B.

Women’s Epee: : 1 M.Anderson QLD, 2 A.Deveraux Vic , =3 D.Gu Vic, =3 M.Zhdanovich SA. 

Women’s Epee Teams : 1 VIC A, 2 NSW A, =3 WA A, =3 NSW B. 

Women’s Sabre: 1 S.Auty VIC , 2 S.Webster NSW, =3 C.Taylor NSW, =3 G.White NSW. \

Women’s Sabre Teams: 1 NSW A, 2 Vic, =3 NSW B, =3 WA. 

Men’s Epee: 1 K.Radford VIC2 A.Burgun SA, =3 R.Austen VIC, =3 A.Vekemans WA.

Mens Epee Teams :  1 VIC A2 WA A , =3 ACT A, =3 VIC B.

Women’s Foil: 1 E.Marotta VIC2 G.Salmas VIC, =3 V.Hull NSW, =3 K.Kwa NSW.

Women’s Foil Teams:  1 NSW A2 VIC A, =3 QLD, =3 NSW B.

Men’s Foil:  1 N.Fitzgerald VIC2 L.Webber VIC, =3 M.Foster VIC, =3 C.Nagle VIC.

Men’s Foil Teams 1 VIC A2 NSW A, =3 VIC B, =3 NSW B.

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World Championships 2017 – Australian Results

World Championships Leipzig Germany 2017

Mens Foil: S.Douglas (21) Won 5poule matches direct into 64, (21 seed) Victory in 64 to make the 32!

N.Fitzgerald won first d/e unfortunately lost in 96 (93),

L.Webber won first d/e unfortunately lost in 96 (96),

J.Morris unfortunately didnt make it out of poules (148).

Womens Foil: F.Clarke through to 64, unfortunately lost her d/e (57th).

Mens Epee: K.Radford, R.Austen, S.Rawlings, unfortuantely didnt make it out of the poules.

Womens Epee: D.Gu unfortunately didnt win her first d/e (104) 

Womens Sabre: S.Auty through to d/e’s unfortunately lost (85th).


Mens Foil

Mens Epee:

World Championships 2017

World Championships Leipzig Germany 2017

Individual Results

Mens Foil: Gold D.Zherebchenko RUS, Silver S.Toshiya JPN  Bronze S.Takahiro JPN , D.Garozzo ITA

Womens Foil: Gold I .Deriglazova RUS, Silver A.Volpi ITA, Bronze A.Errigo ITA, Y.Thibus FRA.

Mens Epee: Gold P. Pizzo ITA, Silver N.Novosjolov EST, Bronze R.Schmidt GER,  A. Redli HUN.

Womens Epee: Gold T.Gudkova RUS, Silver E.Nelip POL, Bronze J.Beljajeva EST, O.Kryvystka UKR

Mens Sabre: Gold A.Szatmari HUN, Silver B.Gu KOR, Bronze V.Anstett FRA, K.Ibragimov RUS.

Womens Sabre: Gold O.Kharlan UKR, Silver A.Besbes TUN, Bronze C.Berder FRA, I.Vecchi ITA. 



           Mens Foil:  Italy, USA, France,

    Womens Foil:  Italy, USA, Russia,

        Mens Epee:  France, Switzerland, Russia,

 Womens Epee:  Estonia, China, Poland,

       Mens Sabre:  Korea, Hungary, Italy,

Womens Sabre:  Italy, Korea, France,


Medal Table













































































Asian Championships Results 2017

Asian Championships Hong Kong 2017

Mens Epee: 22 K Radford, 44 J Shelley, 52 R Austen, 64/70 S Rawlings.

Womens Epee: 28 E Patten, 37 D Gu, 43 A Deveraux, 50/53 E Principe 

Mens Foil: 19 S Douglas, 20 N Fitzgerald, 21 C Nagle, 29/62 L Webber.

Womens Foil: 14 E Marotta, 31/52 F Clarke.

Womens Sabre: 28/48 S Auty.


Mens Foil 5th: Beat Macao, then lost a close match 45:40 against Hong Kong to finish 5th.

Mens Epee: 12th: Seeded 7th, lost to Chinese Taipei 45:42, then beat Phillipines 45:40,  then lost Singapore 45:40, lost against Kyrgyzstan 45:37.

Womens Epee: 8th: Seeded 5th, beat Mongolia 45:26, then lost to Hong Kong 45:36, then lost to Vietnam 45:31, then Kazakhstan to finish

AFC #2 Adelaide 2017 Open Results

AFC #2 Robyn Chaplin Adelaide 2017

Open Results 

Mens Foil: 1st T Reynolds Vic, 2nd M Foster Vic, =3rd L Webber Vic, =3rd N Fitzgerald Vic.

Womens Epee1st A Deveraux Vic,  2nd E Halls Vic =3rd E Patten Vic, =3rd K Wang NSW.

Mens Epee: 1st J Shelley Vic, 2 A Burgun SA, =3rd C Mihailescu Vic, =3rd L Crook Qld.

Womens Foil: 1st E Marotta Vic, 2nd C Daniel Qld, =3rd A Kwag NSW, =3rd G Barratt SA

Mens Sabre: 1st A Douglas NSW,  2nd S Andrews NSW=3rd T Davis Vic , =3rd W Campbell NSW.

Womens Sabre: 1st C Taylor NSW, 2nd G White NSW,  =3rd S Auty Vic, =3rd T Nguyen NSW. 

For full results go to Ausfencing Link 

AFC #2 Adelaide 2017 Veterans Results

AFC #2 Robyn Chaplin Adelaide 2017

Veterans Results 

Veterans Mens Foil: 1st N Nutt ACT, 2nd A Tyschenko NSW, =3rd A Reynolds Vic, =3rd S Johnson WA.

Veterans Mens Epee: 1st A Paxman WA, 2nd D Ferguson SA, =3rd P Osvath Vic, =3rd S Hamm Vic.

Veteran Womens Epee: 1st S Osvath Vic, 2nd N Ferguson SA, =3rd M Yeung NSW, =3rd A Ballard NSW.

Veteran Womens Foil: 1st A Ballard NSW, 2nd N Ferguson SA, =3rd J Bonney-Millet Qld, =3rd N Dunstan Vic.

Veterans Mens Sabre: 1st D Wheeler NSW, 2nd S Johnson WA, =3rd D Kneale WA, =3rd M White NSW.

Veterans Womens Sabre: 1st H Jordan NSW, 2ndC Sopru SA, =3rd J Menary SA, =3rd S Schwarz WA.


For full results go to Ausfencing Link 

Fencing Finally Gains 2 Olympic Gold Medal Events

FIE Media Release.

For the first time ever Fencing will have 6 Individual and 6 Team Events at Tokyo and beyond. In a result all fencers have dreamt of for years.

FIE Link 



Discussion Forum Thread follow the link and join in the conversation Link 






Scoring Table that indicates competition draw. 

Within the poule and d/e bouts


The part of the weapon where the handle, guard and pommel sit

Tac au Tac 

A riposte made immediately after a percussive parry by bouncing forward off the opponent’s blade. 


1/ Often used on fingers and pistol grips for added grip

2/ See foil tape


The speed at which a fencing movement is taken, within fencing time related to cadence (conducted speed and repetition ie the beat) 


Ensure equipment is of FIE regulations


Persons involved in the checking of competitors ensuring the following of FIE regulations 

Three (3) minutes

Standard allowable timing for a poule bout

Three Prong 

“Fil de corps épée” 

A type of epee body wire/connector; also an old- fashioned tip that would snag clothing, to make it easier to detect hits in the pre-electric era. 


Means for attaching parts to blade – locking mechanism

Thrown Point 

Coup lancé, “bingo” 

A “flick”. 


Coup de pointe

 coup d’estoc

An attack made by moving the sword parallel to its length and landing with the point. 


Tierce (parry no 3 Sabre position)

Parry #3; blade up and to the outside, wrist pronated. 


Time [fencing] (or Fencing Tempo):

Fencing time is the time required to perform one simple fencing action. There’s no clock measurement of this time; it’s subjectively determined by the Director.


Extreme end of weapon. In   Foil and Epee the button is depressed to score a touch


“Point” often signaled by opponent when hit is scored


Amount of pressure / force required to score a hit / touché



Standard target area for foil ie not arms head or legs / also part of target for other weapons

Toss (of the coin)

1/ Determines priority when scores are tied after time has expired.  1 minute extension given to break tie.

2/ Determines top or bottom draw in an “Italian Relay” teams event

Travel spring

Spring in base of epee tip that completes circuit


A diagonal chest cut: banderole.

Time Hit 

Coup de temps

Also time-thrust; old name for stop hit with opposition. 



Deception of the parry.

Two Prong 

“Fil de corps fleuret / sabre” 

A type of body-wire/connector, used in foil and sabre.








Sabre cutting action to weapon arm, a low line attack to underarm 







When it’s ruled that a touch has been scored on the legitimate target area.


Electrical Lamé The electrically conducting over-garment which is worn over the standard foil jacket to distinguish valid, on-target hits from invalid, off-target hits.


Over 40+

Video Referee

Analysis via review by Referee viewing a repeat of fencing actions at International Competitive events often at side of the Piste, 



Formal notice made by the Director to a competitor that a rule infraction has taken place and that penalties may be applied.


The correct terminology for all the fencing apparatus

Weapon testing

Competition regulations specified by FIE standards, conducted before roll call to ensure correct weapons are used – specifically Foil stamps, Epee stamps, Sabre 2000 blades incl. FIE Stamp, Lame resistance, bodywire standards.

Weight test

Pre Bout procedure conducted to FIE standards weapons must hold and repel weight Foil 500g, Epee 750g & travel spring resistance




Coup fouetté

In sabre, a touch that results from the foible of the blade whipping over the opponent’s guard or blade when parried.


Insulated Copper conductive cord connecting Tip and socket to bodywire. In Foil single, Epee double



Fencing clothing.




Yellow card

Carton jaune

A penalty received resulting in a warning

Also advertisement, warning; used to indicate a minor rule infraction by one of the fencers.


Yielding A parrying technique which uses the opponent’s pressure on the defending blade to divert the defending and attacking blades into another line where the line is then closed.







Historical movie fictitious character Don Diego Vega (the masked Zorro), fought for his people and for Spain. Highly trained in the art of fencing

Named so as is Spanish for “Fox”



Conventional fastener for fencing gear, placed on the opposite side of the chest to the fencers arm, also used on back of jackets –  Lamé, coaching jackets






(parry no 4) Quarte

Parry #4; blade up and to the inside, wrist supinated. 


(parry no 5) Quinte

Parry #5; blade up and to the inside, wrist pronated. In sabre, the blade is held above the head to protect from head cuts.


form of fencing weapon carry bag useful for short journeys





Points system based on competitive results – fencers “seed”


Rapière . a long, double-edged thrusting sword popular in the 16th- 17th centuries. 

Red card  

Carton rouge 

used to indicate repeated minor rule infractions or a major rule infraction by one of the fencers; A penalty received resulting In a point awarded to the opposition 



A new action that follows an attack that missed or was parried; renewal of a failed attack in the opposite line; alternatively see Reprise.


Repêchage A form of competition where the losing fencer in a bout, who’s eliminated from directly qualifying to the next round, fences another losing fencer for a second chance to qualify.



Also director, president; the mediator of the fencing bout. 


A stereotyped (involuntary) motor response elicited by a defined stimulus.



Immediate replacement of an attack that missed or was parried, without withdrawing the arm. 



Renewal of an attack that missed or was parried, after a return to En-Garde; see also Redoublement. 



Step back; opposite of advance. Defensive backward movement

Return to guard

Action following lunge back to En-Garde position, pushing body back to upright position


The portion of the tang between the grip and the blade, present on Italian hilts and most rapiers. 

Roll call

Start time for all competitions


Right of way

Raison, Priorité

rules for awarding the point in the event of a double touch in foil or sabre. Awarded to priority (more skilful action) by hand first action 


Riposte  An attack offensive action made immediately after a parry of the opponent’s attack. 





Figure 2 in appendix


A fencing weapon with a flat blade and knuckle guard, used with cutting or thrusting actions; a military sword popular in the 18th to 20th centuries; any cutting sword used by cavalry


Competitor using specific fencing weapon – Sabre


Fencing Salle d’armes

A fencing hall or club.



With the weapon, a customary acknowledgement of one’s opponent and referee at the start and end of the bout.  Known as fencing etiquette 


German fraternity duelling sword, used with cuts to the face and no footwork. 


Angulation of weapon to weight and balance of weapon to allow correct technique – suited to individual


(parry no 2) Seconde

Parry #2; blade down and to the outside, wrist pronated.

Second Intention

Seconde intention

A false action used to draw a response from the opponent, which will open the opportunity for the intended action that follows, typically a counter-riposte


(parry no 7) Septime

Parry #7; blade down and to the inside, wrist supinated.


Attaques simultanées

In foil and sabre, two attacks for which the right-of- way is too close to determine.

Simple attack 

Attaque simple

An attack (or riposte) that involves no feints.

Single Stick 


A form of fencing with basket-hilted wooden sticks. 


Also “stesso tempo”; parry-riposte as a single action. 


Sixte (parry no 6)

Parry #6; blade up and to the outside, wrist supinated. 

Small Sword 


A light duelling sword popular in the 18th century, precursor to the foil. 


Fitting on weapon attaches bodywire to aid connection to circuit


Insulated wire on a reel connecting fencers to box

Stop Hit

Coup d’arrêt

A counter-attack that hits; also a counter-attack whose touch is valid by virtue of it’s timing.


Stop Cut

Coup d’arrêt 

A stop-hit with the edge in sabre, typically to the cuff.

Stop clock

3 minute countdown for timing fencing time of the bout within a poule bout or D/E


Simple pressure mechanism that controls weight. resistance defined for foil (500g) and Epee (750g)


The hand with the palm facing up.







Non valid 

no point


Septime haute” 

An unconventional parry (#9) sometimes described as blade behind the back, pointing down (a variant of octave), other times similar to elevated sixte. 

Nine (9) minutes

the length of time a d/e 15 hit bout






Off target 

Touch to non specific target – non valid touch

Olympic Fencing 

Elite form of fencing sport.   FIE fencing competition 

Athletes represent their country and usually have to qualify thus then selected

On target 

Touch to specific target area – valid touch 

On guard 

spelt and pronounced “En – Garde”


An attack consisting of two disengages in laterally opposite lines.


An attack consisting of three disengages in laterally opposite lines.



1/ holding the opponent’s blade in a non-threatening line; a time- hit; any attack or counter-attack with opposition. 

2/ opponent


Opposite fencer on the piste


(parry no 8) Octave

parry #8; blade down and to the outside, wrist supinated. 

Outside Line

That part of the target toward the armed hand from an imaginary vertical line drawn through the target’s center.


Electronic wire covering, connecting both fencers to box








A block of the attack, made with the forte of one’s own blade. 



An attack made with a cross; eg. fleche, “Russian lunge”. Also, the act of moving past the opponent. 


Passata Sotto

A lunge made by dropping one hand to the floor. 


Coup passé

An attack that passes the target without hitting; also a cross- step (see cross).


Cessation of non competitive engagement


 Phrases d’armes

A set of related actions and reactions in a fencing conversation. 


threatening opponent with tip of weapon


awarding of a score to individual



A partial jacket worn for extra protection; typically a half- jacket worn under the main jacket on the weapon-arm side of the body.


(parry no 1) Parry #1; blade down and to the inside, wrist pronated. The point is lower than the hand. Covers the inside line, generally the inside high line (though it can be used to cover the inside low line).



The defined linear strip on which a fencing bout is fought; approx. 2m wide and 14m long.

Piste’ line

Defined section of piste – edge 



Coup plaqué

A point attack that lands flat 


Préparation.                                                                               a non-threatening fencing action intended to create the opening for an attack; the initial phase of an attack, before right-of-way is established


Pre bout routine and getting ready. 


Pre ready


Offering one’s blade for engagement by the opponent. 


2 or 3 prong



In sabre, the now super-ceded rules that decide which fencer will be awarded the touch in the event that they both attack simultaneously; also used synonymously with right-of-way. Awards the more skilful action.


Prime (parry no 1)

Parry #1; blade down and to the inside, wrist pronated. 

Pistol Grip

Crosse; poignée orthopédique

A modern, orthopaedic grip, shaped vaguely like a small pistol; varieties are known by names such as Belgian, German, Russian, and Visconti. Can be designed to suit individual 



a valid touch; the tip of the sword; an attack made with the point (ie. a thrust) 

Point in Line 


Also line; an extended arm and blade that threatens the opponent. 



A fastener that attaches the grip to the blade. 

Metal weight on end of tang / grip


Seeding bouts of competition. Round robin bout 

Pool Unique

A form of competition where everyone fences everyone to determine relative rankings


Presser v. pression

An attempt to push the opponent’s blade aside or out of line; depending on the opponent’s response, the press is followed by a direct or indirect attack. 

Principle of Defence 

Principe de défense

The use of forte against foible when parrying. 


The hand with the palm facing downwards (used in the second, third, and fifth parries in foil and épée).







Attaque indirecte

A simple attack or riposte that finishes in the opposite line to which it was formed.


Ability to maintain control (the ego) and reach a state of success as a physical being relying on the pragmatic use of force and aggression; unlearned physical response. Compare Intellect.



Plastic tubing used to insulate copper wire from the blade used in the guard and socket of the weapon, commonly called “spaghetti”


 Coup droit d’autorité

Forcing an attack through the opponent’s parry.

[First] Intention

An action you make with conscious intent to score.

[Second] Intention

An action you make to trap your opponent, such as a false attack intended to draw the riposte

In Quartata 

In quartata

An attack made with a quarter turn to the inside, concealing the front but exposing the back. 

In Time

Coup de temps

When a stop-hit arrives at least one fencing time before the original attack.

Inside Line

Part of the target toward the unarmed hand from an imaginary vertical line drawn through the center of the target.


A counter-attack that intercepts and checks an indirect attack or other disengagement. 



A line that is intentionally left open to encourage the opponent to attack. 

Italian Grip 

Poignée italienne 

A traditional hilt with finger rings and crossbar. 

Italian relay

Form of competition between 2 teams of 3 fencers, each fencer has 3 bouts each the first team to 45points wins







Protective clothing covering torso and arms of fencer, fitted to body type and FIE regulated LH/RH, traditionally white


Additional officials who assist the referee in detecting illegal or invalid actions, such as floor judges or hand judges.


1 / Athletic action to avoid opponent.

2 / A forward or backward movement where both of your feet leave the ground simultaneously and land simultaneously


under 20


The 4 officials who watch for hits in a dry fencing bout. 





Plastron électrique 

A metallic outer vest/jacket used to detect valid touches in foil and sabre. 

Leaving strip

Illegal movement off the designated piste 


Instructive coaching session either individual or group



The main direction of an attack (eg., high/low, inside/outside), direction of blade. often equated to the parry that must be made to deflect the attack; also point in line.


red, green, white

Low line

Blade / arm position aimed at lower torso

That part of the target area below an imaginary horizontal line drawn through the center of the target.



A ballistic attacking movement made by extending the rear leg and landing on the bent front leg. Typically beginning with the hand extending first in time with action








The thumb and index finger of the sword hand. 



A strap that binds the grip to the wrist/forearm. 


Protective head / face covering wore by fencers, strong FIE standard metal mesh. weapon specific target area 

(Sabre/ Epee)

Mask wire

Conductive insulated wire connecting Sabre Lame to Sabre Mask

Mask bib        

Protective throat covering attached to base of mask

Master of arms

Maitre d’Armes 

In fencing, the title is awarded by various fencing institutions for mastery at instruction as judged by the institution. This also includes submitting a written thesis on an aspect of fencing instruction equivalent to a university master’s thesis. Maestro is the Italian and Spanish word for master

The traditional levels of achievement awarded are, in ascending order,Moniteur, Prevot, and Maitre d’Armes (Monitor, Prevost, and Master of Arms).




the aggregate of bouts between two fencing teams. 


Parade insuffisante

Also mal-paré; a parry that fails to prevent the attack from landing. 



A special steel used for making blades; said to be stronger and break more cleanly than conventional steels.



The distance between the fencers. 


 Milieu de la lame 

The middle third of the blade, between foible and forte. 


Electrical device used to test fencing equipment 


A whirling cut, executed from the wrist or elbow. 


A referee decision: attack falls short or actually misses target


 1 / Often named Junior fencers class

 2 / Historically an elite guard unit charged with protecting the  

 French King 

 3 / Often told story “The Three Musketeers” (Les Trois   

 Mousquetaires) is a novel by Alexandre Dumas.  It recounts   

 the adventures of a young man called D’Artagnan after he  

 leaves home to become a musketeer. D’Artagnan is not one  

 of the musketeers of the title; those are his friends Athos,  

 Porthos, and Aramis

 4 / A foot soldier armed with a musket








Fausse attaque

An action that is intended to fail, but draw a predicted reaction from the opponent; also, the back edge of a sabre blade.


Feinte an attack into one line with the intention of switching to another line before the attack is completed.


The art or sport of using a foil, épée, or saber in attack and defense.

Fencing Distance

The space between two fencers at any given moment.

Fencing Socks

Long knee length socks padded to protect shins, worn to the knee, historically white

Fencing Shoes

Specifically designed flat rubber soled sports shoes for the competitive level – flexible, flat and light weight, sole extends to the heel can be left or right handed


Persons skilled in the art / sport of fencing

Fencing Victoria

(VAFA) Fencing Association of Victoria 

Fencing time

 Temps d’escrime

Also temps d’escrime; the time required to complete a single, simple fencing action. 



Fédération Internationale d’Escrime

The regulatory organizing world governing body of international fencing.


Last competitive bout of a competition 


The last movement of an offensive or defensive action.

Fifteen (15) hits

15 individual awarded points in direct elimination bout

Five (5) hits

 5 individual awarded points in poule bout


Side of torso, lateral aspect of torso beneath arms


award received for completing a “Form”



lit. “arrow”; an attack in which the aggressor leaps off his leading foot, attempts to make the hit, and then passes the opponent at a run.


Coup lancé, “Bingo” 

a cut-like action that lands with the point, often involving some whip of the foible of the blade to “throw” the point around a block or other obstruction.


Leaping athletic lunge, both feet land forwards in same sequence, Sabre specific action which replaces fleche


Le faible de la lame

The upper, weak part of the blade.


Figure 3 in appendix


A fencing weapon with rectangular cross-section blade and a small bell guard; any sword that has been buttoned to render it less dangerous for practice.


Competitor using specific fencing weapon – Foil

Foil tape

Protective wrap used to insulate foible / barrel of weapon prevents “earthing” of tip on opponents lame’ 


Physical movement of foot / legs forwards – backwards direction specific aids timing, tempo, distance, 

essential in the mastering of the sport


Le fort de la lame

the lower 3rd, strong part of the blade, used to parry, defensive area of weapon

French grip

Poignée droite 

A traditional hilt with a slightly curved grip and a large pommel.


Froissement  an attack that displaces the opponent’s blade by a strong grazing action. 

Flying Parry or Riposte 

A parry with a backwards glide and riposte by cut-over. 


Combat à la florentine 

A fencing style where a secondary weapon or other instrument is used in the off hand. 

Finta in tempo 

Finta in tempo   lit. “feint in time”;

A feint of counter-attack that draws a counter-time parry, which is decieved. a compound counter-attack.


the groove that runs down a sword blade to reduce weight




Sabre target area on weapon arm, protective section of glove


Weapon hand specific protective covering, aids in gripping of handle



See coule’.


Adhesive paste used for affixing weapon wires in blade groove channel.


The handle of weapon, orthotic or French, Italian; historically wood, may be wrapped in leather plastic or rubber

Grub screw

Small fixing screws (2) used to secure tip in the barrel. In Foil and Epee



The metal cup or bow that protects the hand from being hit. Also, the defensive position assumed when not attacking. 






Hand judge

Persons called in to observe a bout they watch for hits on the fencer opposite their end of the strip. A judge acknowledges a hit by raising his or her hand, attracting the attention of the referee

Hand signal 

Form of semaphore used by the referee to describe and signal actions – effective for TV and large venues.

Halt / Stop

Cessation of action called for by the referee

High line

Blade / arm position aimed at upper torso.

That part of the target area above an imaginary horizontal line drawn through the centre of the target.


Touch to target area


Garde the handle of a sword, consisting of guard, grip, and pommel. 



Certified for use in FIE competitions, eg. 800N clothing and maraging blades. 


Sportsmanlike behaviour synonymous with fencing – etiquette involving the salute, hand shaking and acknowledgements








The rhythm of a fencer’s movements.

Ceding Parry:

A yielding parry. Allowing the attacker to keep control of the blade during a prise de fer ; as the prise de fer is completed, the defender then bends his arm into the line in which the prise de fer has carried his blade. By doing this, the attacker’s point, during his final thrust, falls into the forte of the defender’s blade and is deflected from the target.


Award received on completion of grading. 


1 / A fencer who achieves first place in a competition                     2 / commonly given term for a fencer skilled in the art of fencing.                                                                                      3 / A fencer currently holding the current tournament title ie World Champion, Olympic Champion, National Champion


Classement                                                                              A Fencer’s classification (Rank) in a competition

Change of Engagement

Engagement of the opponent’s blade in the opposite line. 

Closed Line

A line of engagement when the defender’s weapon is protecting the line to a straight thrust.


Person who teaches fencers technical skills via group and individual lessons, sanctioned and a certified instructor

Coaching jacket

Protective outer jacket worn be coach as target area for student, often leather or rubber lined.                                                        Traditionally black, brown or dark blue.



An attack made against the right-of-way, or in response to the opponent’s attack. 



An attack that responds to the opponent’s counter- attack, typically a riposte following the parry of the counter-attack. 



A parry made in the opposite line to the attack; ie. the defender first comes around to the opposite side of the opponent’s blade.



An attack that follows a parry of the opponent’s riposte. 

Commanding the blade

Grabbing the opponent’s blade with the off-hand, illegal in sport fencing. 


Fencing event ordered into poule bouts and then d/e bouts resulting in seeds and then a final champion



The back-and-forth play of the blades in a fencing match, composed of phrases (phrases d’armes) punctuated by gaps of no blade action. 


Corps à corps

lit. “body-to-body”; physical contact between the two fencers during a bout, illegal in foil and sabre. 


The bell-shaped guard of a foil or epee



A disengage in the opposite direction, to deceive the counter-parry. 

Coup lancé 

See flick ; “Coup déjà lancé” (Art. 32.2; 46; 47) 

A launched hit; an attack that starts before a stop in play but lands after. Valid for normal halts, but not valid at end of time. 

Coup de taille

Coup de taille

An attack made with a chopping motion of the blade, landing with the edge or point. 


 Passe avant, passe arrière

An advance or retreat by crossing one leg over the other; also passe’ avant (forward cross), passe’ arriere (backwards cross). 



Also graze, glise’, or glissade; an attack or feint that slides along the opponent’s blade. 

Compound attack

Attaque composée ou parade composée

Also composed; an attack or riposte incorporating one or more feints to the opposite line that the action finishes in. also composed; an action executed in two or more movements


The back-and-forth play of the blades in a fencing match, composed of phrases (phrases d’armes) punctuated by gaps of no blade action. 



Also semi-bind; an action in which the opponent’s blade is forced into the high or low line on the same side.


An attack made with a chopping motion of the blade, normally landing with the edge. 

Cut over / Coupe


Also cut-over; an attack or deception that passes around the opponent’s tip.






Deception                                                                               Avoidance of an attempt to engage the blades; see disengage, coupe’

Demi-contre parry  

A half counter-parry from fourth to seventh, or sixth to eighth lines


A half disengage from the high to low, or low to high lines



Deception of the attack au fer or prise de fer.




Avoidance of an attempt to engage the blades; see disengage, coupe’


Adroitness in using the fingers to manipulate the blade involving fine / gross motor skills 


Coup droit

A simple attack or riposte that finishes in the same line in which it was formed, with no feints out of that line. 


Forcing the opponent to entirely release his grip on his weapon.



A circular movement of the blade that deceives the opponent’s parry, removes the blades from engagement, or changes the line of engagement.


Esquive                                                                                   Moving the target to avoid an attack; dodging. 

Direct elimination

Bout to 15 hit / touches to continue progression in a competition


Tournament Director

Double (Hit)

Coup double in epee, two attacks that arrive within 40-50 ms of each other. 



An attack or riposte that describes a complete circle around the opponent’s blade, and finishes in the opposite line. 


Also “dui tempo”; parry-riposte as two distinct actions. 


Fleuret (épée, sabre) mécanique

Also steam; fencing without electric scoring aids. 


Physically avoiding attack in a downward action





Outer line of blade (Sabre)


En garde

1/ also On Guard; the fencing position; the stance that fencers assume when preparing to fence.

2/ term used to start a bout



When the blades are in contact with each other, eg. during a parry, attack au fer, prise de fer, or coule’.



An engagement that sweeps the opponent’s blade through a full circle.


Figure 1 in appendix 


A fencing weapon with triangular cross-section blade and a large bell guard; also a light duelling sword of similar design, popular in the mid-19th century.


Competitor using specific fencing weapon – Epee 


“Fencing” in French language


Any body movement made to avoid being hit, such as ducking, side stepping, withdrawing.

Exhaustive sheets

Type of Competitive format used to define exact position of each fencer.


Thrusting with the weapon arm.


State Fencing Calendar

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State Veterans Squad 2017 – Melbourne Fencing Centre

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Session 2nd February, come along and join the squad:         Skill  Distance fencing &2hit points, 1 point blade contact.                                          

                  Footwork session 6:15 : Advance & retreat 3 laps, step Lunge 8 laps, at least 6 Lunges per lap, 1 lunge – step back fleche, step back circle parry Prime(1) riposte, 1 lap left handed, 1 lap right handed, 1 lap step lunge, 1 lap step parry Fleche.   

Next Session:    9th February.  

Fencing Victoria has the Calendar online for local competitions this year 

@  6:30  Level 1, 204-206 Arden St North Melbourne.     

Public transport:* by train (closest station is North Melbourne -10 minute walk down Laurens Street)*

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